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Fatima E-Letter: Special Edition!

The Fatima Center Announces
The Fatima Challenge Webpage

The Fatima Challenge is a special symposium scheduled for May 3-7, 2010 in Rome.

Speakers include:

- Father Nicholas Gruner, Publisher of The Fatima Crusader
          - Father Paul Kramer, Editor of The Devil's Final Battle
          - Christopher Ferrara, Author of The Secret Still Hidden
          - Cornelia Ferreira, Expert on the evils of Feminism and the United Nations

          - Edwin Faust, Catholic Author
          - Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy
          - Michel Semin, Director of the St. Joseph Institute in Prague
          - John Vennari, Editor, Catholic Family News
                    - more to be announced...

•Bishops and Priests from around the world have been invited.

•Members of the press have expressed interest in attending.

You too are invited! See registration where you can sign up either by phone or
                online TODAY!

•The Fatima Challenge Webpage also includes:

- Original Fatima Challenge Press Release;
          - New Interview with Father Gruner on the Fatima Challenge;
          - Information on our Target Rome Campaigns;
          - A news page to be updated regularly;
          - and more!

Please visit the Fatima Challenge Webpage

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