Autumn 2010

Issue 96


An Occultic City Emerges:
Is the Antichrist Coming Next?
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
With the aid of photographs that will startle the reader, Father Gruner offers us a sobering look at the boldness with which the masonic forces are now challenging the Catholic Church with the establishment of a spectacular center of power, Astana, in the former Soviet state of Kazakhstan. You have to see this to believe it. Could this be the harbinger of the Antichrist?

Our Mother of Perpetual Help

Pope Benedict XVI Tells Us:
The Third Secret is Unfolding NOW!

Fatima Discarded — Evangelism Thwarted
by Iain Colquhoun
When Heaven gives us a command, and we disobey, what can we expect as our reward? God's blessing? Mr. Colquhoun argues with concise logic that any attempt to evangelize that ignores the requests of Fatima and relies on human prudence is destined to fail.

Fatima is not just a "Private Revelation"
by John Vennari
Those who want to deny the obligation the Fatima Message imposes upon the Church often make the claim that it is private revelation and belief in it is optional. Mr. Vennari disposes of this false claim by examining the public nature of the Fatima Message, the miracle that confirmed its authenticity, and the Church's endorsement of it.

Fatima Challenge Crossfire:
"Conversion of Russia" Means Conversion to the Catholic Faith
Taken from the May 2010 Fatima Challenge Conference in Rome
Those who want to place Fatima in the past say that the apparent demise of Communism in Russia is what Our Lady of Fatima meant by its conversion. But four Fatima experts demonstrate that conversion means one thing only: conversion to the Catholic Faith.

Heaven's Peace Plan in Simple Terms

Fatima's Unfinished Business
by Cathy Pearson
With carefully detailed analysis, Miss Pearson shows clearly that the Vatican has yet to reveal the entire contents of the Third Secret. She also provides a chronology of the several consecrations of the world by various popes and asks: If Russia has been consecrated, why the repetition of ceremonies? And why have we not seen the promised fruits of the consecration?.

The Fatima Message and the Problem of False Obedience
by Father Nicholas Gruner
False obedience has been the bane of the Church ever since Vatican II, as Father Gruner demonstrates. It has been used to force compliance with all manner of novelties. And it has been pressed into service in the attempt to bury Fatima. But, as Father proves, no one is obliged to accept the erroneous interpretation of Fatima.

Where are the Crusaders of Today?

The Miracle of the Sun
by Dr. Peter Chojnowski
More than 70,000 people, Catholics, freemasons, skeptics of all sorts, saw "the sun dance" on Oct. 13, 1917 at Fatima. This was the promised miracle Our Lady said She would perform so that all might believe Her message. Dr. Chojnowski, a professor of philosophy, provides a detailed examination of the testimony and draws the only possible conclusion: the authenticity of Fatima is confirmed beyond reasonable doubt.

Help Spread the Urgent Message of Fatima

SUFFERING: A Means Toward Redemption
by Edwin Faust
Our Lady linked the willingness to suffer for sinners to their salvation, and asked the seers of Fatima to make many sacrifices. This became their overarching desire. The children conformed to the Fatima Message by living lives of self-denial for the love of Our Lady and the salvation of souls. This is also the mission given to each of us by the Queen of Heaven.

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