Summer 2011

Issue 99


Our Lord Insists:
Consecrate Russia Now!
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Addressing the “Consecration Now!” conference in Rome in May 2011, Father Gruner places the request for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in its historical context, showing that the Fatima apparitions were a direct response to an appeal by Pope Benedict XV, asking that Our Lady show the world the way to peace. Our Lady answered. Now, we must respond. Father shows there is no genuine obstacle to excuse for not obeying Our Lady.

“I Cannot Neglect My God or My Mother”
by Bishop Paul Khoarai, Bishop Emeritus of Leribe, Lesotho
Bishop Khoarai makes a heartfelt plea for the Church and all her children to reject the false solutions to peace of a one-world government and a one-world false religion and to embrace instead Heaven’s plan, given to us in love by Our Lady of Fatima.

Our Lady of Fatima: A Light in the Darkness, Prophet of Love
by Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata Guevara, S.D.B., Bishop of Esteli, Nicaragua
Bishop Guevara tells us that we must look into our own hearts and root out any sentiments that lead us away from Our Lady and the saving grace She offers us. Bishop Guevara says that the world is in a fog, unable to see the light that will lead us to safety and salvation.

Be at Peace With Each Other
by Bishop Fortunatus Lukanima, Bishop Emeritus of Arusha, Tanzania
Bishop Lukanima details the political and economic corruption in his native Africa and in the world. He counsels against seeking solutions in a one-world government, which would be ruled by money and power-hungry men. Instead, he says we must establish peace in our hearts by loving God and Our Lady and pray that our leaders will follow Heaven’s plan for peace.

Holy Father:
Trust in Our Lady, Consecrate Russia Now!
by Coralie Graham, Editor, The Fatima Crusader
Coralie Graham has long campaigned for the Consecration of Russia, and in this stirring talk, delivered at “Consecration Now!” in Rome, she expresses the perplexity of the laity at the Vatican’s long delay in heeding Our Lady of Fatima’s request. She urges prayer and persistence until the Pope and bishops at long last consecrate Russia.

Only She Can Help You!
by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
Father Kramer proves that Our Lord has entrusted Our Lady with the dispensation of all graces, and that She is Heaven’s Mediatrix, appointed at this time as our only help to salvation, here and hereafter. Father Kramer stressed the duty to obey Our Lady and warns of the terrible things that have been prophesied for disobeying Her.

“Consecration Now!” Rome – May 9-13, 2011 (Photo Insert)

Fatima’s False Friends
by Christopher A. Ferrara, Esq., author of The Secret Still Silenced
Using his keen analytical skills and the readily available evidence, Mr. Ferrara dissects and discredits another echo of the Party Line that “Fatima is finished.” Father Andrew Apostoli of EWTN has published “Fatima For Today,” a book that supports the false argument that the Fatima prophecies are fulfilled, the Third Secret entirely revealed, Russia consecrated, and the Message of Fatima remains only a general call to prayer and penance. Mr. Ferrara continues to act as a guardian of the truth, which is still under assault from powerful people.

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