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Father Nicholas Gruner Brings Fatima Message
to Millions in Italian Television Interview
April 12, 2011

In an interview to be aired on RAI International Television in May, Father Nicholas Gruner, head of The Fatima Center, will speak to the largest audience ever about the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.

RAI — Radio Audizioni Italiane — is the largest television network in Italy. It claims almost 43 percent of the market share of viewers and broadcasts to the neighboring countries of Albania, Switzerland, Monaco, Malta, San Marino, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia and, of course, Vatican City.

To conceive of the scale of this event, one would have to imagine Father Gruner being interviewed by a major news show on NBC or CBS, except that neither of these networks have nearly so large a share of their viewership as RAI.

That such an important media outlet should have chosen Father Gruner to be interviewed about Fatima and the upcoming “Consecration Now!” conference in Rome is proof positive that the efforts of Our Lady's Apostolate to make Rome — and the world — Fatima-conscious are succeeding in a big way.

In a wide-ranging interview that covers both the basic Message of Fatima and the ongoing controversies about the Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Father Gruner makes a solid case, based on facts, for the positions of the Apostolate: 1.) That the full Third Secret has yet to be revealed. 2.) That the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and the bishops has yet to be performed.

Father Gruner speaks with the authority of one who has dedicated more than three decades of his life to the study of Fatima. With the command of so many facts and dates at his fingertips, Father provides a chronology of the crucial events involved in the Fatima prophecy and shows that the dire predictions made by Our Lady can only be averted by fulfilling Her requests.

Father then explains why “Consecration Now!” is so vitally important. He explains that the Pope must be made aware of the urgency of the consecration requested by Our Lady and that convening this great conference in Rome — with Fatima experts, bishops and priests, and prominent journalists — has as its purpose to awaken the Pope and the hierarchy to the need for immediate action.

The RAI TV interview is part of the massive publicity campaign that Our Lady's Apostolate began as preparation for its “Consecration Now!” conference in Rome. Already, advertorials announcing the conference have appeared in major daily newspapers in Rome. Posters, flyers, radio and internet broadcasts will also bring news of “Consecration Now!” to the public.

While the conference is taking place, May 9-13, it will be broadcast on the Internet on It will also be carried on Our Lady's Apostolate TV in Rome on channel 213. The conference will also be the subject of an hour-long news report each day on Channel 72, another major TV station in Rome. A petition will be presented to the Pope at the conclusion of the conference.


Come to Rome for

We have a limited amount of space presently available for our supporters who want to be in Rome in May for our “CONSECRATION NOW!” conference.

“CONSECRATION NOW!” will begin May 8 and continue through May 13, 2011. We estimate that it will cost $1,350 per person. This includes 6 nights at one of Rome's premier hotels, three meals per day, admission to the conference, transportation to and from a Papal Audience as well as transportation to and from the airport. Airfare is not included.

Last year's Fatima Challenge led to an historic breakthrough on the controversy surrounding the Third Secret. “CONSECRATION NOW!” has the potential to write a whole new chapter in the ongoing story of Fatima. Be there and witness it in person.

Time is short and space is limited. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your place at this historic event in Rome.

Call 1-800-845-3047
for a conference brochure and reservation form
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