Issue #90 Cover

Winter 2008

Issue 90

Target Rome Phase One

Target: Rome Target: Rome – Phase One involved using a variety of means to encourage Pope Benedict XVI to release the Third Secret in its entirety as well as to inform and move the public to prayer and action.

The Patriarch of Antioch
His Beatitude Gregorios III Laham
Standing in St. Peter’s Square, the Patriarch of Damascus and Antioch gave this short public address to Father Gruner and all the attendees of the October 25, 2008 procession to the Vatican (seeking the publication of the missing text of the Third Secret).

Target: Rome (Phase One)
Target: Rome – Phase One involved using a variety of means to encourage Pope Benedict XVI to release the Third Secret in its entirety as well as to inform and move the public to prayer and action.

Publish the entire Third Secret of Fatima
Published here is the English translation of the text of the 200,000 flyers distributed outside the Vatican (in October 2008) which pleaded with Pope Benedict XVI to save his life, save his soul and save all humanity by publishing the entire Third Secret of Fatima.

The Official Presentation of The Secret Still Hidden in Rome

Opening Introductory Remarks at the Public Book Presentation
by Alessandro Fuligni
In June 2000, the Vatican published a text of the Third Secret containing the vision of a bishop dressed in white, who walks through the ruins of a half-destroyed city over the dead bodies of clerics and lay people, and then he himself is killed by a band of soldiers. Why are we, eight years later, talking about a text of the Third Secret which has not entirely been revealed? Where are the missing words of Our Lady to explain this vision?

The Secret Still Hidden – A Moral Certitude
by Christopher A. Ferrara
There is very little true freedom in America because of “political correctness”. But in the Catholic Church, there should be no such problem. So why is it that “too many questions have remained unanswered” when it comes to the Vatican’s handling of the Third Secret? With a lawyer’s analytical mind, Mr. Ferrara establishes the Four Corners of the puzzle that is the missing part of the Third Secret of Fatima.

540 Radio spots played over 18 days on 3 prominent stations

Cardinal Bertone Implicitly Agrees with the Main Thesis of The Secret Still Hidden
by Solideo Paolini
We are before history, which cannot now or ever say, “All have maintained silence, everyone has conspired against the truth.” No, we give witness to the most extraordinary intervention by Heaven and ask that the still hidden text of the Third Secret be released. Here Mr. Paolini first reports Cardinal Bertone’s response to a letter from a priest regarding The Secret Still Hidden, wherein the Cardinal offered four excuses for his actions in handling the Third Secret. Solideo then reflects on what we can do, based on the proposals found in the book which appeal for prayer, penance and petition.

Response to Cardinal Bertone’s False Claims Against the Fatima Center
by Father Nicholas Gruner
When Cardinal Bertone attempts to defend his position, he shoots himself in the foot. Now he is making excuses and misrepresenting The Fatima Center’s position. Contrary to his accusations, we do not hate Cardinal Bertone; we do recognize the authenticity of the text released on June 26, 2000; we do not portray him as acting as if he were autonomous; and we do not believe all prophecies are unchangeable. It is up to each one of us, with our prayers and sacrifices and using whatever talents God has provided us, to change this course heading for total disaster that we are now on.

To the Pastors of the Church:
“Be Not Afraid"
by Father Paul Kramer
To fully understand the gravity of the Message of Fatima and the Third Secret we must first understand what is taught by the Church. The salvation of souls is the supreme law. Our Lady of Fatima’s principal purpose for giving us the Secret and confirming it with the Miracle of the Sun is the salvation of souls — not to announce a failed attempt against the life of a Pope. We know the publication of the Third Secret will help mankind prepare itself for the evils which now threaten so many souls redeemed by the Blood of Christ. Father Kramer says to the pastors of the Church what Pope John Paul II said so many times during his pontificate, “Do not be afraid.”

Procession to St. Peter's Square

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Target: Rome – Phase One

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