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The Secret Still Hidden

by Christopher Ferrara


The most complete and up-to-the-minute treatment of the Third Secret of Fatima that exists in any language

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For over 25 years, the Fatima Center has insisted that the true Message of the Third Secret of Fatima concerns the contemporary crisis of Faith in the Catholic Church.

Since June 26, 2000, when the Vatican released what it claimed to be the entire Secret, the Fatima Center insisted that the entire Secret has yet to be revealed.

In November 2006, the eminent Italian journalist Antonio Socci published his book The Fourth Secret of Fatima, in which he concluded there is still a crucial section of the Secret missing from what the Vatican released in 2000.

"I had to surrender"

Socci started his research with an aim to disprove the thesis that there is yet something to be disclosed. Upon studying the evidence, however, he said he "had to surrender" to the truth that there is more to the Secret than what the Vatican released.

One of the strongest pieces of evidence to date, published for the first time in Socci's book, is the testimony of Archbishop Loris Capovilla, who was personal secretary of Pope John XXIII, and who was with Pope John when he opened the secret in 1959. Capovilla admits that there are indeed two texts of the Secret.

Bertone's Failed Response

Since the publication of Socci's book, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone published his own book in an attempt to refute Socci's thesis, but never answered the main points that Socci raised.

Cardinal Bertone also appeared on national television in Italy, and at a lavish book launch at a Roman university. The Cardinal never answered Socci's main points. Further, and most telling, Socci was not allowed to speak at these events.

At the book launch at the Roman university, Socci was even roughed-up by security men when he tried to approach Cardinal Bertone in order to ask the prelate a question. Cardinal Bertone meanwhile sprinted away from Socci and ducked into a side entrance, giving all the appearances of a man having something to hide.

All the Most Compelling Evidence in one Book!

The Secret Still Hidden, by attorney Christopher Ferrara, is the most comprehensive treatment of the Third Secret of Fatima to date. It not only contains the evidence that there is indeed a crucial portion of the Third Secret still hidden, but also gives the main arguments from Antonio Socci's book, and a detailed account of the fierce drama that has unfolded between Socci and Cardinal Bertone since Socci published his book challenging the Vatican's claim that the entire Secret is released.

For the most complete and up-to-the-minute treatment of the Third Secret of Fatima that exists in any language, read Christopher Ferrara's The Secret Still Hidden.

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