Autumn 2007

Issue 87

At the end of the Only Way to World Peace Conference we visited Brazil’s National Shrine in Aparecida where the Miraculous Statue of the Virgin Mary was recovered from the river by fishermen.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke there on May 13, 2007.

Read the beautiful account of the history and miracles of Our Lady of Aparecida on page 89.

Fatima: The Only Way to World Peace Welcome
by Coralie Graham
In her opening comments at the Fatima: The Only Way to World Peace conference in Botucatu, Brazil in August 2007, Coralie Graham informed the bishops and priests in attendance that they were chosen by Our Lady to come to Botucatu. “We have to work together ... We know how to pray and the devil can’t fight that,” are a few of the inspiring comments that set the tone for a very informative week of deep insight into the Message of Fatima.

The Spiritual Center of the Conference

Conference Energizes Latin American Clergy for Fatima Message
Nine very knowledgeable speakers traveled to Botucatu, Brazil to address nearly 200 Latin American bishops and priests in a regional conference that had been requested by attendees of the Fatima Center’s previous conference in Tuy, Spain in 2006. No one went home disappointed, unless it was because there wasn’t enough material for them to take back with them.

Speakers’ Excerpts:
Fatima and the Revitalization of the Faith
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
This is an edited transcript of Father Gruner’s concluding speech, which according to observers was one of the best of his seven talks he gave at the conference in Botucatu, Brazil. Although it is particularly addressed to priests and bishops, most of the doctrinal and spiritual elements in this talk — i.e. the reality of Angels; the existence of the devil; the necessity of prayer, sacrifices, and grace; true faith in the Eucharist; etc. — are timely reminders for all of us living in this vale of tears at this time.

Congratulations Father Gruner

Special Report
Bertone’s Cover-up of Third Secret Continues to Unravel
Vatican security guards forcefully removed Antonio Socci and Solideo Paolini, two highly respected Italian journalists whose research leads them to conclude that the entire Third Secret has not yet been revealed, from an event in which Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone was about to present his book promoting his claim that the Third Secret has been fully revealed. Socci had earlier requested to be allowed to ask just one single question to the Cardinal, to which the prelate could answer with a simple yes or no.

Special Report
Declaration of Dr. Solideo Paolini
In response to an alleged denial by Archbishop Capovilla of his explosive testimony previously given to Solideo Paolini — with explicit permission given to publish — concerning the existence of a yet-to-be disclosed part of the Third Secret of Fatima, Dr. Paolini makes several observations regarding this “denial”, first published in a women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine and coming ten months after the widespread publication of the Archbishop’s original declaration.

Archbishop Capovilla’s Certified Notes Re: the Third Secret (Italian Original)

Archbishop Capovilla’s Certified Notes Re: the Third Secret (English Translation)

Speakers’ Excerpts:
The Third Secret Cover-up
by Christopher A. Ferrara
This is an edited transcript of most of a talk given by Christopher Ferrara at the conference in Botucatu, Brazil. Mr. Ferrara explores and analyzes the continuing deceptive public declarations of Cardinal Bertone regarding the Third Secret of Fatima, demonstrating again and again that the Cardinal is deliberately hiding part of the Third Secret and that the Cardinal’s own statements on Italian TV acknowledge de facto that there’s more to the Third Secret than what he insists is all there is.

Fatima Makes Front Page News

Magnificent Rosary Procession Caps off Conference
The Fatima Center closed its “Only Way to World Peace” forum with an impressive Rosary Procession through the streets of Botucatu on the final evening of the conference. Approximately 200 priests from the conference were joined in the procession by many laypeople of the local archdiocese. The Rosary was recited in Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Polish and English — a very fitting tribute to Our Lady of Fatima and Her admonition to “pray the Rosary every day.”

The long, hard Crusade Continues

Fatima Family Friends, Brazil 2007

Speakers’ Excerpts:
The Perestroika Deception Updated!
by Cornelia R. Ferreira
This is an edited transcript of an excerpt of a very powerful and enlightening talk given by Cornelia Ferreira at the conference in Botucatu, Brazil. Mrs. Ferreira explains that the devil, the “master of deceit”, has chosen his agent well. Russia continues to trick the West into believing that they want peace, while preparing for the “annihilation of nations”. Perestroika, Russia’s newest “error”, is psychological warfare using “cooperation-blackmail” to convince the West that their break with the past has truly taken place.

Fatima: Only Way to World Peace Conference Speakers

Bishops Conference
Why the Mass Exodus to Protestantism
by John Vennari
This is an edited transcript of a talk given by John Vennari at the conference in Botucatu, Brazil. Judging by the general and deeply felt response of the many priests at this conference, this talk was perhaps the most appreciated of the whole conference. Mr. Vennari explains that Latin America was targeted for an aggressive, organized and well-funded campaign of Protestant proselytism to weaken the Catholic Church and that the new spirit of ecumenical collaboration with Protestantism effectively destroyed the ramparts of Catholic protection against the errors of Protestantism. Mr. Vennari then recommends what must be done to counter-attack the mass exodus of Catholics to Protestantism.

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The Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Aparecida
by Coralie Graham
A clay statue of Our Lady made by a Benedictine monk was found, in pieces, in the Paraíba River near Itaguaçu, Brazil. A miraculous sign from God led to its repair and the building of a chapel. There have been documented many miracles and graces granted through the intercession of Our Lady of Aparecida, and some of the penitential gestures of the pilgrims at Aparecida are the same as those seen frequently at Fatima.

Aparecida Shrine

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