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Fatima Center Press Release: March 29, 2011
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Another Prominent Italian Journalist to Address
“Consecration Now!” Conference in Rome

March 29, 2011

Benigni Glauco: Mr. Glauco, one of Italy's most venerable journalists, of La Repubblica, one of Italy's major daily newspapers, will speak at “Consecration Now!” He is a former Chief of the Italian Foreign Press, worked with Italian television RAI International, is a university lecturer and the author of several books. Along with other prominent Italian journalists, Mr. Glauco will be joining us in Rome to speak at “Consecration Now!”

Mr. Glauco's most recent book, The Guardian Angels of the Pope, examines the security for the Holy Father. Who are the men charged with safeguarding the Pope from harm? How do they go about it? What challenges lie ahead? Mr. Glauco examines all of these delicate but crucial questions. He will share his information, conclusions and concerns with us at “Consecration Now!”

Mr. Glauco believes the Fatima prophecies, in particular the vision of the Third Secret, makes it imperative that the Pope be better protected from his enemies, both within and without. We look forward to hearing his fascinating and timely insights. He will be a great addition to a lineup of conference speakers that is growing ever more impressive.

Mr. Glauco will be joined at the conference by other prominent journalists, including:

Andrea Tornielli: Mr. Tornielli reports on the Holy See for the major Italian newspaper Il Giornale. He maintains a widely read daily blog called Sacri palazzi (Sacred Palaces). Recognized as one of the foremost Vaticanistas — experts on the Vatican — in the world, Mr. Tornielli co-authored the recent book Attack on Ratzinger. It details 12 episodes in which Pope Benedict was vilified or derided by those outside and, in many cases, inside the Church. Mr. Tornielli examines the animus behind these attacks. Jesus told Sister Lucy of Fatima to pray for the Holy Father very much. Our Lady said if Her requests were not heeded then the Pope would have much to suffer. Mr. Tornielli tells of how this suffering is unfolding now.

Paolo Rodari: Mr. Rodari reports on the Holy See for the major Italian newspaper Il Foglio. He also maintains a widely read daily blog called Palazzo apostolico (Apostolic Palace). Along with Andrea Tornielli, he is among the acknowledged experts on the Vatican. With Mr. Tornielli, he co-authored Attack on Ratzinger. The book has at its subtitle: “Accusations and Scandals, Prophecies and Plots.” Mr. Rodari draws on his inside knowledge of Vatican meetings and documents to draw a vivid picture of how the most sensational happenings in this recent pontificate unfolded. He will share with the conference his expertise and insights on the papacy and the state of the Church.

Maurizio D'Orlando: Mr. D'Orlando is an economic and news analyst for Asia News. A widely read and respected commentator on Church affairs in Asia, as well as a keen observer of economic trends, Mr. D'Orlando will examine the world's fragile financial condition and what can be done to avert disaster. He is a staunch advocate of the Fatima Message and believes that global problems that portend unthinkable catastrophes can no longer be averted by the exercise of human prudence and political policy but only by Divine Intervention.

Loris Lolli: A veteran Italian journalist whose distinguished career includes being co-director of the independent journal of politics and culture Euromedeterraneo will offer his insights on those problems and challenges that “Consecration Now!” intends to address. The conference is pleased to have the contribution of so knowledgeable a commentator on current affairs.

Other journalists have expressed an interest in attending our conference. Several bishops and priests will also attend. You are invited to join us in Rome from May 8 through May 13. But time is short and space is limited. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure your place at this historic event.

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