The Secret of Fatima … Revealed

The Most Important Booklet about the Most Important Event of the 20th Century

The Secret of Fatima … Revealed: Introduction

I. The Drama of the Third Secret

The Writing Down and the Transmission of the Secret
The Transfer to Rome
The Unanimous and Fervent Anticipation
Pope John XXIII Reads the Secret of Fatima and Refuses to Disclose It

II. The Third Secret Unveiled!

False Secrets and False Hypothesis
A Spiritual Chastisement
The Loss of Faith
The Faltering and Punishment of Pastors
A Wave of Diabolical Disorientation
The Great Apostasy of the "Last Times" Announced by Holy Scripture

III. It is Urgent to Finally Listen to Our Lady of Fatima

Why Reveal the Third Secret
We Must Repeatedly Beg the Pope
The Third Secret "On the Index"?
Our Last Hope — Our Lady of Fatima


First Saturday Devotion and Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
What is Fatima?

The Four Most Important Books Written of Fatima

From left to right are seen an international group of Fatima scholars: Father Nicholas Gruner, Canada; Father Pierre Caillon, France; the late Hamish Fraser, Scotland; Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity, France.

Brother Michael at the Vatican Symposium on Fatima

All of these Fatima experts spoke at the Symposium on Fatima held in the Vatican. This symposium was organized and sponsored by The International Fatima Rosary Crusade and Father Gruner (see Papal Blessing, in the section "What you must do" within the Appendix). Brother Michael is the author of a series of three volumes The Whole Truth About Fatima. This booklet is based on the above mentioned talk and is the author’s own summary of his 860 page third volume entitled The Third Secret. By his own research and that of Father Alonso, Brother Michael has succeeded in revealing to you the essential elements of the Secret of Fatima which up to now have been hidden from the Catholic faithful.

A lecture made by Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity CRC in Rome, on November 24, 1985 La Contre Reforme Catholique No 222 May 1986 Copyright© Original French Language Edition CRC Maison St. Joseph St-Parres-Les-Vaudes F-10260 France English translation 1986 Copyright© This booklet published in 1994. The Fatima Crusader, 452 Kraft Road, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

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