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Our Lady's Electronic Newsletter: July 2011
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Diabolical Disorientation Update:
The Summer of Discontent

       The instigators of “progressive” reform movements within the Catholic Church have historically stressed their “fidelity” to a supposedly earlier and purer form of Christianity as a justification for their dissent from contemporary ecclesiastic norms and discipline.

       This was noted by Pope Pius XII in his 1947 encyclical Mediator Dei, in which he warned of what he called “liturgical archeoligism.”

       The liturgy is generally the starting point for broader assaults against Tradition, but the argument in all cases rests with a claim that the Church has in some measure lost its original character to which it must be returned by stripping away the accretions that have obscured its pristine form.

       The Second Vatican Council gave impetus to such “reform” movements, which show no sign of abating. Defenders of Tradition may have harbored some hope that the aging “progressives,” still leaning heavily on the staff of Vatican II, would carry their dissent with them into the great beyond. Such does not appear to be the case, as witness recent developments in Austria.

       More than 300 priests, many born after Vatican II, have joined a movement with the infelicitous title “Call to Disobedience.” Gone is the pretense of adherence to an earlier or higher form of obedience. These priests are at least honest in their declaration, if not in their ultimate actions. See: “Over 300 Austrian priests join 'Call to Disobedience'”.

       If they were completely honest, they would not remain within the Catholic Church — a fact noted by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna. His Eminence spoke rather bluntly in response to the priestly dissent, saying that if the endorsers of “Call to Disobedience” actually believe all that is stated in their manifesto, they should “travel the way no more with the Roman Catholic Church.”

       But they will continue to travel with the Church, for where else can they exercise rebellion and attract celebrity. Dissent within the Protestant sects is standard, since they have no doctrinal magisterium or requisite creed. There can be no “Call to Disobedience” in the Episcopal or Lutheran or Unitarian denominations. That call was issued, heeded and exhausted centuries ago.

       The Catholic Church remains, however shakily, upon the foundation of irreformable doctrine and discipline, which makes her the great target and coveted prize of all who would abolish Divine order in this world.

       So what are the “Call to Disobedience” priests demanding? Nothing novel. They say they will “use every opportunity to speak out openly in favor of the admission of the married and women to the priesthood.”

       It has become usual for those who promote the ordination of women to the priesthood to ignore Pope John Paul II's declaration that women cannot be ordained and there can be no further discussion of the matter. See: “Ordinatio Sacerdotalis”.

       Unfortunately, no penalty was attached to ignoring the late Pontiff's declaration. Insisting that authoritative pronouncements be adhered to but assigning no consequence for failure to do so demonstrates a lack of resolve, or so those who dissent tend to believe. And they act on that belief with impunity.

       So will Cardinal Schonborn take any action against the hundreds of his priests who have openly declared war on Rome? It doesn't appear so. And what is Rome doing about it? Again, no action to date.

       The “Call to Disobedience” manifesto also states that its proponents will establish priestless liturgies and calls for lay people — men and women — to be elected to head parishes and to deliver homilies, in violation of Canon Law. The manifesto states the intention of these priests to give Holy Communion to non-Catholics and to those married outside the Church.

       In the absence of disciplinary action, the only foreseeable outcome will be the establishment of schismatic communities operating under the nominal auspices of Catholic dioceses. And Austria may be a test case and a precedent.

       The diabolical disorientation that Sister Lucy of Fatima warned about is proceeding with great strides. The Vatican must realize that it is besieged, not just by wayward priests and a faithless world, but by principalities and powers. See: “Vatican Bedeviled”.

       When will the Church wake from its slumber and rouse itself from its timidity? When will the diabolical disorientation end? When the Pope and the bishops turn to Our Lady and does as She asks. There is no other way.

       We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret)

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