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Spring 2006

Issue 82 

Index page The Fatima Message is a restatement of the dogma of the Blessed Trinity. The Angel at Fatima taught the children to offer prayers of reparation to the "Father, Son and Holy Ghost". If this reparation is not made, and if Our Lady's requests at Fatima are not obeyed, terrible chastisements will fall upon the world. In fact, the chastisement has already begun, as the two feature articles on the Third Secret in this issue explain.

Where There is No Hatred of Heresy, There is No Holiness
by Father Frederick Faber
Have we grown too accustomed to heresy? In this article Father Faber reminds us that we do not fear it, do not detest it and, as a result, we have no zeal for God’s honor.

Why You and I Must Speak Out NOW!
Saints, various popes and Sacred Scripture have all exhorted us to be very vocal in our fight against evil. The brief quotes provided here are a much-needed reminder.

Living Our Daily Lives In the Light of the Fatima Secret
Extracts taken from recent interview with Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
We are in great danger. And in this very challenging interview Father Gruner asks probing questions and gives definitive answers. Who should we trust? What must we do? What is apostasy? Is the possibility of encouraging Russia’s aggression behind the Vatican’s refusal to give us the real Third Secret? Read this article and you will “know the truth” and be better able to play your very important role in defending the Catholic Faith.

The Third Secret Predicts:
World War III and Worse?
The Fatima Crusader Interviews Father Paul Kramer
Did Cardinal Ratzinger reveal to us the essence of the Third Secret of Fatima in his 1984 statements in Jesus magazine? Father Kramer, who has studied the facts and circumstances of the Third Secret for some thirty-five years, believes Cardinal Ratzinger did and agrees with Mother Angelica that the Third Secret is indeed scary – far scarier than Catholics have generally understood. Father Kramer cites many sources – including Our Lady of Akita, Pope John Paul II, Mother Angelica, and Malachi Martin – to discredit the Vatican’s June 2000 interpretation of the Third Secret and to warn us of terrifying future events. He warns us of “a sudden war waged by Russia that would overrun all of Europe” and of far greater spiritual chastisements to follow; and of Our Lady’s ultimate triumph. How much will we suffer before Russia is consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart?

It's About Time!

A Review of Christopher Ferrara's
EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong

by Michael J. Matt
Is this book as important as we believe it is? Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant, a biweekly Catholic newspaper, thinks so, and his review of EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong explains why. He warns of the dangers inherent in “mainstream” Catholic programming, where Catholics who are trying to find the truth are misled, and he notes the effectiveness in EWTN’s appeal as a truly “Catholic” alternative. In EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong, Christopher A. Ferrara has certainly proven his case against EWTN – so much so that Mr. Matt cannot recommend this book highly enough.

EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong


Portuguese Press Reports:
"Fatima Rejects Control By Pope"

New Statutes Transfer Fatima to the
Control of Four Bishops

by John Vennari
As a result of The Fatima Crusader and other Catholic journals reporting repeatedly on the scandal of Rector Guerra's ecumenical follies, the Vatican has finally intervened, as explained in this report. John Vennari quotes various Portuguese newspapers to point out just how confrontational the fight for control of the Fatima Shrine has become. Unwilling to admit that any “foolishness” or “deviancy” has taken place there, one Portuguese bishop insists that “there is no need for a theological policeman.” The sources quoted in this report, and Mr. Vennari’s fact-finding trips to Portugal prove otherwise.

Sufferings of Saint Joseph ~ His Seven Sorrows
by St. Peter Julian Eymard
Sometimes we forget just how much Joseph suffered for Jesus and Mary. St. Eymard reminds us of the love of this husband and father for his very special family. By breaking down Joseph’s suffering into seven sorrows, we better understand what it was that united him to the redemptive work of the Savior.

Sister Lucy Laid to Rest at Fatima
by John Vennari
The weather that day reminded many in attendance of a very similar rainy midday on October 13, 1917, when 70,000 souls waited patiently for the Miracle of the Sun. On February 19, 2006, white handkerchiefs were waved in affection as Sister Lucy’s casket was taken to the Coimbra cathedral for Mass. In this article Mr. Vennari takes us to Fatima as a witness to the front page news of the Portuguese Press – the translation of Sister Lucy's body from Coimbra to the basilica of the Fatima Shrine.

Rector Guerra's Latest Conference
by John Vennari
Tied to the future opening in 2007 of the new concrete basilica at Fatima that looks like a prison, a special conference was held in Fatima on the weekend of Sister Lucy's translation, February 17 and 18. Apparently meant to increase the number of volunteers working at the Fatima Shrine, the conference was entitled: "The Sanctuary – Divine Initiative in Favor of Men," and hosted by Rector Guerra. In this article Mr. Vennari reports on what was said at the conference; he found some statements to be interesting and edifying, but others were troublesome.

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