Jesus Tells Us

“Make It Known”

by Father Nicholas Gruner

This work of publishing the full Fatima Message could not be done without the help and support of many good people across the country and around the world.

And among those supporters are over 400 Bishops who support our position and who have indicated their willingness to do the consecration of Russia according to the very specific requirements of Our Lady of Fatima, whenever the Holy Father gives the word.

We must not be discouraged. It is important for us to realize that we are on the winning side. The winning side, of course, comprises primarily Our Lady of Fatima Who says, “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

At the same time we should not be blind or have our heads in the sand. Unfortunately, today there are many efforts to deceive us, both in public and in private. These efforts are inspired ultimately by the father of lies, as Our Lord referred to the devil.

It is important for us to realize the necessity of spreading the truth because without the truth we cannot win. If we don’t realize what we are up against, we will not know what to do about it and how to help Our Lady.

As Saint Maximilian Kolbe said, these latter times will be dominated more and more by satan and it has been reserved to the Blessed Virgin, that She alone can crush the serpent’s head.

At the same time Saint Maximilian points out that Our Lady wants and is waiting for us to help Her in this victory. She could do it all by Herself but She chooses to have many hands help Her in this struggle. They are all needed, including yours.

Let us remember that to help Her
we first of all need to be informed

The Blessed Virgin then, by Her choice, seeks our assistance. But in order to assist Her, we need to be informed. That is why She came to Fatima; to ask for our prayers, particularly to pray the Rosary every day.

She also asked us to wear the Scapular and to consecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart.

There are those who divide the message of Fatima into two parts; those referring to the matters concerning devotion, and those referring to matters concerning what they call ‘politics’.

But Our Lady is one and Her message is one. All aspects of Her whole message are related to the salvation of our souls and the greater glory of God. There is a real unity between the devotional aspects of the message and what the false devotees of Fatima refer to as “politics”.

They are all related because God, Who is the Creator of our souls, is also the Creator of human society and our place in it. God is very interested, as Our Lady Herself is interested in politics and economics, not because they’re the most important things, but obviously, it would be a lot easier to save our souls if political, economic and military conditions were such that Catholics could live in peace with God and their fellow man. For example, for those Croatians today being deliberately maimed, tortured and murdered in prison camps because of their loyalty to Christ; it would be easier for them to save their souls if their enemies did not put them to this extreme test. Some of them (and us) may not have sufficient grace to remain loyal under such persecution.

Similarly, it would be easier for people around the world to save themselves in a regime which recognizes the Kingship of Christ the King publicly rather than one that upholds laws which are no laws at all and which kill babies in their mother’s womb to the tune of 25 million here so far and 50 million around the world every year.

The world is in a state of apostasy. More exactly, the apostasy has invaded the Church. That is what the Third Secret is about. It is impossible in this booklet to give you all the reasons as to why we can say that the Third Secret refers to the apostasy in the Church, but I will try to refer to a few facts that you can look up yourself.

One is, of course, what the Pope himself said at Fatima: “Can the Mother Who with all the force of the love that She fosters in the Holy Spirit and desires everyone’s salvation; can She remain silent when She sees the very basis of Her childrens’ salvation undermined?” and he answers his own question, “No, She cannot!”

Now as Saint Athanasius tells us, the very basis of our salvation is our Catholic Faith. More exactly, the Catholic Creed attributed to Saint Athanasius tells us, “He who wishes to be saved must hold on to the Catholic Faith, whole and entire.” The First Vatican Council tells us that there is no excuse, there is no justification for a Catholic to leave the Faith.

The Faith is what overcomes the world, as Saint John tells us in Sacred Scripture. When the Pope tells us that the Mother Who loves us so much sees the very basis of our salvation undermined, She cannot remain silent; he and She are referring to the danger to our Faith that we are presently living through.

Our Faith is in danger

That is what the Third Secret is about. We know this, not only from this remark of the Pope, but also from Cardinal Ratzinger, who gave that famous interview to Vittorio Messori, which was published in the Italian magazine, Jesus. No word of that was published without Cardinal Ratzinger approving the text. Cardinal Ratzinger was asked, “Have you read the Third Secret?” “Yes.” “What does it refer to?” “The Third Secret refers to the dangers to our Faith, and therefore to the life of the Christian and therefore (to the life) of the world.” Cardinal Ratzinger is one of the few who have read the Third Secret and he tells us that it refers to the dangers to our Faith.

Now if you read Sacred Scripture and the prophecies of the coming of the antichrist, you will read in “Thessalonians” by Saint Paul, that the antichrist will not come until the great apostasy, that is until the great falling away from the Faith in belief and in practice. Now Our Lady in the Third Secret is referring to this apostasy. If it is not the great apostasy, it is one like it, that Our Lady of Fatima came in our time to warn us about.

The Third Secret refers to the very moment that we’re living in right now. It does not refer to a period before 1960, and it does not refer to the period after Our Lady’s triumph when the Pope consecrates Russia.

We know this, again from the words of Sister Lucy, as quoted to us by, among others, Cardinal Ottaviani. I urge you to refer to the details in Frère Michel’s book The Third Secret. He explains this and gives you documentation and sources as well as his reasons.

His book reveals the Third Secret. I’m sure anyone after reading it must be convinced that he knows what the Third Secret is. He may not know the words, but he certainly knows the substance of what the Third Secret is. As he points out over and over again, it does refer to the dangers to our Faith. More than that, as Father Alonso pointed out, it refers to the guilt of some of the upper Hierarchy, that is Bishops and Cardinals, for the state of apostasy within the Church today.

Our baptism urges us to be informed

That is why it is so important for us to be informed. We have an obligation with regards to the Faith, by our Baptism and even more so by our Confirmation. Our Faith is the basis of our salvation, and in turn, each one of us has an obligation to defend that Faith to the extent that we have the ability and the opportunity and to the extent that we are able.

The obligation to defend our faith, Saint Thomas Aquinas tells us, is so onerous that it requires us to correct Bishops and Cardinals or even the Pope in public, if that were necessary. Is this being rebellious or disrespectful? On the contrary, Sacred Scripture teaches us that Saint Paul rebuked Saint Peter to his face in public.

It was not over some minor matter, but it was rather over the very essence of the Faith. Saint Peter had not said anything heretical but had acted as if a heresy were true, giving rise to a false impression. No doubt Saint Peter was doing this in good faith, but nevertheless, he was wrong. And Saint Paul was bound to correct Saint Peter and to do so publicly.

Let us explain this just a little bit so that we can learn the lessons that Saint Paul writes about in Sacred Scripture. The first time I read and studied this it was a scandal to me. No doubt some of you too are scandalized by this example of Saint Paul and Saint Peter.

But the lesson is there. Saint Paul tells us that all of Sacred Scripture is inspired for our learning, for our instruction and for our consolation. God allowed Saint Peter to make this mistake. It was done, as I say, in good faith. He did it out of desiring peace in the Church, but nevertheless, it was a mistake.

What was the context of that? Saint Peter went down to Antioch from Jerusalem, and there he did not rebuke the Judaizing party, those Christians who claimed that you had to be circumcised as well as baptized in order to be saved.

Now the First Council of Jerusalem had already defined that circumcision was not necessary for salvation. Saint Thomas Aquinas proves in his Summa Theologica that to insist on circumcision is an act of heresy, an act of denial of the Faith, because that Sacrament of the Old Testament testified to the coming of Christ in the future.

Once Christ had come then circumcision was no longer necessary and to insist upon it was to deny that Jesus is the Christ. Saint Paul instinctively understood the danger. Saint Peter did not say that the Judaizers were right, all he did was simply not eat with the Christians who were not circumcised. By doing this he gave rise to the impression that he refused to eat with them because they were unclean, as the Mosaic law said.

Therefore by not eating with the non-circumcised the Judaizing party could say to the others, “See, you’re wrong and we’re right. The Pope agrees with us, he thinks that you’re unclean because you are not circumcised, that’s why he won’t eat with you.”

Peter did not say that but, nevertheless, by his actions he gave rise to the heretics thinking they were right and spreading their doctrine. And so it was that Saint Paul, realizing the danger to the Faith, and realizing his obligation that the Faith must be defended, even against the prestige of the Pope, spoke out publicly and rebuked him. He told Saint Peter, “You are not standing in the truth.”

That is why it is important for us to realize that it was not only because Saint Paul was an apostle that he spoke up, but in fact it is the obligation of every baptized layman and laywoman as well.

Even lay people must
Defend our Blessed Faith

We have another example of this in the history of the Church in the year 429 A.D. Nestorius, who was the Patriarch in Ephesus, was giving a sermon in a crowded Cathedral in which Nestorius said that the Blessed Virgin Mary was not the Mother of God.

Remember this was before the Church had defined that dogma. And yet it was not the Bishops nor the priests who were present in that Cathedral, who stood up and told Nestorius and the assembly and all the clerics there, that this was heresy. No, it was one single layman.

It was two years later, in the year 431 A.D., that the layman was vindicated. His defense of the Faith had caused the Council of Ephesus to take place. As a result, on October 11, 431 A.D., that’s fifteen hundred and sixty years ago, Our Lady was proclaimed to be truly the Mother of God by solemn definition of the Council of Ephesus.

And so it is, that Saint Robert Bellarmine, who is not only a Saint but also a Doctor of the Church, tells us that when the Faith is in danger, from even a Bishop or a Cardinal or even a Pope (he includes that), that person, whoever it be, be rebuked in public.

Now there are thousands of canonized Saints in the Catholic Church, but there are only some thirty-two doctors in the Catholic Church. A doctor is first of all a saint, but secondly he is also one who is learned among the saints. And his doctrine has been doubly examined to see that it is exemplary, and most instructive even among the saints.

Saint Robert Bellarmine is one such man, one such saint, and he is a doctor because of his speciality: his defense of the papacy and his defense of the Divine constitution of the Church.

Saint Bellarmine’s example is quite contrary to what you are being taught today at ‘Renew’ meetings where you are told that if someone spouts off heresy, you are not to speak up, you are not to rebuke him, but rather maintain nice friendly smiles and so forth.

Many of these people are in error in good faith. We should not consider them enemies or malicious but, nevertheless, the truth must be upheld and the Faith defended, particularly at this time when the Third Secret of Fatima tells us that we are in danger because the Faith is being undermined from within.

The Third Secret must be Revealed

That is why Our Lady wanted and still wants the Third Secret to be revealed to the faithful. Unlike the lie that you’ve been told in many other places, the Third Secret is not meant for the Pope alone. It is certainly meant for the Holy Father, but not for him alone. It is meant for all the faithful.

I’m sure many of you remember the anticipation that we had for the revelation of the Third Secret in 1960. That anticipation was not unfounded because the Bishop of Fatima had promised solemnly to Sister Lucy that he would reveal the Secret at the latest by 1960, or before, if Sister Lucy had died.

And the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon had promised publicly that if Bishop da Silva, the first Bishop of Fatima, had died before 1960 he personally would see to it that the Third Secret was revealed to the faithful. This is a matter of public record. It is an historical fact.

Frère Michel documents that on pages 465 to 479 in his Volume III. Because almost everything we say is questioned by our opponents, it is important that you know the references. We have also given a number of these references in The Fatima Crusader.

I must insist on the importance of the Third Secret because of the importance of defending our Faith.

Each one of us has a solemn obligation to the extent that the grace that God has given us, to the extent of our abilities and our opportunities, not only by the message of Fatima, but by your very obligation you took on when you became a soldier of Christ through Confirmation, and when you became a child of God through Baptism, to defend the Catholic Faith.

Not everyone understands the Faith to the same degree. Not everyone has the same abilities, nor has had the same opportunity of being taught, but there are certain fundamental things about the Faith that all of us do know.

The articles of the Apostles Creed, Saint Thomas Aquinas tells us, must be believed explicity. If someone denies any article of the Catholic Faith that’s expounded in the Apostles Creed or the Nicene Creed, even if he is a doctor in Sacred Theology, is to be rebuked. You are not supposed to walk with him if he insists on walking in his error.

Saint John, the Apostle of love, was the one who quite publicly denounced Marcion in the streets of Rome as a son of the devil. So if you love God and you love your neighbor, it does not mean that we are wishy-washy, it means that we fervently love God, and we love our neighbor according to the will of God.

If we love good, then we must hate evil. That is the very nature of loving good. As it says about Our Lord in Psalm 44, “Because You have loved justice and hated iniquity, God, Your God, has anointed You above Your fellows.”

And so it is a mark of a Christian to hate evil. We must love the sinner, but nevertheless we must hate the sin.

"The message of Our Lady of Fatima is addressed to every human being" ... "This message imposes an obligation on the Church."...Pope John Paul II, May 13, 1982

Why is it that heresy and error
against the Faith must be fought?

Heresy is worse than murder. Now to our age that might sound a little strange or an exaggeration, but it is perfectly and exactly true. Because murder only kills the body, but killing the body is not as bad as killing or condemning a soul to hell for all eternity. That is what heresy does.

You see, once a person falls into heresy, he has already committed mortal sin, if he does this knowingly. And if he’s not doing this deliberately; once he is corrected but refuses to correct himself, then he falls into mortal sin.

When one person loses the Faith, you might say that he is defenseless, because a sinner, a person in mortal sin, (but not in the sin of heresy), at least has the ability to pray for himself. But a person who loses the Faith, cannot pray for himself since you need Faith to pray.

And so it is that Our Lady says that there are many souls who go to hell, because they have no one to pray for them and make sacrifices for them. They have no one to pray for them, not even themselves. And that is why, as Pope Pius XII points out (it is a great mystery, but nevertheless true) that the number of souls saved depends on how well Catholics cooperate with God’s grace.

That is also why Our Lady at Fatima pleaded with us to pray and make sacrifices for sinners. It is because Our Lady sees us in mortal danger, especially because of this danger to our Faith, that She came to warn us.

We are in mortal danger now!

I started to mention that this danger particularly started in 1960. How did we know that this is the year? Well Sister Lucy was asked, “Why would the Secret be revealed only in 1960? Why not reveal it now?” This was a question that one of the Fatima writers, Monsignor Bartas, addressed to her in the presence of Bishop da Silva in 1946. And she made a very interesting reply. She said, “Because it will be clearer then.”

In 1955, Cardinal Ottaviani spoke to Sister Lucy about the Third Secret. And Cardinal Ottaviani subsequently read the Secret and he understood that the Third Secret is a prophecy. So how is it that a prophecy becomes clearer, except that it begins to be realized. And so the Third Secret is a prophecy which started to unfold in 1960.

We also know the other end of the Secret, we know it stops, it is over at the time when Our Lady’s words are realized when She says, “in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, Russia will be converted, and a period of peace will be given to mankind.”

And this has not yet happened. We are in that period between 1960 and the time of Our Lady’s triumph. And so it is important for us to be particularly advised that our Faith is being undermined NOW.

Father Alonso silenced

Father Alonso, who spent the last 16 years of his life as the official archivist of Fatima, had many opportunities to speak with Sister Lucy. Before his death, he was able to get some of his writings published, but the majority of his writings, that is 24 volumes, to this day are not allowed to be published. Yet heretics like Father Matthew Fox can write heresies and publish them and no one does anything about it.

For ten years now, Father Alonso’s 24 volumes have been buried, they are not allowed to be published by Church authorities. Just as Sister Lucy, for the last 34 years has been silenced, as we have demonstrated time and again.

Father Alonso, before he died, published a short article in a theological review, in which he went on record as saying that the Third Secret refers to the dangers to our Faith, (a fact which Cardinal Ratzinger as well has fully endorsed). Father Alonso said further that the Third Secret refers to the guilt of a number of Priests, Bishops and Cardinals for the state of apostasy within the Church today.

Prior to Father Alonso’s published statements, Sister Lucy had been called upon to refute false theories about the Third Secret and she did. But, Sister Lucy to this day has never denied, or attacked, or tried to correct in any way, Father Alonso’s analysis of the Third Secret.

In fact, if we read her writings in her letters in the 1970's, (Frère Michel quotes various letters in his book), we can see that Father Alonso did not make up this theory out of thin air. Sister Lucy speaks about the diabolical disorientation, that even people in the Church with high responsibility are infected with. She says this not once, but a number of different times.

St. John Gualberto goes public

Saint John Gualberto, whose Feast Day is July 12th, tried to tell the Pope of his day that the Archbishop of Florence had obtained his office by simony (paying for it). The Pope listened to him as did another saint of that time, Saint Peter Damien, but they weren’t convinced.

So Saint John Gualberto went back to Vallombrosa, (where I visited when I was studying in Italy) and there he received a special inspiration from God to work a miracle to prove what he was saying was true. It was a most dramatic miracle, one certainly not to be undertaken unless you’re sure of your inspiration ...

St. John Gualberto had a big fire built. He called all the townsmen to come and witness that God was going to witness between him and the Archbishop of Florence and to see who was right. He was calling God as his witness since man would not pay attention.

Saint John Gualberto promised positive public proof to everyone that the Archbishop of Florence was not worthy of the high office he had. He was calling God to judge between him and the bad Archbishop. He asked God to work the Miracle of preserving one of his monks from otherwise certain death as proof that he was right.

And so when this fire was built and ready, and the townspeople were assembled, Saint John Gualberto ordered Brother Saint Ignace under holy obedience, to walk through the fire.

Now God worked the miracle of this man walking through a huge bonfire. He would have died, obviously, had God not protected him. He came out unscathed and unburnt on the other side and the people realized their obligation before this witness that God had given them. They knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that the Archbishop was a bad man who had paid a bribe to be appointed bishop. It now was their obligation to drive that Archbishop out of town, which is what they did that very same day.

And so for those who tell you that the Third Secret is not important, or it’s not meant for you to know, or there’s nothing you can do about these things, you must realize that the people of Florence in the time of Saint John Gualberto were called upon to save the Church and the Diocese of Florence from a bad shepherd.

The danger to the Church today is much more dramatic and much worse than what befell the Diocese of Florence about a thousand years ago. That is why it is still important for us to realize first of all that there is a danger. We will do nothing if we’re not aware of the danger, and secondly, we will do nothing if we think that there is nothing we can do. Obviously, if Our Lady thought there was nothing for us to do, She would not have tried to tell us that our Faith was in danger and that the danger came from within the Catholic Church.

The Third Secret rebukes the hierarchy

If you want to know why the Third Secret is not revealed, why Sister Lucy has been silenced for 31 years, why Father Alonso’s 24 volumes are forbidden to be published, it is because the Third Secret rebukes the present orientation of many of the hierarchy today and that you wouldn’t go along with it if you knew Our Lady of Fatima didn’t want you to. That is why it is urgent for us first of all to turn to Our Lord and Our Lady in prayer and in sacrifice.

When Saint Peter was in prison, as you read in the Acts of the Apostles, the whole Church prayed for him day and night and so God sent an angel to deliver him from his shackles. He was handcuffed and ankle cuffed between two or four guards twenty-four hours a day, an impossible situation for man, and yet God nevertheless delivered Saint Peter.

Pray for the Holy Father

The Church today is somewhat shackled just as it was in the time of Herod when St. Peter was shackled. And what Our Lady asks us to do is to pray and make sacrifices for the Holy Father.

If you read for example in Frère Michel’s book, The Third Secret, he points out the great sacrifices of the three children. Consider Jacinta, just 7 years old, kidnapped on August 13th, along with her cousin and her brother, in jail with common criminals under a threat of death. She started to cry. She cried not because she was going to die, but because she would not see her mother anymore.

In order to comfort her, Sister Lucy tried to distract her with something that she knew would be of great interest to Jacinta. She said, “We could offer this as a sacrifice; we could offer it as a sacrifice for sinners; or we could offer it in reparation for sins committed against Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart; or we could offer it for the Holy Father.”

It’s interesting to note that Jacinta was asked which intention she would offer her sufferings up for, and she said, “I will offer it up for all of them.”

Jacinta had two visions of the Holy Father. She was the only one to see these two visions.

One was a vision of, “. . . highways and roads and fields full of people who are crying with hunger and have nothing to eat. And the Holy Father was in a church praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and so many people praying with him.” (See page 716, Vol. III of Frère Michel’s The Whole Truth About Fatima).

And another time Jacinta said: “I saw the Holy Father in a very big house kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him.” (See Frère Michel’s Vol. III page 715).

These visions of the Holy Father made a lasting impression on Jacinta. Time and again, Jacinta insisted on the need to pray for the Holy Father and promised again and again to do so herself. She offered many prayers, sufferings and sacrifices for the Holy Father. (See pages 717 to 720, The Third Secret, by Frère Michel).

The Holy Father is featured in the message of Fatima, you might say, from beginning to end, and particularly in the Second, and no doubt in the Third Secret. Ultimately it all depends on the Holy Father. It is an enormous responsibility beyond the means of any man, whatever his name, whether he be Pope Pius XI or Pope Pius XII, Pope Paul VI or Pope John Paul II. Nevertheless, God expects him to fulfill this tremendous responsibility.

The Consecration is not unlike
the Miracle of the Red Sea

Think of the great leader of the people of God in the Old Testament. Think of Moses, who after convincing Pharaoh to let the people go to worship God, the Pharaoh changes his mind and sends his armies against them. And so they are out in the desert and they had no place to go to flee. In front of them lies the Red Sea and behind them is the Egyptian army bearing down upon them, ready to kill them, and the people of God have no place to go, with no armor and with no weapons.

God had not forgotten where the Red Sea was, nor had He forgotten or not realized that the Pharaoh would change his mind and start to attack them. But, rather, God brought them to this climax, you might say, of their history in order to draw a greater good out of it; in order to not only reassert the authority of Moses, but also to give us a symbol of Baptism and many other things.

God asked an act of obedience and of faith on the part of Moses. And this act of obedience did not seem, in the light of human prudence, to be very wise. (After all, had God not spoken, it might have been more prudent for them to flee or hide or to disperse). They were asked to make their survival depend upon delivery through Moses.

And Moses was asked to make this act of faith and of obedience. Moses did what he was told, he extended his arm over the Red Sea and the sea opened and they were delivered. And that picture, which truly took place in history, is a symbol of the reality of where we are today.

The people of God of the New Testament, whether they realize it or not, are surrounded and they are set up for slaughter. But we will be delivered by an even greater act of God when the Holy Father finally obeys this command to consecrate Russia.

As Sister Lucy has explained, “Many times Our Lady told myself, and Jacinta and Francisco, that Russia is the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation.”

For those who are surprised at this idea of God using an instrument of chastisement, I refer to the time of Jeremiah. Jeremiah predicted that the holy city of Jerusalem would be carried off in captivity, that the Babylonians, these evil pagans, would win in battle against Jerusalem.

Now for a person living in Jerusalem at that time, who knew the promises to David and his posterity, such a prediction by the prophet Jeremiah seemed to be heresy, seemed to be impossible to be reconciled with the promise of the coming of the Messiah and the promise to the city of Jerusalem.

Some people, in their ignorance, thinking they knew the Faith, rejected what Jeremiah had to say. They did this to their physical peril. They were slaughtered and carried off into captivity. God explained through the prophets that He was using Babylon to punish the people of God for their sins.

Fatima predicts Russia to enslave the World

Again, this is a picture of the Catholic Church today. There are Catholics who think that it’s impossible that the whole world will be subjected to satanic Communism, since Our Lord promised to be with His Church “through all days even unto the consummation of the world”.

Our Lady didn't refer to Communism. She referred to the errors of Russia, and that Russia would be the instrument of chastisement of the whole world.

In 1946, when William Thomas Walsh, the American writer and Professor of History, was interviewing Sister Lucy, he asked her, “What stage of the prophecies are we in today?” And she said, “We are at the stage of Russia spreading her errors throughout the world.” He asked her, “Does that mean that Russia will overcome every country in the world?” And she said, “Yes.” Because Professor Walsh thought that she did not understand the question, he rephrased the question to her and this time he said, “And does that include the United States of America?” And she said, “Yes”.

So it is well for us to realize that, the so-called news, (more exactly termed disinformation) that you’re getting when you turn on your television set or read newspapers and news magazines, is not always the truth. First of all, to respond to those within the Church who tell us Russia is converting we point out that Gorbachev has told us on nationwide TV that he is an atheist. He said this after the “coup” the so-called coup which I would more accurately call the ‘coo coo coup’.

Russia is not Converting but Perverting

Mr. Gorbachev was asked by a Catholic Priest from this country what his religious persuasion was, and he replied, “I’ve never hidden it, I’m an atheist.” And Boris Yeltsin claimed the same but said that he was a bit superstitious, so he went to church sometimes.

Superstition is not belief. This is no conversion of Russia. Not to say that there aren’t some Christian Russians. I’m not suggesting that to every last Russian man and woman there is not one good Catholic Russian. There are some, no doubt. But the country of Russia is not converting.

Furthermore, the changes that have taken place since 1989 as we pointed out in our Fatima Crusader, Issue #36, are perversion not conversion. In his article, John Cotter quotes from the New York Times, the Toronto Sun, the Globe and Mail, and other accredited newspapers (according to the world) and points out that what is going on in Russia is a further perversion of the morals of the Russian people. And not only in Russia, but also in Poland, and also in Hungary and so forth.

Those countries that the news media tell us have been liberated from communist control have in fact fallen into a worse state. Now their morals are under greater attack with increased importation of Playboy magazines, sex shops and the like. So let us not take the changes in Russia to mean Our Lady of Fatima’s promise of conversion of Russia has now taken place, as is easy enough to do if we just listen to propaganda. In fact, changes in Russia make certain aspects of Russian society more like Western society. That is, they’re more like the perversions and the corruptions that the West has exported around the world.

The overwhelming evidence John Cotter presents proves that the changes in Russia have created a greater perversion of the people there. This is definitely not conversion.

Russia today accelerates War preparations

It’s interesting for you to note that there is something they never talk about, or if they talk about it, it is in such a cursory manner that you really don’t get the picture. As we rush to feed the Russian people with grain and food that we could hardly afford (our food storage levels are at the lowest they’ve been for decades) the Russian people, through their leaders, continue to spend more and more of their economic resources on military spending.

They produce a nuclear sub once every six weeks and they’ve kept up that production this year and last year, and the year before. A nuclear sub costs several billion dollars, if I’m not mistaken. They are spending twice as much real money as the United States does. And they are spending close to 40% of their Gross National Product on military spending. While we disarm, they rearm and remodernize their military might.

They are preparing for war. Contrary to what the media says, contrary to what you are being told; they are six to eight times more powerful than the United States military is today. And they continue to double and to redouble their spending.

They don’t do it foolishly. The United States spends most of its money developing new military technology. The U.S.A. spends about 30% on wages, (which I’m not begrudging to the soldiers) whereas the Russians spend only about 10% on wages because they are paid much less.

But most of what the U.S.A. spends in research and development, never gets deployed. The Russians don’t mind. What they don’t develop themselves, they steal from the West or we give it to them. And then they multiply, they mass produce.

No doubt you’ve been told many lies and it’s hard to believe one man telling you to the contrary. I can give you the references as we have published them in the Crusader and I can give you more sources.

But you can all note for yourselves without even looking very hard, that all these news media and politicians which talk about the economic basketcase of Russians, and how we must help them out, you’ll find there’s almost no data at all given to you about the growing military might of Russia. This knowledge is quite public. It’s not as if it’s hidden, it’s not unavailable to these newspapers. It’s quite available, and you can get it quite easily. But, it’s not made known to the general public. That is part of the deception.

I find military science quite fascinating. I started reading about it a few years ago, because people would tell me that Russia is converting, that things are fine and so forth. Yet knowing Our Lady’s words I said this cannot be. And so when I started digging into the so-called facts that much of the world news media presents to us, I found that they are lies.

For example, when they were telling us that Mr. Gorbachev is a man of peace, it’s interesting to know that he promoted to the highest office possible in the Soviet Union, a man by the name of Nicholi Ogarcov. Nicholi Ogarcov is a man who, in 1982, published a little pamphlet which is euphemistically titled “Defending the Fatherland”. And in that pamphlet, he tells us he has a “Plan B” for overtaking the world.

I will outline that plan to you very simply. It goes like this: “On one fine day, with no provocation, he calls for an all-out nuclear attack, unannounced, unprovoked, in which he estimates that 135 million Americans would die in the first 1/2 hour of battle.” That is, before there would be a chance for any retaliation.

And it is that man, that none other than Mikhail Gorbachev promoted to the highest rank possible in the Soviet Union. So much for Gorbachev’s intentions of peace with us.

Whether we believe these facts and figures about Russia or not, the important thing is what Our Lady of Fatima tells us. She tells us that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world unless we obtain the conversion of that poor nation. Now She did not say to obtain the democratization or the westernization of Russia. She spoke about the conversion, which means one thing, the conversion away from the satanic doctrine of Communism, secular humanism, state atheism and conversion to the Catholic Faith.

"Pray a great deal for the Holy Father. He will do it (consecrate Russia) but it will be late."

....Jesus to Sister Lucy of Fatima

See also "Pray for the Holy Father"

Pope John Paul II knows

Pope John Paul II, for example, when he was in Fatima May 13, 1991, spoke of the danger of Marxism being replaced by another form of atheism. The Pope was indirectly acknowledging publicly that he knows the conversion of Russia has not taken place. The Pope has to speak somewhat cryptically in order to tell people who are sharp enough to get the message of what he is really saying. Apparently he doesn’t feel free enough to speak openly.

The conversion of Russia means one thing: That not only will the 200 million people in Russia convert to the Catholic Faith, but also the social institutions as well will gloriously reflect the reign of Christ the King. That the state, that the public authorities, that their laws and institutions reflect the laws of Christ, obviously has not happened yet.

If we do not have the conversion of Russia, then we are still threatened with their missiles still pointed in our direction. For every silo that we have here they have 3 missiles pointed on that one silo.

Our Lady gives us the solution, but we must realize that this solution is one and only one. There is not a second or an alternative one. We must obtain the conversion of that poor nation.

There is no other Choice

How do we obtain the conversion of Russia? Certainly we do well to pray for the conversion of Russia. Pray for the conversion of Russia in your own Rosaries at home and in church and so forth. Certainly prayer is most effective. But ultimately and finally, the conversion of Russia will take place in only one way. It will take place by the means, by the instrument that Our Lady has given us.

All of you I’m sure have written a letter to someone. You may be brilliant, you may be very literate and so forth, but not one of you can write without a writing instrument, whether it’s a typewriter, or a computer or a pen or a pencil. By our very nature we are limited, we are dependent upon the instrument to write.

Without an instrument we cannot write. And without the instrument that Our Lady gives us for the conversion of Russia, we cannot obtain the conversion of Russia. This instrument is one, and only one. It is unique. We know that because Our Lady tells us and confirms what She says by miracles and prophecies that have been verified.

And what is that instrument, without which we cannot obtain the conversion of Russia? That instrument is something like the instrument that God gave to Moses, when He gave Moses the command to extend his arms over the Red Sea. The instrument in the case of the conversion of Russia is the consecration of Russia in the manner specified.

Some people, even priests unfortunately, have suggested that this sounds like “abra cadabra” or magic or something like that. It is blasphemy, or close to it, to speak that way about such a holy thing. It is certainly not magic nor some incantation.

I’d like to give you the theological background for saying that. First of all, Saint Augustine explains to us that there are certain favors that God wants to give to us even though He knows we do not deserve them. God, nevertheless, in His great love for us and His great mercy, wants to give these graces to us. But because He knows that we will be proud and think that somehow we deserve it, He reserves these graces to the merits and intercession of the Saints.

And so the grace of world peace, the grace of the conversion of Russia has been reserved to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to Her intercession and to Her merits. We will not obtain the conversion of Russia except through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

True Peace only through Our Lady

We are told through the Message of Fatima that the peace of the world and the conversion of Russia has been entrusted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That means it is entrusted to no one else. That means we can say without exaggeration that God Himself will not convert Russia, that God Himself will not bring peace to the world except through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This of course, does not suggest that God couldn’t, but that God Himself has proclaimed His Will in this matter, and that He will not change His mind. That is why Our Lady, when She speaks of Herself in the third person, says “Only Our Lady of the Rosary can help you.”

She appeared at Fatima and identified Herself three months later as Our Lady of the Rosary. And so it is that God wants this grace to be given to us only through Our Lady. Furthermore, He wants Our Lady to get the credit. He doesn’t want Our Lady to do it without the cooperation of some of us living on earth because He wants the world to recognize that it only is through Her.

Now why does God want to do that? God wants to do that for several reasons. First of all, we are told in the Message of Fatima, that on July 13th, after showing the children the vision of hell, She said “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go, it is in order to save them that God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart.”

And so God wants Our Lady to get the credit. He wants the people to recognize Our Lady’s merits and the power of Her intercession so that we will be devoted to Her, more so than even the best of us are at this time.

God had reserved this dramatic moment of the conversion of Russia, this climactic moment of history, to be seen to be due to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That is why He has reserved the conversion of Russia to this act of obedience, this act of consecration by the Pope and the Bishops. It must be a solemn and a public act.

What Consecration must be done!

Someone has tried to tell me that the Pope did it one day in the privacy of his chapel. I’m very grateful for him doing something in the privacy of his chapel, but it’s certainly not what Our Lady of Fatima asked for. It must be a solemn and public act. Therefore any private act in his chapel, as holy, as good as I’m sure it is, is not fulfilling Our Lady of Fatima’s requests. It must be explicitly Russia.

Now some people again will accuse us of hairsplitting or legalism, or whatever else they might want to charge us with. But there is a very vast difference between a consecration in general, and a specific consecration.

What first of all is a consecration?

To consecrate something is to set it aside; to dedicate it exclusively to the service of God. It is distinguished from that which is not consecrated. So to consecrate a specific country, we must do it by name. To set aside the world to the service of God is not to make a specific act of consecration.

Scriptural examples of specific Consecrations

Perhaps I can illustrate this by some scriptural examples. When the Prophet was told that one of Jesse’s sons was to be anointed King, he asked Jesse to bring his sons. Jesse had eight sons. He brought seven of them and left the youngest one at home to take care of the sheep.

Now the Prophet called in the first one and said “No, that’s not the one”. The second one, “No, that’s not the one”. The third one, “No”, the fourth one, “No, No, No”. All seven of them were rejected as not being the specific one chosen by God.

So the Prophet asked Jesse did he have any more sons? Jesse said: “Just one more at home”. Then the Prophet said, “bring him here.” So Jesse sent for and had his son come, and it was that son, that specific one that was to be anointed, that was to be set aside for the service of God in a specific way. That son was King David.

When St. Paul was praying with several other Christians and the Holy Spirit spoke through one of the Prophets of the New Testament, there were several people in the room. Among them was Saul and Barnabas and a few others - the others were not specified. And the Holy Spirit spoke and said, “I want you to set aside for Me, Saul and Barnabas.”

Remember now that all of them in that room who were praying, were all baptized. They were all, already consecrated to God by their specific baptism. But the consecration, the setting aside that was called for, was something else. And so they prayed and fasted and then they laid hands on both Saul and Barnabas.

Now, there was a specific consecration requested. It specified Saul and Barnabas. The others were not specified. The others did not have hands laid on them. It was only Saul and Barnabas who were consecrated, who were set aside.

And so when God specifies a specific person or country to be consecrated, that is what He means.

It is quite different from a general consecration which does not distinguish one country from the others.

Our Lady requests the Specific
Consecration of Russia

Our Lady of Fatima, said “The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make and to order all the Catholic Bishops of the world to make the consecration of Russia."

In this statement Our Lady makes the distinction between the world and Russia. She wants the Catholic Bishops of the world to consecrate specifically Russia. She knows how to speak, She knows what She means and She goes on to say that it is by this means that Russia will be saved. It is only this means that will convert Russia. It is the instrument whereby Russia will be converted. Without this instrument, it will not happen. And so we must insist upon the uniqueness of this instrument and the necessity of this instrument. But on insisting on this truth, I am not against Pope Pius XI, I am not against Pope Pius XII, I am not against Pope John XXIII, or Pope Paul VI, or Pope John Paul II. But we would all be worse off if this truth was not made known explicitly.

Criminal Journalism

Just consider if only someone had said this publicly back in 1951, 1952. If only the truth had been made known publicly then, when Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia, but unfortunately, they forgot to tell him that all the Bishops of the world had to join him.

Father Caillon has referred to those persons who had mutilated Our Lady of Fatima’s message as “criminal” journalists. Because, had the truth been explicitly known by Mrs. Postnoff, who was instrumental in getting the Pope to do the consecration of Russia, had she only known that it required the act of cooperation of the Bishops, it might have been done in 1952.

But as Father Caillon, the French Professor who has spent years in promoting the consecration of Russia had said, “What criminal hand took out those words and put '. . .' where it specified that the bishops had to be included in this act of consecration?" To use the word criminal is not too strong a term.

When I first heard him say that at our Symposium in 1985, I began to think about what he said. I wasn’t sure if he was right to use the word criminal. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that he was right.

Enemies of Fatima Must Lie to You

And so, if it wasn’t important for you to know the truth, then there would not be so much effort at disinformation to try and deceive you. That is why it is that in 1989 and 1990, six fake letters of Sister Lucy had been circulated. Today they are totally discredited. They were perhaps the most sophisticated effort of disinformation within the Church against the Fatima Message.

We published a little pamphlet called Chronology of a Coverup after Sister Lucy’s own blood sister told me directly that Sister Lucy does not type. There are six fake letters alleged to be by Sister Lucy that have been circulating - one of them to Maria Belem, one of them to Father Paul Leonard, one to Walter Knoelker and so forth. All claim the same thing. All are computer generated with the apparent signature of Sister Lucy affixed to them. All six of them are fake.

In The Fatima Crusader Issue No. 35 with Sister Lucy’s picture on the front cover, we point out that she has been silenced for 30 years. We also published in there the Chronology of a Coverup (with regard to the more than 30 years’ efforts at suppressing the full Fatima message by certain Church officials and some lay people).

Mother Prioress Vindicates Fatima Crusader

On May 10, 1991 we were vindicated by the Mother Prioress of Carmel of Coimbra (who has made herself no friend of ours through no fault of our own). She made a public statement in an interview in a weekly Portuguese news magazine called O Journal published in Lisbon.

In being asked about Sister Lucy and her letter writing she says, “Sister Lucy writes, responds or not, as she chooses.

But if she replies, she replies in her own handwriting”.

The expression she used in Portuguese, “de propria pugna” is the same as the Italian expression “propia pugna” which means literally “with her own fist”. It is an expression which means “in your own handwriting”.

And so for the last few years certain enemies of Fatima have been trying to discredit Sister Lucy’s testimony which she has consistently given for more than fifty years. She has always insisted time and again that the consecration must be solemn, must be public, must be exclusively of Russia, and all the Bishops must join in; and it must be the same day, the same hour. She has been repeating this whenever she has been asked and allowed to speak. For years these liars, these forgers, these criminal journalists have been trying to spread the lie that the consecration has been done, that Sister Lucy said so.

It is important for us to realize that if it wasn’t important for you to be informed, that if you could do nothing about it, then why would they bother lying to you? Why would they spread this disinformation to the general public? There would be no purpose for it except that it is important that you be informed. It is important for the enemies of Fatima that you be denied the truth.

Our First Loyalty - to Jesus and Mary

It would be much more pleasant and much easier to say, “Let’s all be friends together and everything will be fine and hunky dory.” And one day we will be able to say that, because Our Lady tells us, “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

Let us give our first loyalty to Her. Let’s not give a false loyalty to some officials, even in the Vatican, who promote their understanding of what should be done rather than Our Lady of Fatima’s understanding.

I don’t wish to question the good will of anyone. I’m not here to judge anyone. God knows people’s interior motives. But even though we’re not here to judge anyone’s interior, it’s important for us to realize the words of Sacred Scripture, “Do not call evil good and good evil”.

The Church’s Fundamental Choice

You see, the Church is faced with a fundamental decision which touches the highest as well as the lowest levels of the Church; that is from the Pope to the simple layman.

And what is that choice that the Church is faced with? Communism, Marxism, Militant Atheism has sworn enmity to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. It is the age-old warfare which goes back really to the time of Genesis, when Our Lady was predicted in Sacred Scriptures (Gen. 3:15). And God, while speaking to Adam and Eve, said to satan the devil, “I will put enmity between you (that is satan) and the Woman (that is the Blessed Virgin Mary), between thy seed (that is the devil’s followers, not only the devils in hell but also his followers here on earth) and Her seed". That means, of course, primarily Jesus Christ but also all of Her children. “And you shall lie in wait for Her, and She shall crush thy head”. And that victory of crushing the serpent’s head has been predicted at Fatima; “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph”.

Our first loyalty is to Jesus and Mary as is further explained above "Our First Loyalty - to Jesus and Mary". At Rianjo, Jesus spoke to Sister Lucy of Fatima. There He told us that it is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.

"In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, Russia will be converted, and a period of peace will be given to the world."

Our Lady of Fatima...

And so over the course of history the forces of satan have gotten themselves more and more organized, so as to direct their attack on the Church, and on Our Lady’s children, the Faithful. So that today we are in the time of the climax of this battle. Sister Lucy tells us, for example, that the devil is spoiling for a final battle with Our Lady. Then she goes on to say that the final battle is one which one wins and the other loses. And that time is now.

One of the organized human forces of satan that we can see is certainly worldwide Marxism, Communism, which is a satanic doctrine. Karl Marx himself, writing about himself in his poems, admits this. I refer you to my book, World Enslavement or Peace, It’s Up To The Pope. In the preface, Father Paul Leonard points out that Marx was not an atheist but a satanist, that he had sold his soul to the devil, and that he was going to draw mankind down to destruction.

Such evilness is hard for us to conceive, and yet the admission was in his own handwriting, it is what he says of himself. Father Paul analyzes Marx’s poetry and points out that Communism is indeed satanic. And its purpose in being founded is to destroy Christendom, that is Christian nations, and to destroy the Church itself.

The Church is faced then by this mortal enemy, with whatever color or name it applies to itself (it seems to be changing its name right now) but it doesn’t change its real purpose. The Church is faced with a fundamental choice in the front of such a powerful and deadly enemy. The Church can try to run, it can try to fight, or it can try to negotiate.

As long as Communism or its successor has decided to destroy Christianity, the Church has only those three choices: to run, to fight, or negotiate.

The Church can’t run anywhere because both Communism and the Church are worldwide. Individuals, of course can flee persecution from one city to the next. But the Church cannot flee. Therefore it is left with two choices, to either negotiate or to fight.

Our Lady at Fatima tells us that there is only one way to win this confrontation. It is to fight the battle with Her weapons. “Only I can help you”. “It is by this means that Russia will be converted”. “Russia is the instrument of chastisement chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world, unless we obtain the conversion of that poor nation”.

So Our Lady of Fatima tells us that there is only one way to win this battle, and that is by using the spiritual means, the spiritual weapons, and to fight with these spiritual weapons to win. If we do not use them we will certainly lose. That is the stark reality; that is the truth of the matter; putting it in a nut shell.

Vatican Officials Make Wrong Choice

Unfortunately, Vatican officials have chosen to negotiate. The Vatican-Moscow Agreement of 1962 is a matter of historical record. But if one wants to study that even further you can read Father Ulysses Floridi’s book called Moscow And The Vatican in which he traces the diplomatic relations between these two, the Vatican and Moscow, from 1917 to 1979.

You can read in Malachi Martin’s book The Jesuits, on page 85 to 88, (which we have published with his permission in The Fatima Crusader), about the meeting with Cardinal Casaroli and four other Cardinals with the Pope, in which Cardinal Casaroli in 1981, about a month before the shooting of the Pope, threatened the Pope with reprisals, if the Pope suppressed the Jesuits for their Marxism.

He reminded the Pope, the present Holy Father, that he had made undertakings to continue the Vatican-Moscow Agreement.

What is the Vatican-Moscow Agreement? The Communists extracted the promise from Pope John XXIII and have enforced it on the succeeding Popes, to not denounce the errors of Communism. The Church, in the natural order, that is not counting the weapons of Grace, has one weapon, and that is the truth. But if the truth is not proclaimed, it is no longer a weapon. It is like a sword which stays in the scabbard.

The Vatican officials, in their negotiations with Moscow, have agreed to not denounce the errors of Communism. Such an agreement, first of all is immoral, is a betrayal, as I have said and written publicly, and will prove to you in a moment. Such an agreement ensures our defeat and the Church’s loss to the forces of Communism.

If you remember the time of 1960, it was inconceivable for anyone who knew anything about Catholic teaching to think of a person being a Communist and a Catholic at the same time. Why would it be inconceivable for the common man to think that way? Because the Church had pronounced and re-pronounced the irreconcilability between Communism and the Catholic Faith.

Because the Vatican had pronounced and re-pronounced over and over again, it was clear to anyone who thought about it for just a second, that no one can be a Catholic and a Communist at the same time. But now with thirty years of silence on the part of the Vatican, criminal silence I might add with all respect, we have so-called “liberation theology” in which it is seriously suggested or even claimed, that one can be a good Catholic and a Marxist at the same time.

Such a suggestion is totally ludicrous, but nevertheless, serious men and people who otherwise have intelligence, hold that theory. It would not be possible were it not for the Vatican-Moscow Agreement which silenced the Vatican for these last thirty years. This Vatican-Moscow Agreement is in direct opposition, not only to your Catholic Faith but also in direct opposition to your own physical well-being. We will be buried by the Communists, if it is not rescinded in time.

Vatican-Moscow Agreement is a betrayal

Why can I call this a betrayal? I first read this term describing this agreement in an article by Jean Ousset. He was instrumental in publishing and actually documenting the existence of this Agreement. He referred to it as a betrayal. At first, I thought he had gone too far, just as I thought that Father Caillon was exaggerating a little bit, when he referred to these “criminal” journalists who took out the words of Our Lady of Fatima and distorted Her Message.

Why did Jean Ousset call it a betrayal to be signing the Vatican-Moscow Agreement? The word “bishop” comes from the Greek, I am told, and it means “watchman”. If you read the book of the Old Testament called Ezechiel you will see Ezechiel is compared to a watchman. And Ezechiel is told his duty as a watchman. He is told, if I appoint a watchman on the walls watching over Israel, and the watchman, in the dead of night when no one is watching, goes across the fields to the enemy, and makes an agreement with him, to not cry out when the enemy approaches, that watchman has betrayed a sacred trust. And God will require the blood of each of the slaughtered citizens who died because of the enemy’s attack at the hands of that watchman who did not do his sacred duty.

So to make an agreement with the enemies of God, (who are of course also the enemies of the Church), to not cry out when the enemy approaches, is a betrayal. It can be referred to as nothing else. I am not hereby saying that they did this in bad faith or they did this maliciously, but objectively speaking, it is a betrayal of a sacred trust.

And such an agreement, first of all, is not right before God, it has no moral stature. Besides, as Father Miceli pointed out to me when we were doing some radio programs a few years ago, the Church has had 25 years of experience to show that the Vatican-Moscow Agreement does not work.

The first thing about it is that the Russians have never kept their side of the bargain to lessen the persecution of our brothers behind the iron curtain. They only changed their tactics. I’ve had on my television show Josef Terelya, who has spent 23 years in jail for one reason and one reason only - because he was a Catholic. And he started his prison terms in the 1960s, around the time or after the time the Agreement was originally made. He is one that we know about, but there are many thousands of others.

And so the Vatican-Moscow Agreement is the major political obstacle why the Holy Father does not do the Consecration, because the Consecration would be a direct attack against the errors of Communism.

Why some people falsify Fatima

I know you must wonder why there are those who only speak about the Message of Fatima in its devotional aspect (which I certainly uphold and support, as I said previously; the Rosary, the Scapular and personal individual consecration to Her Immaculate Heart are very important) but they don’t go any further to point out that the Message of Fatima also speaks about the errors of Russia and it also speaks about the absolute necessity for the consecration of Russia.

It is because there are those in the Church who feel they must give their support to the ill-advised and betraying policy of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement or else they feel they must be loyal to those Church officials who uphold this perfidious agreement.

That is why it is important for us to recognize our own responsibilities in the light of the present-day situation of the Church; we have our obligations to defend the Faith; we have the obligation to make the Fatima Message known. We have the obligation to live the Fatima Message ourselves. We have to do all we can by our prayers and our sacrifices and also by our works to bring about the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.

So I would like to urge you to take as many copies of The Fatima Crusader as you can, to distribute among your neighbors and friends, to speak about this, to be informed, to pray the Rosary every day and to offer sacrifices and prayers for the Holy Father, and for the Bishops. We must also realize that it is an act of mercy and loyalty, in fact an aid and help to the Holy Father.

Because of this responsibility which he assumed by becoming Pope, an onerous responsibility that only he can discharge; it is beyond his own means, he needs the grace of God. If I were Pope tomorrow, and it certainly would never happen, I too, would have to say the same thing of myself. No one, whoever he is, can do the Fatima-commanded Consecration of Russia by his own strength.

This is not to imply a criticism of Pope John Paul II or any of his predecessors. He needs the help of our prayers. The consequences of his not doing this act of consecration are terrible. They are terrible, not only for ourselves and for our country but they are terrible, particularly and personally, for him and for the Bishops.

Some other Fatima groups
ignore Our Lord’s words to Sister Lucy

It is interesting that the only two prayers that Our Lord Himself taught to Sister Lucy are published in almost none of the books or magazines on Fatima.

It was in Rianjo, a small maritime city on the coast of Spain, that Our Lord dictated the two prayers to Sister Lucy. For all those who are particularly interested in the pious, (and we all should be interested in the pious) side of the Message of Fatima, why is it that these two prayers that Our Lord Himself dictated are not published by another group in English? It is because they are associated with a message that Our Lord gave at the same time. And that message is indeed difficult but salutary.

I would like to relate to you how it happened. Sister Lucy was ill, she was fatigued, and she needed to get away from people continually enquiring of her. It was just after the apparitions had been approved by the Church.


So in August of 1931 Sister Lucy was sent by her superiors to the small maritime village, incognito. Even the people in the house where she was staying did not know who she was; only the owner of the house, no one else. And she was there in the chapel in Rianjo, the chapel dedicated to Our Lady, and she was praying for the conversion of Spain, of Portugal, of Europe, of Russia, and of the world.

It was during these prayers for the conversion of Spain and Portugal and Europe and Russia and the world that Our Lord spoke to her and said “You please me very much by praying for the conversion of those countries. Ask this grace also of My Mother”. He then dictated the two prayers to her.

One is as follows:

“Sweet Heart of Mary, be the salvation of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world”.

The other one, which we have also published in The Fatima Crusader is:

“By Thy pure and Immaculate Conception O Mary obtain for me the conversion of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe, and the whole world”.

Jesus warns those who Delay and Obstruct
His Fatima Command

And then Our Lord, after commenting on Sister Lucy’s prayer and commending her for it, went on to say,

“Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune”.

What is the reference to the King of France? The King of France had been commanded by Jesus to consecrate France to His Sacred Heart. And the Kings of France, for one hundred years, had refused to do this. The command was given by the Sacred Heart to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and passed on to the King.

It was given on June 17, 1689. For one hundred years to the day, the kings of France refused to obey. And on June 17, 1789, one hundred years to the day, the King of France was stripped of his power by the Third Estate, and four years later was publicly executed by guillotine.

“Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him they will follow him into misfortune.”

These are terrifying words. They are a threat and a prediction. Our Lord would not predict such a dire chastisement for the Pope and the Bishops if it were not a serious matter, if they were not obliged to obey. Despite the lies commonly circulated even by people who claim to be devoted to Fatima, you must know this command of God to consecrate Russia imposes a very serious obligation on the Pope and the Catholic Bishops.

That is why I addressed a whole section of my book World Enslavement or Peace, It’s Up To The Pope to this subject and sent it to every Bishop in the world. There has not been one reply refuting any of the argumentation in it, and we devoted a whole section to the obligation of the Popes and Bishops to obey this command.

Jesus and Mary our only hope

Our Lord threatens them with this chastisement. At the same time He gives advice to all of us here. While He complains about the delay, He goes on to say, “They will do it, but it will be late.” He then, so to speak, turns His attention to us, the Faithful, and the priests who obviously don't have the power to consecrate a country such as the Pope and the Bishops do. He turns His attention to us and says, “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”

Our personal obligation is to have recourse to Jesus and Mary. Which reminds us of the words of the angel to the children when he told them, “The Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplication.” Just think, the Hearts of Jesus and Mary are waiting. They’re expecting, they’re waiting to hear from us. They’re attentive to the voice of our supplication.

By these words “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary”, Our Lord is inviting all of us to greater prayer. Pray, Pray, especially now as you become aware that you are in extreme danger because the Consecration of Russia has not been done.

We are all in danger of undergoing tremendous sufferings in this life, and many souls are in danger of going to hell for all eternity unless the Consecration of Russia is done soon. Please now hear and obey the invitation of Jesus to pray to Him and Our Heavenly Mother now that you know it is so late.

I do hope that now you are more aware of the facts, the dangers, the lateness of the time, and the solution, than when we first started.

But don’t be disheartened, don’t give up hope. Remember, it is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary. That is something we must always keep in our hearts.

Supplement to
Jesus Tells Us “Make it Known...”

In August 1931, at Rianjo, Spain, Jesus gives a very important message. There He told Sister Lucy of Fatima that He was very displeased because the Pope and the Catholic bishops had not yet obeyed His command that they solemnly and publicly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus said to Sister Lucy:

On June 26, 2000 the Vatican revealed the text of a vision contained in the Third Secret of Fatima. In the vision, the Holy Father is shot and killed, in effect executed by a band of soldiers as he kneels at the foot of a large wooden cross. After this many bishops, priests and religious are also killed. Does it not appear that this vision released to the public on June 26, 2000 corresponds with Our Lord’s warning to Sister Lucy at Rianjo, Spain?

In light of this new information, let us re-examine the Rianjo message. Here Jesus is warning the Holy Father and the bishops (His ministers) that they will suffer a like punishment as the King of France as a consequence of a similar disobedience.

We have four parallels:

  1. A public execution of the King of France as if the King were a criminal and a public execution of the Pope as if he were a criminal.

  2. The failure of the King of France in consecrating France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the failure of the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  3. The public disgrace of both the King of France and the Pope, publicly defying an order from Heaven.

  4. The promise to the King of France as well as to the Pope of their personal victory over their enemies if Heaven’s request to them were obeyed.

It is an all or nothing choice — every benefit if obedient, every loss if disobedient.

Just as the King of France would have been rewarded publicly for his compliance to the 1689 request of the Sacred Heart communicated to King Louis XIV by St Margaret Mary, who was publicly acknowledged as a saint at that time, he and his lineage were instead castigated publicly one hundred years later for failing to comply. Similarly, the Pope will be rewarded or castigated publicly. Just as the King would have subjected both his subjects as well as his enemies to that consecration, had he done it, likewise the Pope will be victorious over both the errors of Russia and the propagators of those errors, if he will do the consecration of Russia.

We have already seen the fate of the King of France for his disobedience — public execution at the hands of his enemies by the guillotine. Is not then the vision which was revealed on June 26, 2000 a prophecy of the fate that awaits the Holy Father for not obeying Our Lady of Fatima’s request to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart?

Jesus says the Holy Father will do it (consecrate Russia) but “it will be late”. Will it be too late to save this Pope from the public execution that befell the King of France?

The Rianjo message is now even further clarified by the vision of the Third Secret which reveals the grave danger the Pope, bishops, priests, religious and even laypeople are in, if the urgent message of Fatima is not fulfilled soon.

To avoid this catastrophe from happening, Jesus gives us two solutions:

  1. To “Make it known to My ministers ...” That is, make them understand this is what will happen to them if they do not do the consecration of Russia soon. This is not a vision of the past — but the future — and it will happen certainly unless they do the Consecration soon. Time is running out, Our Lord is complaining about the delay in the execution of His command.

  2. To pray a great deal for the Holy Father. Jesus said: “Pray a great deal for the Holy Father. He will do it but it will be late.” The vision revealed on June 26, 2000 shows us the consequence of ignoring Our Lady of Fatima. This time the public execution will not be by guillotine but at the hands of soldiers firing guns and arrows.

The Rianjo message, which is now further clarified by the vision of the Third Secret, explains that there are two opposing forces fighting a war here on earth. On the one side is God, His Divine Son Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother Mary who are served on earth (to the extent their servants are faithful to these Heavenly Beings) by the Pope, the Cardinals, the bishops, the priests, the religious and the laypeople who give their allegiance and service to God. On the other side are the forces of the devil who is served by his ministers, those who advance “The Revolution”. “The Revolution” is organized by an alliance of Masons, Marxists, Secular Humanists, and other groups who “conspire against God and His Christ”. (Psalms 2) The Masons have declared their war against the Thrones — that is, the divinely appointed Christian kings — and against the Altars — that is, the Pope and all ranks of the Catholic Priesthood — and the whole sacramental system — that is, the Seven Sacraments. The fruit of “The Revolution” was the 1789 French Revolution, the Reign of Terror and the 1793 public murder of the King of France — the execution by guillotine of King Louis XVI, which Jesus explains at Rianjo was the result of his own disobedience as well as the disobedience of his grandfather Louis XIV and father Louis XV.

“The Revolution” continued with the Bolshevik Communist victory in 1917 and over 100 million murders by the Communists of their own citizens in Russia, China, Cuba and various Communist countries in the Twentieth Century. “The Revolution”, though it changes its tactics, is not over but continues its war against God, His Christ and His Church and intends to subject all people to the New World Order, the United Nations, the one world religion and the reign of Antichrist. The only thing to prevent that from happening is the Consecration of Russia.

As the King, who held office as regent by the will of God, lost his head for disobedience to Divine authority, so the Sovereign Pontiff, who likewise rules by the will of God, will die in a public execution at the hands of his enemies and the enemies of God unless he acts in time. In addition, King Louis was not punished alone, but his ministers with him; likewise, the Rianjo message threatens and prophecies a chastisement of the Church not limited to the Pope alone, but including especially those close to him who had a hand in delaying the execution of Heaven’s command.

This vision given by Our Lady clearly shows what will happen to the Pope and his ministers as a result of their refusal to do the Consecration of Russia. Let us remember Jesus ended His message at Rianjo by stating: “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”

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“Make It Known To My Ministers . . .”

In August, 1931, at Rianjo, Spain, Jesus gives a very important message. There He told Sister Lucy of Fatima that He was very displeased because the Catholic bishops had not yet obeyed His command that they solemnly and publicly consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Jesus said to Sister Lucy:

“Make it known to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow him into misfortune. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.”

In this picture we see Jesus giving the Rianjo message and the consequences to the Catholic Bishops if they ignore it. We not only see Sister Lucy receiving the message on the steps of the chapel in Rianjo, but the artist has also depicted the Miracle of the Sun seen not only at Fatima but also seen at the Vatican by the Pope on four separate occasions. For more about Rianjo see "Rianjo" above.

But the promise of peace after these disasters is still true as symbolized by the doves of peace going toward the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

This whole booklet explains for our time, the significance of Rianjo in the context of the whole Fatima message.

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Jesus Tells Us

“"Make It Known"”

This dynamic booklet is taken from the transcript of an address given in Boston, Massachusetts at a Rally in Defense of the Faith.

Not content with repeating what is already known, Father Gruner addresses all the objections of the opponents of this great Fatima campaign within the Church. His refutation of their stories and arguments and false logic, is a great service to all freedom-loving people and advances the great cause of the Church and devotees of Our Lady.

He points out that it is our grave duty in the face of the Fatima Message to do all we can to spread Our Lady’s urgent Message, the whole Message, to the world. This talk is a definitive answer to all opponents of Our Lady’s full Fatima Message and their deceptive calls to a false unity within the Church. Like in the days of the Apostle Paul, misguided devotees appeal to false love for the Pope against true love for, and obedience to, Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This gripping talk arms us with the facts and the theology we need to know, to take significant action now to implement the peace plan from God - the only one that will deliver us in the critical days ahead.

About the Author

Father Nicholas Gruner,
S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Father Nicholas Gruner is 52 years old and was born in Montreal, Canada. He is a graduate of McGill University with post-graduate degrees in Theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.

Father Gruner is a Catholic priest in good-standing who was ordained at Our Lady of Good Counsel Shrine in Frigento, Italy in 1976. In 1978 he began his full-time commitment to Our Lady’s Fatima Apostolate.

Since that time, Father Gruner has been exclusively promoting, preaching and lecturing in the United States, Canada and overseas on the Fatima Message which has been formally approved by the Catholic Church and five successive Popes, including Pope John Paul II.