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Our Lady's Electronic Newsletter: April 2010 - Fatima Challenge

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Please Pray for the Success of 

The Fatima Challenge in Rome

The Fatima Challenge is a five-day symposium to be held in Rome from May 3-7, 2010. By the time you read this, The Fatima Challengemight already be underway!

The goal of this symposium is to gather writers, experts, publishers, etc., on the Fatima Message, discussing in an atmosphere of charity and civility especially the points on which Fatima writers disagree, such as the Consecration of Russia and the release of the Third Secret.

The position of the Fatima Center, which is holding the symposium, is well known: that the Consecration of Russia is not done; that the Third Secret is not fully revealed.

The three main themes that will be discussed at this symposium are:

1. Has the Third Secret been fully released?

2. Has the Consecration of Russia been accomplished according to the exact requests of Our Lady of Fatima?

3. Is the Fatima Message still urgent today?

The Fatima Challenge has a full roster of speakers from various backgrounds dealing with these three main points and other fascinating and related topics.

Speakers include:

Father Nicholas Gruner, publisher of The Fatima Crusader; Father Paul Kramer; editor of The Devil's Final Battle, Father Raymond Verlay, OP from the Dominican Monastery in Averillé, France.

Other well-known Catholic writers will address the symposium, such as Edwin Faust, Christopher Ferrara, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Cornelia Ferreira, Michal Semin and John Vennari.

The Fatima Center has sent invitations to Fatima experts the world over, including those who argue that the Third Secret is released and the consecration accomplished. Italian journalist Giuseppi De Carli, whose interview with Cardinal Bertone resulted in Cardinal Bertone's book The Last Secret of Fatima, will also give an address representing the “Cardinal Bertone” position.

Other speakers include Catholic apologist John Salza, who had been a 32nd Degree Freemason prior to converting to the Catholic Church and leaving the Masonic Brotherhood; Cathy Pearson, author of the article “Now is the Time” on the need to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart that appeared in Inside the Vatican; and Maurizio D'Orlando, writer for Il Sore 24 Ore and Asia News.

The press has also shown interest in the symposium. Angela Ambrogetti, a reporter for Vatican Radio, confirmed that she is one of the journalists who will attend The Fatima Challenge for the entire week.

Please visit, as the symposium plans to broadcast speeches and summaries from the conference throughout the week.

Bishops, priests and members of the laity from around the world have signed up to attend the conference.

Even if you cannot be in Rome in person during this historic event, you can participate in it directly. The webpage has a link by which you may send the symposium your questions and comments about the Fatima Message.

May this conference help to hasten the day when the full Third Secret is released, and when the Pope finally accomplishes the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with the world's bishops according to the specific requests of Our Lady of Fatima.

Please pray for the success of The Fatima Challenge in your Masses, your Rosaries and your daily prayers.

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