Summer 2010

Issue 95


Making History:
The Fatima Challenge Rocks Rome
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
At the doorstep of the Vatican, only days before Pope Benedict was to travel to Portugal, The Fatima Challenge — a convening of the world's experts on Fatima — came together to discuss the importance of Our Lady's Message, now and in the future. The results were astounding.

The Pope Speaks:
Fatima Center Vindicated
Aboard his plane to Portugal on May 12, the Pope shocks the media and the Catholic world by abandoning the Vatican party line that insists Fatima is in the past. The Holy Father tells the world what we in this apostolate have been saying these many years: Fatima is unfolding now and holds the key to the future.

So There Was a "Fourth" Secret After All
by Antonio Socci — "Libero", May 12, 2010
As newspapers across Italy report on the Pope's pronouncements about the importance of the Fatima Message, now and in the future, Antonio Socci, the author of The Fourth Secret of Fatima, analyzes the Holy Father's remarks and how the Pope has renounced the "official" position still pursued by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

Pope Benedict XVI tells us:
The Third Secret is Unfolding NOW!

Bertone Must Go:
The Secretary of State Opposes the Pope on Fatima
Taken from the 2010 Edition of The Devil's Final Battle
As the latest edition of The Devil's Final Battle documents, Cardinal Bertone persists in his claim that Fatima is in the past. Despite being contradicted by the Pope, His Eminence will not retract or alter his position. Something must be done.

Why the Pope is Contradicting Bertone (and Messori)
by Antonio Socci — "Libero", May 13, 2010
Antonio Socci, author of The Fourth Secret of Fatima, published an article in the Italian newspaper Libero on May 13 that explains why the Pope is contradicting Bertone and other Vatican bureaucrats on the meaning of Fatima. Socci's conclusion: Pope Benedict is trying to prepare us for the chastisements that are about to befall the Church and the world.

The Hidden Text:
What the Third Secret Says
by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
After three decades of studying Catholic prophecy, Scripture, political history and the Fatima Message, Father Paul Kramer presents the evidence that reveals the contents of the missing part of the Third Secret: a warning of the cataclysmic events about to unfold.

The Fatima Challenge: Bring this Historic Conference Home

The Confessions of a Former Mason:
Masonry is Against Our Lady of Fatima
by John Salza
John Salza, an attorney, a cradle Catholic and a former high-ranking Freemason, tells of his involvement with the secret society, the meaning of its rituals and how this pagan religion is diametrically opposed to the Catholic Faith and the Fatima Message.

Our Lady Said, "Russia Will Spread Its Errors":
The European Union: The USSR Repackaged
by Michal Semin
Michal Semin, founder of the St. Joseph Institute in Prague, shows how the supposed "fall" of communism was soon followed by the rise of the European Union, which is really the resurrection of the failed socialist utopia. Russia's errors — based on the presumption that man can manage without God — are now incorporated in the ever more repressive European Union.

Missing Envelope, Missing Secret:
Ferrara Confronts De Carli on Crucial Question
by Christopher A. Ferrara
Giuseppe De Carli, co-author with Cardinal Bertone of The Last Seer of Fatima, is asked to explain why the envelope, supposedly containing the text of the Third Secret and shown on Italian television by Cardinal Bertone, did not bear the written remarks that Archbishop Capovilla, former secretary of Pope John XXIII, said he wrote on it. De Carli could not explain the discrepancy. Another piece of crucial evidence falls into place: We do not yet have the full text.

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