Summer 2007

Issue 86 

Dear Readers of The Fatima Crusader,


Your prayers, your Rosaries and your sacrifices are working. The biggest breakthrough for Our Lady of Fatima has occurred in Rome in May, 2007. On May 10, Cardinal Bertone published his book trying to refute The Fatima Crusader and Mr. Antonio Socci’s proofs that the Vatican has not formally published the whole text of the Third Secret of Fatima. Mr. Socci replied to that book and rebutted Bertone on May 12th, two days later. See his rebuttal on page 35 of this issue.

The daily press in Italy finally got the idea. Inside the Vatican bureaucracy and the media, it was the hottest topic being discussed. On May 31, Cardinal Bertone, trying to squelch the opposition, went on TV on the most popular current events program, on the most popular channel of all Italy. He was on the air for 100 minutes but he only succeeded in proving again that, despite his protests, he has not released the whole Third Secret. Mr. Socci rebutted him again two days later. See this second rebuttal on page 43.

holy father

The Third Secret is Important to YOU!
by Coralie Graham
Can we be certain we will not follow the third of the stars of Heaven that are dragged down to earth and put in the service of the devil? Mrs. Graham’s introduction to the Special Third Secret Issue should inspire everyone to read each and every article in this very important Crusader.

What’s IN the Third Secret
by Father Patrick Perez
The Third Secret is a warning to all the Catholic faithful. We must be on our guard, and to do that we must know what to watch out for.

The long, hard Crusade Continues

An Answer to Poor Excuses and “Mental Reservations”
by Father Nicholas Gruner, B.Comm., S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Ratzinger have told us certain parts of the Third Secret in an oblique manner. And in so doing, they feel the entire Third Secret has been released. There is an obligation to tell the truth clearly – no excuse can justify the delays since 1960. It is time for God’s watchmen to step forward and do their duty.

The Third Secret:
Your Right to Know It, Your Obligation to Seek It
This poignant question and answer session reminds the lay person that he has to get involved in the release of the Third Secret. Seven steps are listed, including prayer, phone calls, and petitions. The results of your actions may help bring about the period of peace we so desperately need.

Save Us – We Perish!
Canonical Plea to Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI
We respectfully request, beg, and implore His Holiness to publish the words that follow “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved”. We ask this not to satisfy an unhealthy curiosity, nor to declare ourselves holier than others — we want to help the millions of souls that are going to hell because of silence.

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A Layman speaks out:
Why the Third Secret Must be Released NOW!
Letter to the Editor from R. Zisk
In this letter Mr. Zisk briefly outlines the problems of the world today and the only solution – the Consecration of Russia.

Civil War Rages in Rome Over Third Secret of Fatima
by Christopher A. Ferrara
Cardinal Bertone is caught between a rock and a hard place. He has published a book that is supposed to refute a book published by Antonio Socci. Socci concluded that part of the Third Secret has been withheld. Bertone attacked the messenger and not the message. Sound familiar?

International Fatima Rosary Crusade

Dear Cardinal Bertone:
Who — Between You and Me — is Deliberately Lying?
And Please Don't Mention Freemasonry
by Antonio Socci
Is Antonio Socci helping Masonry, is he a “liar” or “someone who consciously lies”? Or has Cardinal Bertone gone too far in trying to defend the indefensible? It would probably take another book for Bertone to respond to all the questions his book The Last Seer of Fatima inadvertently raises.

Bertone in the “Wasp’s Nest” of Controversy
by Antonio Socci
Porta a Porta handed Cardinal Bertone a gift-wrapped opportunity to quash his critics. He failed miserably. As a Catholic journalist, all Mr. Socci is seeking is the truth. We have to wonder, what are the motives for the Cardinal’s strange behavior?

Red Alert ... The Devil’s Final Battle

The Explosive Testimony of Archbishop Capovilla
A discussion with Solideo Paolini
by John Vennari
An interview Mr. Paolini had with Archbishop Capovilla may have been the catalyst for the confrontation between Cardinal Bertone and Antonio Socci. When asked if there were two texts regarding the Third Secret, the Archbishop responded “Precisely so.” The Cardinal’s book did not refute this comment, making it harder for anyone to believe anything Bertone says.

Mary, Our Life, Obtains For Us Perseverance
by St. Alphonsus Liguori
Taken from Chapter Four of St. Alphonsus’s great work, The Glories of Mary, he proves that all of God’s graces are dispensed through the hands of Mary. He admonishes the reader to “remember that Mary can help you; call upon Her, and She will instantly succor you.”

Help Make a Difference

Porta à Porta
The Cardinal Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone, in an effort to bury once and for all the most important part of the Third Secret, did the unthinkable! He wrote a book and did a TV show.

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