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May 2009

Issue 92

Our Lady
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Queen of Heaven Rejoice! Alleluia!
by Father Nicholas Gruner, B. Comm., S.T.L., S.T.D., (Cand.)
Why should the Blessed Virgin Mary be asked and urged to rejoice? Because Her beloved Son is risen and She was so devastated by His cruel Passion and extreme sufferings. Why did He put His Mother through the agony of His Passion? Because He wants to bring us to Heaven. What must we do? Read this article by Father Gruner to better understand the sacrifices Our Lord and His Mother made for us and what They expect of us in return.

The Secret Warned Against Vatican Council II and the New Mass
An interview with Father Paul Kramer
What part did Vatican II and the New Mass play in the crisis that the Church and the world are suffering through today? Read about the stunning revelation concerning the contents of the Third Secret told to Father Kramer by a highly esteemed long-time seminary Rector who is also a long-time close friend of Pope Benedict XVI.

The Little Number of Those Who are Saved
by St. Leonard of Port Maurice
This sermon should be the wake-up call we so desperately need. The devil has led us into a life of complacency and laziness. In this sermon, which St. Leonard relied on for the conversion of sinners, he reviews the various states of life of Christians and concludes with the little number of those who are saved, in relation to the totality of men. With the likelihood that you and your loved ones may be following the path leading to hell, isn't it time to review what must be done to follow the path to Heaven?

"Whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire."

The Kindness and Courtesy of Our Blessed Lady
by D. Roberto, Hermit of Monte Corona
How well do you know the Mother of God? This brief article pays tribute to the Woman who sacrificed so much for us, who loves us so much, and who will do so much for us if we let Her be an integral part of our lives. Getting to know Mary better can only help us want to honor the Queen of Heaven and earth.

Father Gruner Answers Your Questions
In this article, Father Gruner explains the issues concerning the use of General Absolution and Communion in the hand.

Apostles of the Rosary

I Am a Responsible Girl
At a time when peer pressure makes it difficult to make the right decision, these nine points reinforce the lifestyle expected of the daughters of Our loving and caring Mother.

I Am a Responsible Boy
Honor, respect, willpower, measures of a man's true self, are tested early and often in life. Hell is the reward for those who choose "sins of the flesh".

You too can send roses from Heaven

What Is That Star?
The star worn by Our Lady of Fatima points to the biblical story of Esther, accepted by the Fathers of the Church as figurative of the role of the Blessed Mother as Intercessor. Events in the Book of Esther parallel those of Fatima now unfolding in the world, making this a good time to read the story of the Jewish woman who was the only person who could save her people in a hopeless situation 2400 years ago.

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