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Our Lady's Electronic Newsletter: May 2011
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Special Report on Conference in Rome

       "Consecration Now!" took place in Rome from May 9 through May 13. The conference represented Phase IV of our Target: Rome campaign, with an emphasis on drawing the media to the Fatima Message and increasing public awareness that the Consecration of Russia has yet to be performed and must be performed if we are to avoid the chastisements Our Lady spoke of at Fatima.

       As with the Fatima Challenge conference in May 2010, "Consecration Now!" succeeded beyond our most ambitious hopes. Not only did we attract prominent Vatican journalists to address our conference, we drew bishops from around the world and, what's more, a Vatican Cardinal, His Eminence Renato Martino.

       The Cardinal listened to talks and later asked to have a copy of them. He took Father Gruner's hand upon departing and said: "Corragio!" — Italian for "Courage." The Cardinal's presence marked a terrific breakthrough, as did the participation of prominent media figures.

       Our conference received a great deal of publicity, both on television and in major newspapers. We have broken the media silence on Fatima. And since the Pope's remarks last May about the Fatima prophecy continuing to unfold and its Message being about "future realities" for the Church, Our Lady's Apostolate is no longer off-limits to the hierarchy and the media.

       Fatima is being talked about. The Fatima Message is now in the news. As a veteran Vatican journalist who addressed the conference said later:

“Something has changed in Rome.”

       He was talking about the attitude in the Vatican toward Fatima. Indeed, something has changed. And I believe Our Lady's faithful servants have been the instruments of that change.

       Many bishops attended the conference and four bishops addressed the gathering. These bishops were older men who have witnessed the growth of the moral corruption that has ravaged the Western world and reached inside the Church, defiling all that is holy.

       They have seen every manmade attempt to remedy the ills that beset the world fail — the political, economic and social solutions. They were unanimous in their conclusion:

Turn to Our Lady. Obey Her.
Consecrate Russia Now.

       Each day of the conference, the bishops met for workshops and strategy sessions, with the aim of hastening the Consecration of Russia.

       These bishops — these good and holy men — want to be true shepherds, and they know they can only do this by being faithful to the Fatima Message and urging everyone to do so.

       Our Lady's Apostolate now has episcopal supporters in Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America — bishops convinced that delaying the consecration is not an option.

       It is as though the Church is beginning to wake up after a long sleep, and it is realizing the dream of making peace with a secular world has led to the nightmare we are now living through.

       It seems, indeed, that something has changed. This was said by prominent Vatican journalist Paolo Rodari, co-author with Andrea Tornielli, of Attack on Ratzinger. And this brings me to another first:

Two of the Top Vatican Journalists
Spoke at Our Conference.

       For years, the mainstream media in Rome have been afraid to offend the big shots in the Vatican by paying attention to Our Lady's Apostolate. Now, they are coming to our conference and addressing us. This is a breakthrough of incalculable importance.

We Have Broken Down the Media
Wall of Silence on Fatima.

       And these journalists dropped bombshell after bombshell. Both agreed to the possibility of a hidden text of the Third Secret. Rodari noted all the contradictions in "official" interpretations of the Fatima Message. And then, his bombshell:

       Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said the prophecy of Fatima is only "partially fulfilled!"

       The Cardinal said this to a TV journalist just days before we arrived in Rome. Remember who Cardinal Bertone is:

        - This is the man who has insisted Fatima is finished. This is the man who wrote a book            trying to prove it.

        - This is the man who appeared on Italian television, showing the envelopes which            allegedly contained the Third Secret, but failing to produce the crucial envelope — the            one on which the secretary of Pope John XXIII had written.

        - This is the man who backed Cardinal Sodano in his claim that the vision of the Third            Secret was about the assassination attempt on John Paul II — and nothing else.

       Now, even Cardinal Bertone is compelled to admit, as has the Holy Father, that Fatima is unfolding now.

       It is difficult to overestimate the significance of this development, or to gauge the ongoing effect of our conference on the official attitude toward Fatima. We will keep you posted.

       Highlights of the conference were broadcast for an hour daily on a major Rome TV station. The conference was broadcast in full on our Fatima TV channel and on our Italian and English web sites. Major newspapers in Rome ran articles on the conference. The truth, long ignored, is now in the spotlight.

       What will happen next? We will have to keep up our publicity offensive. We will have to keep working with the bishops. We will have to maintain our new contacts with the Italian media. We will have to keep broadcasting on Fatima TV and the internet.

       We made tremendous progress. But we have to keep going. We need your help. "Consecration Now!" was enormously expensive and our coffers are rather low now, so we ask all supporters of Our Lady's Apostolate to be as generous as possible now and in the coming months. Give what you can so that Our Lady's peace plan will be implemented very soon.

       If you were not able to follow the conference as it progressed, you can still view the talks and question and answer sessions at our web site:

Watch the entire conference (English or Italian)

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       We must work and pray ever more fervently that the Holy Father and the bishops will heed the requests of Our Lady of Fatima. (See: Petition to Our Holy Father — The Consecration of Russia and Petition to Our Holy Father — The Release of the full Third Secret)

The Fatima Crusader On-line

       In Issue #97 of The Fatima Crusader, learn about the importance of and most efficacious way to practice the devotion of the Five First Saturdays requested by Our Lady of Fatima, what we can do to help bring about the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, the importance of devotion to Our Lady, and why the Third Secret is more important today than ever.

       In Issue #96 read about: the Masonic city (with a demonic design) taking shape in Kazakhstan; the root cause why the Church fails to evangelize; why Fatima is not merely a private revelation but a public prophecy given to the world; the meaning of conversion of Russia in the Fatima Message is that Russia will become a Catholic nation; how the Fatima event is still unfolding as we await the full Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia; the abuse of authority by Church bureaucrats trying to impose a false interpretation of Fatima; how unbelievers confirmed the Miracle of the Sun; and how Fatima teaches us how to save souls, including our own.

Latest Fatima Perspectives

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       We Can't Shrug Off "Atlas Shrugged" — Ayn Rand wrote novels that were intended to illustrate ideas rather than characters, and her work suffers from the literary shortcomings peculiar to that genre: the people she portrays are rather wooden, their dialogue stilted, the plots improbable. The newly released movie adaptation of Rand's chief work, "Atlas Shrugged" is not just a film: it is a challenge to a generally accepted code of ethics rooted in the Christian counsels on fraternal charity. Rand's philosophy is called Objectivism. It maintains that human reason, based on sense perceptions, provide us with the only real knowledge we can have. It rejects faith as irrational.


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