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Our Lady's Electronic Newsletter: June 2012

The Sufferings of the Holy Father
Prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima
Are Growing More Intense

While Our Lady's Apostolate was in Rome convening Fatima: Your Last Chance in May, urging Pope Benedict and the Catholic bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Holy See was under siege.

The enemies of Catholic tradition, both within and without the Church, were frantically ramping up the pressure to prevent reconciliation with the Society of St. Pius X, which was rumored to be imminent. (See: “Not Sufficient?”.) Negotiations have been prolonged and it remains to be seen whether such pressures have affected the Pope's resolve. The only thing certain is that the Holy Father will be attacked, no matter what he decides.

At the same time, the mainstream media in the United States was taking up the cause of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, whose unorthodox doctrinal positions have been subjected to a recently published rebuke by the Vatican. The media accused the Pope of instituting what amounted to a new Inquisition against the Sisters for exercising their assumed right to think and question Church teaching that is incompatible with contemporary morals. Documents produced by study commissions appear unlikely to stem the decline of Religious Orders. Our conference offered the true reasons for the disarray and dissolution in consecrated life. (See: Father Cyprian’s talk on religious life, “Fatima and the Contemplative Life”, at Fatima: Your Last Chance! [Friday session].)

Meanwhile, the hemorrhaging of the Middle East continued with Christians being persecuted, killed or driven into exile in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan and Nigeria. That list is far from complete. While futile appeals are made to the United Nations, the Church wrings its hands and issues ineffectual calls for peace, ignoring its one certain remedy. (See: “Fatima: Your Last Chance!’ Offers Alternative To One-World Dictatorship”.)

Not only was the Vatican besieged by its external enemies, but the Pope was the target of conspirators among his own trusted aides and household. The so-called Vati-leaks scandal that culminated in the arrest of the Pope's butler, is said to include high-ranking members of the Curia, including some Cardinals, which is officially denied — at the moment. The figure at the center of the scandal appears to be Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Secretary of State, who has tried so hard to bury the Message of Fatima. (See: Christopher Ferrara’s talk “Meet the False Friends of Fatima” at Fatima: Your Last Chance! [Monday session].)

One could go on listing the woes of the Holy Father, which are the woes of the Church. But rather than catalog the ills that beset the Pope, we went to Rome to offer him the one surefire help on which he can rely. (See: “Quo Vadis? Where Is Peter Going? All Roads Now Lead To Fatima”. Also see: John Salza’s talk “How Seven Popes Failed to Consecrate Russia” at Fatima: Your Last Chance! [Thursday session].)

We do not always see immediately the effects of our conferences in Rome, but we know from past experience that their impact is significant and certain. Fatima: Your Last Chance was attended by: a Vatican Cardinal, 16 bishops, 70 priests, a Catholic Archbishop of the Palestinians, laity from throughout the world, and a variety of broadcast and print media.

Our conference even drew the support of an influential political figure in the European Parliament, which may lead to important developments. More on that later.

RAI No. 1 TV, one of Italy's major television networks, covered the conference, interviewing Father Gruner and several conference speakers. RAI No. 1 has about 5 million viewers. We also broadcast the conference on Fatima TV — Channel 213 in Rome — and on Fatima TV WorldWide, our high definition international online web TV.

We have put Fatima on the media map. But our aim is not simply publicity. Publicity is a means to an end. That end is and always has been the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope and the bishops. This is what Our Lady of Fatima has requested. This is what we have constantly urged and will continue to urge until Our Lady is obeyed.

This obedience offers us the only workable solution to the manifold and seemingly insoluble problems that are tearing our world and our Church to pieces. (See: “Fatima Yesterday and Today”, a talk by Father Nicholas Gruner at Fatima: Your Last Chance! [Monday session].) Until the Pope and the bishops realize this with the same forceful clarity that is evident to us, Our Lady's Apostolate will not cease its efforts. We ask for your continued prayers and generous support.  

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We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret.)

Latest Fatima Perspectives

Fatima For Today: A Response — In his book on what he calls “the Urgent Marian Message of Hope”, Father Andrew Apostoli advances the Vatican Secretary of State’s “Party Line” on Fatima. The result is not “an urgent message of hope” but yet another attempt to bury the Third Secret and defend the refusal to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The Annulment of Liberal Catholicism — It appears that the ill-fated marriage between liberalism and Catholicism is on the rocks. The Catholic bishops in the United States have been likened to the left wing of the Democratic Party at prayer. Now, the prayer meeting is breaking up.

Not Sufficient? — The Vatican doesn't seem overly concerned about rifts, ruptures, or re-composition as to the legions of Catholics on every continent, including numerous bishops and priests, who no longer assent to any Church teaching that does not meet with their personal approval. But the Society of St. Pius X? Now, that's another matter! On March 16, 2012 an unsigned communiqué from the Vatican Press Office advised that a secret “evaluation” of Bishop Fellay’s secret response to the secret “Doctrinal Preamble,” emanating from the secret proceedings of the Vatican-SSPX conferences, has determined (in secret) that the response is “not sufficient to overcome the doctrinal problems that are at the basis of the rift between the Holy See and the aforesaid Society.”

Pacifist Russia? Only According to Fatima's False Friends — In 1992-93, an obscure layman by the name of Carlos Evaristo somehow gained unfettered access to Sister Lucy even though the rest of the world required permission from the Vatican to see her. The result of this mysterious access was the publication of two purported interviews of the seer — an unheard of liberty extended to no one else. Evaristo's account of the first interview was repudiated by the official translator in attendance, Father Francisco Pacheco. The second interview was more of the same — that is, “lies and half-truths... not to be believed,” to use Father Pacheco's words. One of those patent falsehoods was Evaristo's claim that Sister Lucy proclaimed Russia's conversion to pacifism after the non-existent “consecration of Russia,” during the famous 1984 ceremony from which any mention of Russia was deliberately omitted.

Steering the Barque of Peter — A mark of maturity is the ability to postpone gratification. This mark is notably absent in our time. Our society appears incapable of taking the rational long view and instead rushes toward whatever is immediately attractive, even if that shining bauble takes us to the edge of a precipice and into an abyss.

UN Spreads Plague — As the BBC and other major news outlets are reporting, there is now overwhelming evidence that UN “peacekeepers” brought cholera to Haiti during their recent mission there. The result, notes BBC, is “an epidemic which has killed almost 7,000 people.” This development brings to mind Pius XI's landmark encyclical Ubi Arcano Dei (1922). The theme of the encyclical is the utter futility of merely human approaches, mere human leagues of nations, when it comes to achieving true peace in the world. That true peace, of course, is attainable only under the social reign of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

On the Society of Saint Pius X — Christopher Ferrara responds to an objection that in an article published in The Remnant on the canonical status of the SSPX he was “too optimistic in assessing the canonical effects that follow from the 2009 lifting of the excommunications on the Society of St. Pius X bishops”. The objection alleged that the SSPX lacks “full communion” with the Church despite the remission of the “excommunications” of their four bishops.

Occupy Heaven? — Downtown and commercial districts in cities from New York to Oakland and across Europe added a new and by now universally recognizable feature in 2011: a sprawling field of multi-colored nylon tents. Inside the tents, or mulling around them, are the eclectic group labeled generically as “Occupy Wall Street.” So varied and complex a collection of humanity poses difficulties for print and broadcast media, whose reporters and newsreaders deal in simple sound bytes, not detailed and thoughtful analysis.


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