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June 2009

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Fatima Center Releases Blockbuster Video:
The Secret Still Silenced

Father Nicholas Gruner, Director of the Fatima Center, has just announced the launch of The Secret Still Silenced, the long-awaited video follow-up to Christopher Ferrara's highly acclaimed book, The Secret Still Hidden.

"There's something missing!" These were the words of millions of Catholics upon the Vatican's "release", on June 26, 2000, of the Third Secret of Fatima. So many highly-respected writers and thinkers shared the thinking of Mother Angelica of EWTN when she said "I happen to be one of those...who thinks we didn't get the whole thing."

Why do the highest authorities in the Catholic Church continue to hide the full contents of the Third Secret of Fatima? What is the terrifying prophecy they don't want the world to know? The Secret Still Silenced cuts to the heart of the mystery and pieces together the contents of the Third Secret, a warning of truly dramatic and grave importance to you and your family.

The Secret Still Silenced is the second hour-long video presentation to be produced by the Fatima Center. The first was Heaven's Key to Peace, still available from the Fatima Shoppe and now available in Italian. Click L'Unica Chiave per ottenere la Pace nel Mondo to see or download it FREE.

So much has happened since Heaven's Key to Peace was released:

All these truths are NEW, never before presented in video format, now made public for you and everyone else to see!

How can it be that seven Popes, entrusted with the well-being and salvation of billions of souls, have neglected or refused to obey Our Lady's Fatima commands? What is so terrible in Our Lady's words that "the Vatican" has willed them to be kept secret forever?

You'll find the answers to these questions, proven beyond any reasonable doubt, in The Secret Still Silenced, AVAILABLE NOW from the Fatima Shoppe.

For more details and proofs of the Vatican's campaign to bury the Third Secret, read The Secret Still Hidden, by Christopher Ferrara. You'll find it, in English or Italian, at the Fatima Shoppe.

FREE ONLINE BOOKS! You can read The Devil's Final Battle and other fine books FREE by visiting The Fatima Shoppe web page. Italian and Portuguese versions of The Devil's Final Battle are now on sale here for only $14.95.

Get your FREE copy of The Fatima Crusader! Send your name and mailing address to or call toll-free 1-800-263-8160. There is NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE of any kind.

Growing Outrage Over Obama: the Pro-Life Demonstrations at Notre Dame

Shortly after the event, L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, published a short news story praising President Obama's May 17th speech at Notre Dame University. Obama's invitation to speak at the nominally Catholic university's commencement was condemned by more than 70 U.S. bishops, and vigorously protested, before and on the day, by 1000s of faithful Catholics and others opposed to Obama's pro-abortion and anti-religion record.

The speech itself was characterized by a leading Catholic commentator, John Vennari, as "the height of hubris, hypocrisy and audacity." Click on the link to read John Vennari's article "Obama, Notre Dame and the Counter-Syllabus", from Catholic Family News.

But L'Osservatore Romano didn't see it that way, at least not at first. In its May 17th article, and a previous one arguing that Obama's first 100 days in office did not confirm our worst fears about policy changes on ethical issues, the paper attempted to make us believe that the Vatican was somehow distancing itself from the condemnation of the majority of U.S. bishops, led by Cardinal Francis George. Even Time magazine gloated over the Vatican's studied silence and L'Osservatore Romano's perfidious commentary. Click here to read the Time article, quoting Cardinal George as saying "It is clear that Notre Dame didn't understand what it means to be Catholic when they issued this invitation."

A week after the speech, L'Osservatore Romano finally got around to reporting the U.S. bishops' criticism of Barack Obama's pro-abortion policies. A front page article reported on Cardinal George's statement, in which the prelate, on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) challenged the President to make good on his alleged commitment to respect the right to conscientious objection. Marco Bellizi, the writer, opines that conscientious objection includes "the right not to finance abortions with taxes paid to the state."

Also quoted in the article was Msgr. David Malloy, General Secretary of the USCCB, who has publicly attacked President Obama for removing the ban on destroying embryos for research purposes, a decision in which, Msgr. Malloy said, "both science and ethics have been ignored."

Other outspoken critics of Obama include some of the leading American Catholic thinkers such as Michael Novak, George Weigel, and Deal Hudson. Their protests have mainly been directed not just against the President, but against the Vatican and L'Osservatore Romano, who they accuse of excessive indulgence toward Obama, despite his pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and other bioethical positions which are clearly contrary to the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Not one of these commentators showed any credence whatsoever in Obama's offer of dialogue with the defenders of unborn life. In their judgment, the new president clings obstinately to pro-abortion positions, even in the face of the protests of tens of thousands. (Father Nicholas Gruner, director of the Fatima Center, was on hand on May 17th to lend support to the hundreds of Notre Dame graduands and others who demonstrated against Obama's policies and his very presence.)

The president is asking the pro-life forces, and only the pro-life forces, to compromise. Ultimately, what he calls dialogue is no more or less than a request for unconditional surrender. We at the Fatima Center saw this coming, and call on all good Catholics to do everything legally possible, including joining protests like the one at Notre Dame, to resist "our president" in his attempts to foist his rabidly pro-abortion and anti-Christian agenda on the nation and the world.

From our archives (Dec. 2008), "Obama Presidency 'Apocalyptic...a cultural earthquake': Cardinal".

John Vennari explains the Freedom of Choice Act. See "Obama Closing Catholic Hospitals?".

Do you support Obama? Don't miss "No Communion for Obama Supporters", by Meg Kinnard.

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