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Our Lady’s Electronic Newsletter: July 2008

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Our first 54-Day Novena was avidly prayed and great results were achieved. Join us in our second 54-Day Novena starting on Saturday, July 12, 2008. Pray for the Consecration of Russia, the release of the full Third Secret and the spiritual success of the Great Rosary Crusade of 2008. Join with tens of thousands of others in this victory campaign to bring peace to the world.

SSPX Notes Discrepancy Between Vatican Words
and Epicopal Practices Regarding Traditional Mass

In mid-April Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (SSPX) Superior-General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, issued his latest Letter to Friends and Benefactors. Bishop Fellay noted the hope held by faithful Catholics for change for the better at the liturgical level following the release of the Motu Proprio last year. Unfortunately, he concludes, the Pope's words were not accompanied by "logically co-related measures in the other areas of the life of the Church".

The SSPX, the letter says, "openly rejoices at the papal desire to reintroduce the ancient and venerable rite of the Holy Mass, but it also discovers the resistance, at times brutal, of whole episcopates." This resistance has already been noticed. There has been talk for months now of a further letter to come from the Vatican reminding recalcitrant and obstreperous bishops that they are bound by their vows to give effect to the express instructions of the Holy Father.

Bishop Fellay's letter expresses regret that all the changes introduced at Vatican II and in the post-Conciliar "reforms" have not been undone, but rather confirmed. As Bishop Fellay notes, to say that the Church does not change and has not changed simply does not make sense. "Since the facts do not corroborate the new affirmation," his letter continues, "it is necessary to conclude that nothing [sic] has changed in the will of Rome to follow the Conciliar orientations, despite forty years of crisis, despite the deserted convents, the abandoned rectories, the empty churches. The Catholic universities persist in their ramblings, the teaching of the Catechism remains unknown at the same time that the Catholic school does not exist anymore as particularly Catholic: it has become an extinct species..."

Finally, Bishop Fellay concludes that the time is not yet ripe for the SSPX to sign an agreement to end the resistance of the Society (SSPX) against the dangerous novelties of the Vatican. "Without despairing, without impatience, we observe that the time for an agreement has not yet come. This does not prevent us from continuing to wait, from continuing on the path defined in the year 2000. We continue to ask the Holy Father for the repeal of the decree of excommunication of 1988, because we are persuaded that that would do much good to the Church and we encourage you to pray that it may take place."

Complete text of Most Rev. Bernard Fellay's letter, in French,;

        Summary from Catholic Family News

        "Military Archdiocese says NO to Latin Mass", by Edwin Faust,

"Papal Document Vindicates Adherents of Latin Mass", by John Vennari,

"The Party Line In Relation to Fatima", by Father Paul Kramer, includes a discussion of the Canonical Appeal of the SSPX.

Benedict XVI's Visit to the U.S.A.:
The Pope Says U.S. Church Needs "Purification"

During his much-publicized visit to Washington and New York in April, Pope Benedict XVI issued many mea culpas relating to sexual abuse scandals which have plagued the U.S. Church for decades. He urged the Church in America to seek "purification" and "the truth", and called on American bishops and priests to overcome the "divisions" which are responsible for the sorry state of today's Church.

The Masses offered by the Pope consistently followed the Novus Ordo, never the Tridentine Rite, and included seriously deficient translations with the Pope himself using the words "for all" rather than "for many" at the Consecration. He also gave communion in the hand.

While in New York, the Holy Father visited the U.N. - the true headquarters of the Masonic one-world movement - as well as Ground Zero. It seemed to some that he spent more time playing to the crowds at secular sites, including of course the White House, than visiting Catholic cathedrals and seminaries.

In his prayers and speeches at Ground Zero and the U.N., Benedict mentioned God - occasionally - but never once referred to Our Lord Jesus Christ, let alone the Holy Mother of God. It is as if it has become old-fashioned and "politically incorrect" for the Vicar of Christ to remember Who he represents on earth.

Indeed, if the Church - not just in America but worldwide - is to purify Herself, what She must do is turn away from modernism, "political correctness" and false ecumenism, and turn back to the Gospel.

The Pope lamented the "division between different groups, different generations, different members of the same religious family," and asked God to grant the U.S. Church "a renewed sense of unity and purpose" so that it could "move forward in hope, in love for the truth and for one another."

What he did not address was the cause of the divisions and weakness which we find in the Church today. We see every year a drop in priestly vocations, the "consolidation" of parishes and the closing of churches and Catholic schools.

The number of Catholic priests in the United States has fallen from more than 58,000 in 1965 to just under 41,500 last year, according to the Georgetown University Center for Applied Research into the Apostolate. Although the number of U.S. Catholics rose from 45.6 million in 1965 to 64.4 million in 2007 - largely because of immigration from Latin America - the number of graduate-level seminarians fell from 8,325 to 3,274.

Before Vatican II the Church was united - particularly in the language of Her liturgy - and strong. Now She is divided and weak. She is weak in numbers, weak in spirit, weak in influence...and the list goes on.

The Third Secret of Fatima contains a warning that the Catholic Church will undergo a catastrophic loss of faith and discipline beginning around 1960. This is the "great apostasy" predicted in Scripture as a harbinger of the end times.

If the Pope truly wishes to promote peace in the world, the upliftment of the downtrodden and the healing of the divisions in the Church, he need only look to the Message of Fatima - in particular the still-hidden text of the Blessed Virgin's words in the Third Secret. He needs to publish it now! Thus all of us would find out how to obtain peace in the world and the restoration of the true Catholic Faith of our fathers that was promised by Our Lady of Fatima.

"The Mystery of the Third Secret of Fatima", includes a section on "The Great Apostasy",   

"Architects of the Fatherless Church", by Christopher A. Ferrara,

"You Want Proof? Here It Is", by Christopher A. Ferrara.

INNOCENT QUESTION - Why didn't Cardinal Bertone accompany the Pope to the U.S.A.? His feeble attempt to "debunk" the Message of Fatima was scheduled to be published on May 6th, and it was widely expected that he would come to the U.S.A. to promote it. But "the Vatican prime minister" was a no-show. Could it have anything to do with the launch of The Secret Still Hidden? 

Russia Expert Likens
Russia Under Putin to Having
Nazi SS Running Germany

Edward Lucas has spent 20 years covering the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe for various news organizations. Now eastern Europe correspondent for the Economist, he gave an interview to Canada's Maclean's news magazine, in which he expressed his fears about Vladimir Putin and the Russian threat to the West.

"If I sound alarmed,"  Lucas said, "it's because I am alarmed! We may speak of the fall of communism," he continued, "but we forget how much Russia under Putin resembles the Soviet Union under Stalin. I'm trying to wake people up.... We've been in a pretty deep sleep about Russia.  There's been a lot of wishful thinking..."

Lucas explained how under Putin the KGB was quietly "relabelled and topped up" during the 1990s, just as Father Nicholas Gruner and other speakers at the Only Way to World Peace conferences have been saying all along. The KGB now controls the Russian government, which is just as authoritarian and bloody-minded as Stalin's regime, if not more so.  

All this contradicts the claim of Cardinal Bertone and others responsible for the Vatican's ostpolitik that the Consecration has been done as Our Lady of Fatima requested and Russia has been converted. Obviously it has not. Lucas makes this telling observation: "It's as have a former KGB official running Russia as it would be to have a former SS colonel running Germany."

Why are we being so nice to the Russians, so soft on communism? Why are we trying so hard to accommodate the nation that menaces not just its neighbors but the entire world? Edward Lucas gives the answer in one short sentence: "I think we've completely lost our moral compass."

Indeed. The West, and the Church in particular, has ignored the clear warning of Our Lady of Fatima. She told us that unless and until Russia is consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart, its errors will spread throughout the world. That is exactly what has happened.

And worse is to come. If Russia is not converted, nations will be annihilated and billions of souls will be lost. It is very late, but never too late to have recourse to the Blessed Virgin. It is up to the Pope and the bishops to find the moral compass which has been lost, to heed at last the warning of Our Lady of Fatima and do as She commands.

"The Message of Fatima: Mankind's Last Defense Against the Rise of the Global Gulag", an address by Michael Matt at Only Way to World Peace, Brazil 2007,

"Russia's New Stalin", by Christopher A. Ferrara,

"Meet Russia's Charley McCarthy", by Christopher A. Ferrara,

See and hear "The Request for the Consecration of Russia", a talk by Father Nicholas Gruner

Also on Fatima on Demand video: "The Consecration of Russia is Not Accomplished", a talk by Christopher A. Ferrara.

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