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Powerful New Novel Describes World
Transformed by Conversion of Russia

       Our individual lives make up our special story. As we live day to day, the plot unfolds, characters come and go, our fortunes rise and fall. And our story will end either happily, in salvation, or tragically, in eternal damnation.

       How our story ends will depend upon how well we live within the larger story of Creation. This larger picture is sometimes called the meta-story. How we behave is largely determined by what we accept as the meta-story.

       Throughout most of Western History, from the time of Our Lord, the meta-story began with Genesis — with an act of Divine Will that brought the material universe into existence. The meta-story told of man being made in the image and likeness of God; of man's fall from Grace; of his promise of redemption; of the Woman who would crush satan under Her heel and give birth to our Savior.

       And in the last book of the Bible — The Apocalypse — the meta-story is brought to its conclusion with the consummation of the world. The Apocalypse describes a “Woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under Her feet...” Chapter 12 sets the scene for a great and final battle between this Woman, who is Our Lady, and Her nemesis, satan. See: “The Apocalypse of Saint John, Chapter 12”. See also The Devil's Final Battle.

       In modern times, the meta-story has changed in the minds of many people. Children are taught that they are not made in the image of God, but are fashioned from lower life forms by the process of evolution, which occurs over vast stretches of time in which species compete to survive in a hostile and indifferent world. There is no act of Divine Will in this meta-story: just the random mutations of what is called “natural selection.”

       The media has been instrumental in telling and reinforcing the new meta-story that now shapes our culture. And the Catholic Church has been largely at a disadvantage to compete with the media, for it has lacked an effective means to excite popular interest in the meta-story that begins in Genesis and ends gloriously with Our Lady's victory in the Apocalypse. That is, until now.

       A wonderful new book — a novel — has providentially burst onto the scene: Russian Sunrise by Dr. Bruce Walters. Its importance is difficult to overestimate, for it has the potential to ignite a popular demand that Our Lady of Fatima be obeyed and Russia be consecrated by the Pope and the bishops to Her Immaculate Heart.

       And we have been told by Our Lady that only She can help us avert the “annihilation of nations” toward which we are heading. Fatima is our only hope for salvation here and hereafter for many millions of souls. See: Fatima Essentials: The Requests.

       Every age must be spoken to in the language it most readily understands. In presenting the Catholic meta-story in the form of a novel, Dr. Walters has created a powerful means for educating, enlightening and evangelizing both an erring world and a lukewarm Church, and of impressing upon everyone fortunate enough to read his book the singular importance of the Message of Fatima.

       For better or worse, people have become accustomed to receive information through a medium that is entertaining. Culture is shaped by films, books, broadcasts. Russian Sunrise tells an exciting story in a gripping way that is bound to engage the modern mind.

       But Russian Sunrise is not just a work of imagination. Its characters may be fictional, its setting in the near future, but its bedrock is the Message of Fatima and what Our Lady promised would follow upon the Pope and the bishops fulfilling Her request that Russia be consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.

       What Russian Sunrise gives us is a concrete picture that closely approximates what will definitely happen once Our Lady's commands have been obeyed. Russia will be converted and a period of peace granted to the world.

       But we also know that before Our Lady's reign of peace is established, a final battle will occur between Our Lady and satan. In fact, the battle is not obvious to many today but it is raging silently all around us. See: The Devil's Final Battle. The stakes will be nothing less than the fate of the world and the eternal salvation of countless souls. Sister Lucy, the last surviving seer of Fatima, spoke of this final battle and also told us that if we want to know the Third Secret in full, we can find it in The Apocalypse.

       Russian Sunrise sets the stage for the final victory of Our Lady over satan. It shows us, as no sermon or pious exhortation could, how the world will change for the better once Heaven's Peace Plan is acted upon and men give up the foolishness of their own worldly wisdom, which has wrought chaos.

       Father Gruner demonstrated in his talk at our “Consecration Now!” conference in Rome, that there is really no obstacle to the consecration of Russia and that the urgency of this consecration has never been greater.

       Dr. Walters also explained at “Consecration Now!” the plan and purpose of Russian Sunrise. As eloquent and convincing a speaker as he is a writer, Dr. Walters demonstrates that the consecration of Russia is not an impossible dream, but a very practical possibility and, what's more, a vital and immediate necessity. See: “The Russian Sunrise: How the Consecration of Russia Could Be Done Soon”.

       Our Lady's Apostolate has been given permission to distribute Russian Sunrise. It is available in both perfect bound (single book) and saddle-stitch (two books: Part 1 and Part 2) versions. You may also read the book on-line at If you would like to receive a copy of our first installment, please contact us at or call us at 1-866-871-7723.

       Our Lady's Apostolate has tried for 34 years to make the Message of Fatima known in every way we could. But Russian Sunrise offers us an unprecedented opportunity to reach a wider audience than ever before and to place before them a compelling vision of the wonders and blessings that will come when Our Lady of Fatima is obeyed.

       Russian Sunrise has the potential to start a grass-roots demand for the consecration of Russia that the Catholic hierarchy will find impossible to ignore. We must try everything, make use of every tool and weapon Our Lady places at our disposal. Please, join us in our determination to make Russian Sunrise known and Our Lady of Fatima heeded at long last. The stakes are high. The time is short.

       We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret)

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