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Our Lady's Electronic Press Release: May 1, 2012

"Fatima: Your Last Chance!"
A Sound Call to Obedience

May 4, 2012

The Church in Europe is threatened with schism. More than 400 priests and deacons in Austria have issued a worldwide “Call To Disobedience.” They are being supported by similar movements, including We Are Church, throughout Europe, Australia and in the Americas.

The situation is so dire that Pope Benedict XVI used his Holy Thursday homily to address it directly. Referring to the dissident clergy in Austria, the Holy Father asked, “Is disobedience the way to renewal?”

The Pope’s answer is no, but those who are demanding women priests, communion for the divorced and remarried, the abolition of priestly celibacy, and preaching roles for the laity are screaming “Yes!”

“The Call to Disobedience” is nothing less than a knife held to the throat of the Pope and the Church. The threat is: “Surrender, or we break with Rome!”

 Sister Lucy of Fatima told us Our Lady warned of a diabolical disorientation that would afflict the Church and cause the Holy Father to suffer much. WE ARE LIVING THROUGH THAT DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION!

Our Lady also offered us a way to set things right in the Church and bring peace to the world: Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

As the Church plunges into deep and spreading crisis, and the world teeters on the brink of global bankruptcy and nuclear war, it is time to turn to Our Lady and do the only thing that can save us: Obey Her!

From May 13 to May 18, the world’s Fatima experts, along with more than a dozen bishops and many priests and concerned laity, will convene in Rome for “Fatima: Your Last Chance!”

This conference will call on the Pope and the bishops to do as Our Lady of Fatima has requested. This is the only way to end the division within the Church that threatens the salvation of souls, and the violence among nations that threatens the world.

“Fatima: Your Last Chance!” will issue its “Call to Obedience.” Doing as Our Lady asks is the only way to stop the imminent schism in the Church.

And if we do as Our Lady asks, not only will the diabolical disorientation among the clergy come to an end, we will also enjoy a period of world peace. We have Our Lady’s promise.

So what are we waiting for? If you can attend “Fatima: Your Last Chance!”, by all means do so. Let the Holy Father know that he has your support! The Vatican will be watching!

 If you can’t come to the conference, please pray for its success. You can watch it on or on our new TV internet site, www.twww.tvprograms.

 If you can help with the enormous cost of this conference, please don’t hesitate. This may be our last opportunity to make our case in Rome before the Church and the world begin to reap the final and terrible harvest of disobedience to Our Lady.

We must do all we can to make our case for obedience to Fatima as forcefully as possible, for time is running out. In any and every way you can, become a part of this holy work.



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