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Our Lady's Electronic Newsletter: July 2007

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Speaking the truth about sexual
orientation — a criminal act?

By the time you read this, President Bush may be thinking about whether or not to sign a new bill proposed by the House of Representatives: the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (H.R. 1592). (Similar legislation is being considered by the Senate.) The purpose of the bill is to expand existing federal hate crime law by criminalizing any attack or injury, however slight, "motivated by the victims gender or sexual orientation."

Christopher Ferrara, President of the American Catholic Lawyers Association (ACLA) has called this pernicious piece of legislation "a dagger aimed at the heart of Catholic moral teaching on marriage and procreation". Yet, in spite of a storm of protest by evangelical Protestants, Catholics have been strangely silent.

While purporting to be aimed at "bias-based violence", the real purpose of these bills can only be to further restrict freedom of speech, religious expression and equal protection under the law. If this legislation passes, only "politically correct" thoughts and speech will be allowed, especially when it comes to issues of "sexual orientation".

This is because your motivation can only be tested by what you say or write. So if you have ever written or said anything against the sin of sodomy, that will be "evidence" that could convert something as simple as a shove — a misdemeanor under most existing state laws — into a federal crime punishable by as much as ten years in prison!

In spite of the fact that it isn't talked about very much in the New Church, sodomy is still a sin! But who will dare to say so now? The very powerful "gay lobby" in Congress and the media is on the verge of criminalizing any words or thoughts that dare to suggest that homosexuality is abnormal or morally disordered, let alone sinful.

Just think! If the Pope were to wag his finger at a gay priest, and inflict even a small scratch, the Holy Father could — in the USA — find himself doing jail time. Yet no American Cardinal or bishop has spoken out against this literally dreadful and hateful legislation. Catholics, wake up and speak out! Write to your congressman, write to your senator, and above all write to the President! This bill must not become law!

Catholic Family News reports on H.R. 1592 at CFN News.

Click here to find the latest updates page.

Read "The Criminalization of Truth" by Christopher Ferrara, at Fatima Perspectives.

Cardinal Bertone gives an interview

Following Pope Benedict XVI's May trip to Brazil, the Vatican Secretary of State, Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone, gave an interview to the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire in which he answered questions on certain things that happened during the trip that the media found controversial.

Almost as an afterthought, the Cardinal was asked two questions on matters which we have written about here and on our website: the forthcoming papal documents on China and the Latin Mass.

Q: Your Eminence, please allow some extra questions. Is the Pope's letter to the Chinese Catholics ready? Cardinal Bertone: The text of the letter has been definitively approved by the Holy Father and now the translations into different languages are being made and the technical aspects of its publication are being worked on.

Our comment: Please pray that in its haste to "normalize" relations with Communist China, the Vatican will not compromise with the schismatic Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CCPA), the puppet "church" the Communists created in 1957 to replace the True Church. Rome must not abandon the millions of true believers who even today are paying a heavy price for their loyalty.

To learn more about this, read "Support or Sellout" in The Fatima Crusader. Q: And the also expected "motu proprio" that would liberalize the use of the so-called Pius V missal, at what point is it? Cardinal Bertone: I believe that we will not have to wait much longer for its publication. The Pope is personally interested in seeing this happen. He will explain it in an accompanying letter, hoping for a serene reception.

Our comment: A well-known figure in traditionalist circles, Monsignor Michael Schmitz, was quoted not long ago as saying: "Recently, we have been thinking that any day it will come. But we may still be thinking that in 30 years' time." Let us pray that Benedict XVI will do what he must surely know he should do ... before thirty years and before he has to face his Eternal Judge.

You'll find more comments on this in James Bannister's article "Return to the Traditional Mass: how long must we wait?" in the Fatima Perspectives section of our website.

And remember, the Fatima Shoppe offers Father Paul Kramer's excellent book The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy for only $9.95. Click here for details.

Putin's promise: mutually assured destruction

Britain's secret intelligence service, the MI6, has confirmed what has already been widely reported, including in Issue 85 of  The Fatima Crusader. Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared, perhaps even eager, to resurrect the climate of the Cold War.

Their recent report to UK Prime Minister Blair concludes that Putin is willing to use Russia's huge natural gas and oil reserves as tools to win his political battle for domination of the West. The report says "He demonstrated that when he switched off the gas supplies to the Ukraine last year.... Increasingly Europe, and ultimately Britain, will become dependent on Russian gas supplies."

In a speech earlier this year, Putin tried to put the blame on the USA. He told us plainly that Russia was arming itself — not that it had ever disarmed — supposedly to counter US plans to dominate eastern Europe and the Middle East. He warned that Russia views US plans to build a missile defense system based in Poland as increasing "the risk of mutual destruction."

It is the first time since the height of the Cold War that a Russian leader has chosen such chilling words. But it is not the first time that we have been warned. Our Lady of Fatima told us plainly that if Her request for the Consecration of Russia is not heeded, "various nations will be annihilated".

Now the Russian president has warned he was considering withdrawing Russia from the post-Cold War treaty intended to keep the peace in Europe. Alex Pravda, a UK-based expert on Russian politics, said: "There is a new confidence and defiance in Russian foreign policy."

Make no mistake about it. Vladimir Putin means what he says. He has spoken plainly and repeatedly. But are we listening? The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences said recently that there are seven "signs of the times" which cause concern for the future of international relations. These are the reemergence of nationalism, weak convergence, pervasive poverty, the weakness of multilateralism (meaning peace treaties, nonaggression pacts and the United Nations), doubts regarding millennium goals, insufficient and inefficient aid, and terrorism and war.

So the Church sees the warning signs. But what is She doing to prevent the imminent chastisement, the annihilation of nations and the loss of billions of lives and souls? We await an answer.

Read"The Eve of Annihilation? Putin Announces A New Cold War" in the recent issue of The Fatima Crusader (No. 85).

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