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Winter 2006

Issue 84 

Our Lady of Fatima was truly present

“Our Lady of Fatima was truly present throughout our ‘Last Chance for World Peace’ Conference. The spirit of the entire conference was that of a family in Christ. Everyone who participated, Cardinals, Archbishops, bishops, priests, brothers, nuns and laity had a common goal: to show honor and love and obedience to the Holy Mother of God in Her Fatima requests. I cannot improve upon the words of the participants themselves.” 

— Father Nicholas Gruner

“The conference has been like a retreat for me, a tremendously spiritual experience. Before, I was so casual, mediocre about my sanctification and that of the Church, but no more. As bishop, I’ve realized that I’ve got to be the good shepherd who calls his people to holiness of life.”

— Bishop A, India

“Let us not be swept away by the tail of the dragon. Fatima is by no means a private revelation. Fatima has an important and serious Message for the whole world – a choice between blessings or chastisement, between eternal life or death, Heaven or Hell and the urgency of the Consecration of Russia by the Pope and the hierarchy.”

— Father D, South Africa

“The conference has educated me in such a way that I have now good, deep knowledge about Faith. I also got to know about challenges being faced by those leaders and men of God who promote the Fatima Message. Finally, we have to take the Message of Fatima seriously. Otherwise, we shall perish.”

— Father A, Ghana

“I shall consecrate one parish on October 22, then try every parish of the Diocese and finally the whole Diocese. I shall remember the Fatima Center in every Mass.”

— Bishop W, India

You Were Chosen
by Coralie Graham, Editor
In the opening address at the “Last Chance for World Peace” Conference, Mrs. Graham represented the parents and grandparents who had written to The Fatima Crusader. Her concern, and theirs, was that the bishops and priests present get to know all the facts about the Message of Fatima.

Rianjo Prayers Answered

Divine Providence

“Our Lady brought me all the way to Spain for that one soul.”

by Susan Vennari
One chance encounter, one soul saved. As witnessed by Mrs. Vennari, one American priest believes Our Lady had Her own agenda for his trip to Spain.

What Priests Can Do
by Father Patrick Perez
In this article, Father Perez expands on a plan of action for furthering the Message of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia. Pay special attention to his warning to avoid the spirit of feminist irrationality and emotionalism that is influencing the clergy and the hierarchy with their nonsense.

Rosary Procession to Tuy Cathedral

Consecration of Russia is Essential
by Bishop Paul Khoarai, Diocese of Lesotho
In his talk, the bishop insisted on the Consecration of Russia, the key to everything. His conclusion should be taken to heart and acted upon immediately: “The devil is using Russia ... other consecrations are secondary.”

The Facts Prove:
Russia Has NOT Been Consecrated
by Christopher A. Ferrara
In this pivotal talk Mr. Ferrara tackles a persistent question: “How are we to know Our Lady did in fact come to Tuy?” His answer leaves no room for debate. The words of both Sister Lucy and Pope John Paul II are cited as proof that Our Lady is still waiting for the Consecration of Russia in the manner She requested.

Speakers' Excerpts:
Jacinta and Francisco
by Edwin Faust
If you’ve never heard the account of the lives and sacrifices of Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco, you’ll want to read excerpts from the talk given by Mr. Faust. Their example can help us conform our lives to Our Lady’s Message.

Conference Spirit
We Must Be As Little Children
Three little children led the Rosary in opening our “Last Chance for World Peace” Conference. They were a fitting reminder that the Message of Fatima was delivered to three little children who “suffered much” in an act of reparation for the sins that offend God.

Speakers' Excerpts:
Heaven’s Threat of Chastisement
by John Vennari
In this excerpt from “Does God Change His Mind?” Mr. Vennari may shock some of us with his astute observation: “we are already in the Chastisement”. His conclusion: “God does not change His mind about the gravity of sin and the threat of chastisement if reparation is not made. The need for obedience to Our Lady of Fatima is greater than ever.”

Conference Speakers

Speakers' Excerpts:
United Nations: False Solution for World Peace
by Cornelia R. Ferreira, B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc.  
Some naively believe the United Nations, “one of the most important platforms for Soviet propaganda”, can bring about world peace. This talk clearly proves that counting on the UN is a grave mistake. Only Our Lady can save us!

Speakers' Excerpts:
Russia Taught the World How to Persecute
by David Allen White, Ph.D.
Dr. White received a standing ovation for his lecture on the errors of Russia. After reading this article you will be just as impressed. His examples include cruelty, inhumanity and ruthless abuse of power, but not just by Russian tyrants.

St. Mary Major – Pontevedra

Speakers' Excerpts:
The Holy Icon of Tuy
by Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D.
In this talk, Mr. Chojnowski weaves the apparitions at Pontevedra and Tuy together in a cohesive manner that emphasize the obligation Sister Lucy had to spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

A Family in Christ

Why Is This
The Last Chance for World Peace?
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Father Gruner wants us to realize that the Message of Fatima is one of hope, not despair. In this talk he reiterates Our Lady’s plan of action so we can do our part to bring peace to the world, which is the reason for this conference.


Fatima Vigil – October 12

Prayer Cards for Benefactors

Help The Fatima Movement of Priests

Father Panakal Thomas
A sincere word of thanks to Father Gruner and everyone else who made this Conference possible.

Speakers' Excerpts:
Antichrist Rising
by Michal Semin
In his talk, Mr. Semin describes the dangers of modernism and the contempt the Antichrist has for God’s majesty. He reflects on St. Pius X, the most recent canonized Pope, who recognized we were suffering from a “terrible and deep-rooted malady ... apostasy from God.”

Eclipse of the Basilica

Speakers' Excerpts:
The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy
by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
Father Kramer gave a very informative talk based on his new book (with the same title). We encourage you to read this article thoroughly and carefully. You’ll find the answers to your questions about whether it’s “OK” to attend the Mass of All Time.

Comment from the Conference:

Farewell to Our Lady, October 13

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