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November 2008

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Already Lost: the Strange, Sad State
of the Catholic Church in Quebec

Fifty years ago the Canadian province of Quebec was beyond doubt the most Catholic region of North America. The predominantly French-speaking people of that province attended Mass regularly, bore large families, and made their parish churches the center of not just religious, but also cultural and social activity. Quebec was, in those days, a paradigm of the Christian state, a place where the Social Kingship of Christ was a fact of daily life.

All that is gone now. Today Quebec is almost as secularized as France itself. Only a small minority of Catholics go to Mass on Sundays. There are few religious marriages, most funerals are civil, and baptisms are increasingly rare. Pope Benedict XVI was undoubtedly thinking of Quebec as he gave his homily at the opening Mass for this month's synod of bishops.

The Holy Father said, "Christian communities arose [in the early days of the Church] that at first were flourishing, but later disappeared and are now remembered only in the history books.... Could not the same thing happen in our time? Nations that once were rich in faith and vocations are now losing their identity, under the harmful and destructive influence of a certain modern culture."

What His Holiness did not discuss is the cause of this massive falling away from the Faith of our fathers. It is no mere coincidence that Quebec's "Quiet Revolution", which substituted a secularist fundamentalism for the Kingship of Christ, occurred at the same time exactly as Vatican II and the revolution in the Catholic Church!

The once-Catholic nations of Europe and the Americas -- not just the province of Quebec but such bastions of the Faith as Ireland, Italy and Spain -- have turned their back on the Church. The revolt against the Church has become a part of the mind set of their peoples. "Religion" has become almost a "dirty word". And the position of the Church is such that Pope Benedict is looking to places like Quebec and Latin America as ripe fields for new missionary activities.

How strange. How sad. But let us remember that Our Lady of Fatima told us that "in Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc..." What words of the Blessed Virgin followed the "etc"? Almost certainly the Blessed Virgin revealed the causes for the virtual collapse of the Church in the once-Christian world, and what must be done so that the Faith will be preserved or restored to once-Catholic lands including Quebec. Let us pray that the Vatican will yield to the entreaties of the faithful and tell us the rest of the Third Secret. The survival of the Church depends on it!

Read more on Quebec in "Why We Must Not Wait", Section V of World Enslavement or Peace, by Father Nicholas Gruner.

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Do you read Italian? See "Difendete la VOSTRA Salvezza" by Father Nicholas Gruner in Il Crociato di Fatima no. 80, or read it in English, "Defend YOUR Salvation".

Pope Said to Want Traditional Latin Mass in Every Parish...

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, the president of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, told a press conference in London a few weeks ago that Pope Benedict XVI hopes to see the "extraordinary form of the Latin liturgy" used in every parish. He urged English seminaries to train priests to celebrate the liturgy of all times. In many parishes, he pointed out, there will be few Catholics who remember the old liturgy. Priests should reintroduce them to the old form, he said.

All well and good, but what is the Holy Father doing to quell opposition from the priests and bishops who have refused, publicly and blatantly, to celebrate or even allow the Mass of All Time in their parishes and dioceses? The Pontiff, as head and ruler of the Church, has the authority to command them to follow the letter and spirit of the Motu Proprio, but he does not. In today's circumstances, his power seems more theoretical than real.

It is a sorry sign of our times that the Pope is apparently afraid to impose his will on the bishops for fear of being disobeyed and thus he would be shown to be effectively powerless to direct the day-to-day affairs of the Church. Let us pray every day for the Holy Father because, as Our Lady of Fatima said, he has much to suffer.

...or Does He? Hoyos Said One Thing; Marini Says Another

Only a few days after Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos made his statement of the Pope's wish that the "extraordinary form of the Latin liturgy" be celebrated everywhere (see above), the Pope's Master of Ceremonies, Father Guido Marini, told L'Osservatore Romano something rather different.

Father Marini revealed that Benedict is working towards a "mutual enrichment between the two forms of the Roman rite." That would seem to mean some sort of hybrid combining elements of the Mass of All Time and the Protestantized Novus Ordo Mass which has been the "ordinary form" since Vatican II.

How can this be? The tradition of the Catholic Church is that there is only one Roman rite. So said Popes St. Pius V and St. Pius X. The Mass of All Time cannot be abrogated (as the Vatican finally admitted) nor can it be altered. In fact, the very idea of an "ordinary rite" and an "extraordinary rite" is a Modernist notion, not a Catholic one.

In 1993 then Cardinal Ratzinger wrote that the Novus Ordo service authored by Father Annibale Bugnini (a Freemason) and his committee of Protestant ministers was "fabricated and manufactured." Now, as Benedict XVI, he tells us the Novus Ordo service is "the ordinary rite".

But he also tells us -- according to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos -- that he wants the "extraordinary rite", i.e. the Liturgy of All Time, used in every parish, all the while refusing to command the bishops and priests to make it so. Let us pray hard for a further Motu Proprio or explanation from the Holy Father to end this mugwumpery. Either the Mass of All Time is restored to us, or it isn't. May we please know for certain?

Be sure to read "Papal Document Vindicates Adherents of Latin Mass" by John Vennari.

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Part 3 of "The Third Secret of Fatima and the Post-Conciliar Debate" by Christopher A. Ferrara is a thorough explanation of how the Protestant and Masonic-inspired "new Mass" drives a stake through the heart of Catholicism.

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