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May 2009

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Pope's Plan to Move Vatican to Portugal

Father Peter Gumpel, S.J., the German priest in charge of investigating the possible canonization of Pope Pius XII, has revealed Pope Pacelli's plans for saving the Papacy and the Vatican from the invading Germans during World War II.

Pius told senior bishops that, should he be arrested by the Nazis, he would resign immediately so that he would be led out of the Vatican as a private citizen. Then the Curia would be expected to flee to a safe country, probably Portugal, where they would establish a new Vatican and elect a new Pontiff.

Father Gumpel's statement is based on material from the Vatican archives. Still-secret documents prove that Hitler had a plan to occupy the Vatican and arrest and kidnap the Pope and senior Cardinals, but this is the first time that details have emerged of what the Vatican would do if the Nazis carried out their plan.

What is significant is that Pope Pius XII chose Portugal. He had already been offered asylum in Spain and the U.S.A. Why Portugal? Surely the Pope chose that country because of the Message of Fatima. Pius already knew of Our Lady's Fatima request for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. In fact, he had attempted to do so in 1942, albeit in an imperfect way, consecrating "the world", and not Russia by name.

Be sure to read "Meaning of the 'Consecration' of Russia", by Father Joaquin Maria Alonso, S.T.D., Ph.D., Official Archivist of Fatima, in The Fatima Crusader.

You'll find more details in Section XV of World Enslavement or Peace, by Father Nicholas Gruner and others. NOW you can read World Enslavement or Peace online FREE. Click here to get started. Or you can buy the print version from The Fatima Shoppe for only $7.50.

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Another factor that must have been in Pope Pius XII's mind was the great benefits brought to Portugal by the consecrations of that nation performed by her bishops in 1931 and 1938. It was these public professions of faith and prayer that saved Portugal from the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and World War II.

It seems that Our Lady used Portugal to demonstrate on a national level what She will do worldwide when the Pope, in union with the world's bishops, consecrates Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Perhaps Our Lady also gave us this preview so that an insipid pan-religious "civilization of love" could never masquerade successfully as the Triumph of Heaven's Queen.

Learn more about the consecrations of Portugal. Read "The Consecrations of Portugal (1931, 1938) and Their Benefits", in the Essentials section of the Fatima Network website.

See also "Portugal Saved by the Rosary (1974 - 1975)", yet another example of Portugal being especially blessed with the protection of Our Lady, this time because the laity united in petition to Her through the weapon of the Rosary.

Attacks on Indian Christians Escalate; 100s Martyred

Vatican Radio reported in April that India's Hindu nationalists stepped up attacks in their strongholds in central and eastern India during that country's recent election. Archbishop Raphael Cheenath of Cuttack-Bhubaneshwar warned that death threats by Hindu nationalists against Christians in the state of Orissa are a new wave of persecution aimed at flushing Christians out of the region.

"BJP party officials have threatened to attack the Christians and chase them away", the Archbishop said. "The threats were very serious and there has been a great fear among the people.... The problem for the people was made worse because the authorities in Orissa took no tangible steps to prevent such things from happening.... It was clear that this was what they wanted to do before the elections and if they win again there is no doubt that they will continue in that way."

As well, Archbishop Cheenath accused four Hindus of gang-raping a Christian girl after her uncle refused to renounce his faith. The four culprits, he said, have not been apprehended. This is just one of hundreds of acts of violence and persecution of Catholics and other Christians perpetrated by Hindu nationalists and Maoist (i.e. communist) rebels from Mumbai in the west to Orissa in eastern India.

It is not just the Hindus who are torturing and murdering Christians. Only a few months earlier, while Catholics in India were still reeling from Hindu violence, Islamic terrorists attacked Jews, Christians and others in Mumbai. Scenes of horror were televised around the world. Almost 200 people were killed in a single day in India's economic capital! Yet the murders in Orissa, not as widely publicized, have made martyrs of as many as 500 Catholics, including priests and religious, as well as innocent lay people.

For more on the tragedy of Orissa, see "Mob Butchers India's Christian Minority", by Anna Arco.

And don't miss "Catholic martyrs a daily reality".

In that article, Archbishop Marampudi mentions "our little church in Hyderabad". The Fatima Center founded and maintains the Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage in Hyderabad. Click here to find out more about our orphanage. Because of the violence and terror in eastern India, we are seeing an increase in the numbers of poor orphan children crying out for your help. You can help by joining the Society of the Child Jesus. Call 1-800-263-8160 for further information.

LATE NEWS: Word has reached us from AsiaNews that a Catholic orphanage in Orissa has been burned to the ground for a second time! It was attacked previously in the wave of anti-Christian violence that began in August 2008, and still continues. The director of the orphanage, Father Edward Sequeira, said, "The setting fire to the Padampur orphanage is a clear indication that the area is still simmering and there is still risk of carnage." Please pray for all those in danger, particularly the children who are without homes and families.

Vietnamese Catholics: Latest Victims of "Ostpolitik"?

Let no one say that Communism is dead. The errors of Russia of which Our Lady of Fatima warned, continue to be spread throughout the world. This is particularly so in Vietnam, a once-Catholic country (as part of French Indochina) which is today ruled by an atheistic Communist regime.

The Catholic bishops of Vietnam, in a Lenten statement, preached against the evils rampant in that country today, especially divorce, promiscuous sexual activity, domestic violence, and the breakdown in traditional ideals of family life. They called for a vigorous effort to promote strong Christian family life. As well, the bishops encouraged the faithful to join in pro-life activism in their country, where abortion rates are high and societal moral standards are deteriorating rapidly.

For their pains, and because the Communist government of Vietnam sees it as a place of the freedom and salvation desired by the people, the Church is being persecuted and oppressed, to stop the "contagion" of Catholic ideals from spreading.

At the synod in Rome last year, Bishop Joseph Nguyên Chi Linh of Thanh Hóa called the Church of Vietnam "one of the Churches most harshly tested by bloody and uninterrupted persecution." But immediately after this, he encouraged those present with this passage from the conciliar constitution Gaudium et Spes: "The Church admits that she has greatly profited and still profits from the antagonism of those who oppose or who persecute her." Proof of this "profit", he said, is found in the flourishing of conversions in Vietnam, and the growing respect shown to Catholics for their extensive work in defense of motherhood, family values and democracy.

The attitude of the Communist regime was expressed not long ago by the Vietnamese prime minister, Nguyên Tan Dung, who threatened that the statements of the Catholic bishops "will have a negative impact on the relationship between Vietnam and the Vatican," which do not have diplomatic relations with each other.

Faced with this clear statement of the Communists' intentions, what is the Vatican's reaction? An unnamed Vatican representative (obviously part of the clique who think Cardinal Sodano's "ostpolitik" is still a good idea) told Union of Catholic Asians News (UCAN) in April that talks between the Vatican and the Vietnamese government earlier this year produced "impressive results", creating a "new atmosphere" in relations between the two.

Fact: In Vietnam the Communist government is seizing churches and other church properties, just as in Russia and China, to force the Church underground.

Fact: The Holy See is constrained in appointing bishops by having to submit a list of nominees to the Vietnamese government, who then veto the ones they don't like.

Monsignor Pietro Parolin, Vatican undersecretary for relations with states, speaking in February, "emphasized the Holy See's policy to respect the independence and sovereignty of Vietnam, by which the Church's religious activities would not be conducted for political purposes." He also explained that "the Church in its teachings invites the faithful to be good citizens, working for the common good of the country."

In Communist Vietnam, to be a good citizen is to be a good Communist. The Church used to say that you cannot be a Communist and be a good Catholic! Indeed, it used to be a sin to belong to the Communist Party or any other forbidden organization.

That this command of the Church has been forgotten, even by its highest officials, is just further evidence that, as Pope Paul VI said, "the smoke of Satan has entered the Church". Let us pray for the vanquishing of atheistic Communism which will come only through the Consecration of Russia and the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

Read "Benedict XVI Welcomes Communists to the Vatican", a "Fruits of Ostpolitik Update", by James W. Bannister.

Also by James W. Bannister, "Wherever there is Communism there is persecution ... of Catholics by Catholic collaborators!".

You'll find links to seven articles on the Communist persecution of the Church following "The Present-Day Persecution of The Church by Communist Russia Seriously Threatens Your Eternal Salvation", from Section VIII of World Enslavement or Peace, by Father Nicholas Gruner and others. You can buy the book from the Fatima Shoppe for only $7.50.

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