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Dear Friend of Our Lady,

As you undoubtedly know by now, Sister Lucy, the last remaining seer of Fatima, passed from this life on Sunday, February 13 at the age of 97 in her convent at Coimbra in central Portugal.

I know that you join me and all of Our Lady's workers today in remembering Sister Lucy's heroic life and her unique and treasured place in the spiritual history of our time. With all our hearts, we pray for the repose of her dear soul, asking Almighty God to surround her with everlasting light in a place of perfect refreshment and peace.

And while we deeply mourn Sister Lucy's loss to us, we can nonetheless take great comfort and joy in remembering the promise that Our Lady entrusted to her so long ago at Fatima: "I will never forsake you! My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God."

Sister Lucy's long ordeal on earth is finally over and, as Dr. Thomas Droleskey of Christ the King College has rightly written, we now have a most powerful new advocate in Heaven [see link below]. In the days to come, I have no doubt that we will depend deeply on this new advocate who, with blesseds Francisco and Jacinta, stands before the throne of God as a protector and patroness of all those who love and serve the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Indeed, if Sister Lucy's life and work mean anything, it is that this devotion to Mary's Heart is the "golden key" by which we will all be led to God and the world saved from destruction. This is the very essence of the Fatima Message to which Sister Lucy devoted her life and for which she suffered mightily, a holy victim of persecution, ridicule and unjust silencing.

By God's own will and despite her pleas to be taken to Him in Heaven, she was left on earth for all these many long decades for no other purpose than to promote this sacred devotion by dint of word and deed. And so too, He now leaves us behind as Sister Lucy's spiritual heirs, armed with the same Catholic faith and with the same holy love for Our Lady that filled her long life.

There can be little doubt that Sister Lucy's death brings to a close a long chapter in the history of the Fatima Message, but it is not by any means the final or last chapter...

That chapter will only be written when Our Lady's Immaculate Heart triumphs, as She Herself has solemnly promised us it will!

There will be many who will take this sad occasion to again announce the end of the Fatima Message. In fact, they're already beating their drums and sounding their horns. Only a single day after Sister Lucy's passing (a single day!), the news agency Zenit reported yet another story from the Vatican claiming that the consecration of Russia was done and that the full Third Secret had been released.

I'm sure it won't surprise you to learn that there was also a nice little attack on me sandwiched between the private so-called "testimony" of Sister Lucy and the all-too-public pronouncements of Vatican officials.

Apparently it is not sufficient that Sister Lucy was the one and only person in the entire Catholic Church who was expressly forbidden to speak publicly on the Fatima Message for 45 years. Now, without even the decency to wait until she was buried, the enemies of Fatima have trotted out yet another "private and confidential" message that TOTALLY contradicts and betrays every single published word she ever spoke!

And don't kid yourself. We can be certain this is just the first of many more bogus reports we'll be hearing over the next months, all of which will neatly toe "the party line", all of which will declare that "Fatima is finished...Fatima is over."

But Fatima is far from over. And, in fact, with Sister Lucy's death, we can even say that our work is begun anew.

You see, Sister Lucy's greatest legacy is not the words She spoke nor even the many crosses she bore for the sake of the Blessed Mother. No, her legacy, her special gift to us, was her selfless dedication to saving the souls of those around her.

Read her own words about her mission for yourself: "My mission is not to indicate to the world the material punishments which are certain to come if the world does not pray and do penance beforehand. No! My mission is to indicate to everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain obstinate in sin."

Like Sister Lucy, we have been called by Our Lady to join Her in saving souls and bringing peace to a world tottering on the brink of widespread death and disaster. Like Sister Lucy, we too have been given the task by Our Lord in the Gospel and Our Lady in Her Fatima Message to reach out to the millions living in the darkness of sin, and beckon and beg them to come back into the light and be saved.

Since I first heard of Sister Lucy's passing, I have asked myself many times what is the best way to honor her memory, what is the right way to show respect and gratitude for her life?

Of course we must pray and pray again for her. I again urge you to join me and all of Our Lady's workers in praying daily for her and for the mission to which she dedicated her entire life. But there is still more that we can and should do...

For more than four decades, Sister Lucy was silenced by powerful Vatican bureaucrats opposed to the Fatima Message. She was, as I mentioned, the one and only person in the Church forbidden, without first obtaining permission, to speak publicly on the very apparitions she herself had witnessed. This was and still is a scandal and, as you may know, we have spent a good part of the last 15 years denouncing this injustice and working as hard as we could to overturn it.

Now Sister Lucy is gone, but her words and her life's work goes on. I truly believe that the finest tribute we could give her would be to bring those words and that life to millions of other Catholics around the world.

By God's grace, we have one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Sister Lucy's writings, interviews and letters plus a vast amount of biographical information. While some of this material has been published before, much of it remains in a fragmentary and partial state, difficult to find and even more difficult to access.

We are probably the only organization in the world who has not only all this material, but also the writers, editors and Fatima experts necessary to put it all together in a single book.

Starting today, I have given the go-ahead to begin the months-long process of writing a new comprehensive biography of Sister Lucy, combined with a special collection of her writings organized by subject.

There's no point pretending it will be an easy job. It will require many long hours of writing, of editing and of sifting through thousands of pages of source material. It will take a lot of time, a lot of people and, yes, a fair amount of money. But think what a tribute and what a gift to Sister Lucy it will be!

We'll obviously need every prayer you can offer for this intention and that means every single Rosary you can say. With all my heart, I hope that you will approve of this new project in Sister Lucy's memory and that we can depend on your prayers and financial help as we begin this work.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Father Nicholas Gruner

If you would like to contribute to help offset the costs of producing this new book on Sister Lucy and her writings, please click on the following link:


As you can imagine, there is a wealth of material about the life and work of Sister Lucy of Fatima on Our Lady's web site. Here is a special selection we've compiled for you in honor and memory of Sister Lucy.