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Our Lady’s Electronic Newsletter: September 2008

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Waiting for the Bomb to Drop:
Period of Peace Update

Ever since the so-called "fall of Communism" in the early 1990s, some misguided individuals -- even bishops and priests who should know better -- have been telling us Russia has been converted.

So, they say, the consecrations of the world (not Russia by name) performed by Popes Pius XII and John Paul II have satisfied the Fatima demands of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Communist threat is ended, they claim, and we can now enjoy the era of peace that the Mother of God promised us.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Do these people not have eyes to see and ears to hear what's going on in the world today?! As September began, we were still waiting for the Russians to withdraw their troops from independent Georgia, which they invaded in a short but brutal war in August.

Meanwhile, the Iran Daily announced three days of "war games", in which that country tested "new weapons and defense plans". It has long been thought that Iran is building atomic bombs at its nuclear facilities. All it needs to start the Armageddon is an effective delivery system.

The war games were held amid persistent speculation about a possible U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. In June, Israel staged an air force exercise which was reported to be a simulation of a strike against Iran. Iran says it would hit back if attacked. So would begin a nuclear war which could only end in the "annihilation of various nations" predicted by Our Lady, if Her requests are not obeyed.

Closer to home, we have confirmation, right from the horse's mouth, that Russia has an ally in the Western Hemisphere, much stronger than little Cuba. Vea, a pro-government Venezuelan newspaper, reported that several Russian ships and 1,000 sailors will take part in joint naval maneuvers with Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea in November. The Venezuelan air force will also take part.

The avowed Marxist Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, has long been an outspoken critic of Washington. He has recently said on his weekly TV show, "If the Russian long-distance planes that fly around the world need to land at some Venezuelan landing strip, they are welcome, we have no problems."

Dear reader, does this look like a "period of peace" to you? Why can't the Pope and the bishops admit that Russia has not been converted and that the world is teetering on the brink of nuclear war?! All it takes to avoid this is for the Holy Father, in union with all the world's bishops, to solemnly consecrate Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart. Please join our Fatima Crusade for world peace! For further information, e-mail us or call the toll-free number shown below. Do it now, for the sake of humanity!

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More relevant now than ever: World Enslavement or Peace, by Father Nicholas Gruner - available for only $7.50!

Dissident Anglican Bishops May Seek Refuge in Rome
 ... But Are They Wanted?

This summer has seen a lot of toing-and-froing between England and Rome, as certain Anglican bishops have been meeting with senior Vatican officials to discuss prospects for reunion with the Holy See. (Neither the Vatican nor the Church of England has confirmed that these talks are going on, although they have been widely reported in the British media.)

The talks reportedly accelerated before and during the Lambeth Conference, the July synod of the Anglican bishops. The main topic for that meeting was the refusal of several hundred Anglican clerics, and tens of thousands of laymen, to accept the authority of female "bishops". The problem of the "consecration" of openly gay bishops was an exacerbating factor.

Some Anglican leaders opposed to these scandalous novelties have been moved to investigate the possibility of leaving the Anglican communion and entering the Roman Catholic Church. If thousands of Anglican priests and laity flock to enter the One True Church, this will strain the limits of the "pastoral provision", which allows for Anglican priests and sometimes entire parishes to be received into the Catholic Church, preserving their distinctive liturgical tradition.

Rumors about the summer's talks have suggested the creation of a hierarchical structure for Catholics who have recently converted from Anglicanism, perhaps in the form of a new prelature. This idea has been on the table since the early 1990s, as the Church of England began to splinter over questions involving the ordination of women. At the time, reliable sources said that the proposals were opposed by the English Catholic hierarchy. Today the English bishops are more willing to consider the proposals, in light of the continuing disintegration of the Anglican communion.

However, Cardinal Ivan Dias, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, gave an ambiguous talk at Lambeth. He called for greater unity between Anglicans and Catholics but at the same time gave veiled advice that the Anglican Communion must address deep division within its ranks. Evangelization, he said, is "possible in the measure in which there is unity and cohesion between the members of the church, between them and their shepherds, and, above all, between the shepherds themselves, both within the community as well as with the other Christian confessions."

What does that mean? Does it mean that Rome will accept only the reunion and reintegration of the Church of England in its entirety? Will we take "all or nothing"? If this is the case, how shall we deal with the female "bishops" and "priests" who have already been "ordained"? And does this mean that we will reject those traditional Anglicans who reject the liberal and heretical views of those who have effectively abandoned the Christian Faith?

On June 30th, some 300 traditional Anglican/Episcopalian bishops proposed the creation of a "traditional Anglican church" which would not recognize the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Should we welcome them or ignore them?

The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity said that the Church of England was making "a break with the apostolic tradition maintained by all of the churches of the first millennium." That step, the statement continued, constitutes "a further obstacle to reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Church of England." So far, the Vatican seems to be moving extremely slowly in opening the doors to those who, with even the slightest encouragement, would accept the embrace of Holy Mother Church.

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Chinese Bishop Arrested Following Olympics:
Inspiration from Matilda of Canossa

On the closing day of the Beijing Olympics, August 24, 2008, China's most prominent underground Catholic bishop, Most Rev. Julius Jia Zhiguo, was arrested at Wuqiu cathedral. As usual, no reason was given for his arrest, and Communist Chinese authorities have not disclosed where the 73-year-old bishop is being held.

Bishop Jia was imprisoned by the Communists from 1963 to 1978 -- 15 years -- and since then has been arrested more than a dozen times, despite living under house arrest since 1989.

During the Olympics, Chinese Catholics were warned that they would be severely punished if they held Masses, Rosaries or other public worship "demonstrations". About 1,000 Catholics in Zhengding defied those orders, and joined Bishop Jia for a Mass celebrating the Feast of the Assumption at Wuqiu Cathedral on August 15th.

Communist Chinese officials -- particularly in Hebei province, where the underground Catholic Church is strong -- have a history of arresting Christian leaders just before and after major public events such as Communist Party congresses. "Unauthorized religious activity" was strictly forbidden during the Olympics, and AsiaNews reported predictions of a crackdown immediately after the games, when the media spotlight was turned off.

How fitting, then, that the Vatican opened major exhibits in Canossa and other places in Italy dedicated to Matilda of Canossa. Although not a saint, an exhibit was inaugurated yesterday, dedicated to Matilda of Canossa. She was "the great countess" who, in the winter of 1077, hosted at her castle the two highest authorities at the time, Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV. They met to settle the question of who should appoint bishops in the so-called Holy Roman Empire. Matilda's support for the papacy in its struggle with the empire was decisive for the continent's fate, in the area of relations between the Church and earthly rulers, between God and Caesar.  So, although she is not a saint or a blessed, the legacy of Matilda of Canossa is still valid a thousand years later -- a warning and an inspiration to Catholics fighting for religious freedom in China and throughout the world.

Today the Communist rulers of China, like the emperors of old, want to determine the appointment of bishops, through their schismatic and heretical "Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association". And the freedoms of the Church are likewise denied or repressed in many other countries, like Vietnam, where Communism and totalitarianism reign.

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