Spring 2005


Sister Lucy Has Gone to Her Eternal Reward:
Now It's Up to YOU
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L, S.T.D. (Cand.)
With the miracle that 70,000 people witnessed on October 13, 1917, God has endorsed the truth of the Fatima Message. Father Gruner reminds us of our obligation to believe and obey the Message of Fatima. He points to the concealed but potentially fatal danger to our Faith - which Sister Lucy warned us about and which threatens us in our time - and its remedy.

Sister Lucy Dies; but Full Third Secret Yet to be Released

Statement from The Fatima Center to the World's Press

The Fatima Center reaffirms its position on the Third Secret and comments on the significance that Sister Lucy's passing will have on its release.

World Peace is so easy to Obtain NOW!

Death of the Last Witness
by John Vennari
John Vennari examines how the anti-Fatima message promulgated by various Vatican officials - and what Sister Lucy called the "diabolical disorientation of the upper hierarchy" - continues even after Sister Lucy's passing.

Fatima, Faith and Fidelity in Action ...

Sister Lucy's Cell Ordered Sealed by Cardinal Ratzinger
by Christopher Ferrara
Christopher Ferrara reports on the sealing of Sister Lucy's room in the convent at Coimbra - within a day of her death - and of any "diaries and communications" found therein. He examines some of the possible motives and provides very telling commentary by Vittorio Messori - one of Italy's top journalists - regarding this unusual action.

Our Lady Online

The last published statement before she was silenced by the Vatican 45 years ago.
Authentic Prophetic Interview with Sister Lucy of Fatima
A Report by Father Fuentes
This is the famous interview of Sister Lucy by Father Fuentes on December 26, 1957. It answers the most commonly asked questions about the Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia, uncovering the ominous fate the whole world faces "unless we obtain beforehand the conversion of that poor nation". Sister Lucy indicates to us the unique remedy for our times that Our Lady Herself has invested with great graces. This interview also answers many of the most pertinent questions pertaining to the Message of Fatima.

The Blessings of our Orphanage in India

The Silencing of Sister Lucy


A Fatima Center Report
Where truth is unwelcome, its messengers suffer the consequences. This article examines the many concrete steps taken by various Vatican prelates to keep Sister Lucy silent on the Consecration of Russia and the Third Secret of Fatima. This is Part One of a four-part series.

Keep the Fatima Message Alive

Red Alert

World Peace is threatened and YOU are Being Deceived

Fatima Center Mourns the Death of Sister Lucy

Fatima Center Media Release

This is the official statement, regarding the passing of Sister Lucy, of the Fatima Center, which grieves the loss of the presence of the last surviving Fatima seer. The death of Sister Lucy has left the world without its last witness who could have clarified two of the most disputed issues in the Church today. In this Media Release, the Apostolate also makes an important announcement concerning how it plans to honor Sister Lucy.

Tsunami Devastation

Report from India

by Mairead Clarke
Mairead gives us a heartrending eyewitness glimpse of the devastation following the tsunami in India, but she also reports on two miraculous events that occurred in connection with this tragedy. Many photographs are included.

Miracles of the Brown Scapular

Tsunami Devastation ... Fatima Center Helps Tsunami Victims

Regarding Natural Calamities and Divine Threats:
God is Merciful for a Season, and then Chastises
by St. Alphonsus de Liguori
The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Liguori, unravels one of the greatest mysteries known to man: If God is all good and loves us so intensely, why is there suffering? How are we to attempt to fathom God's chastisements? As only a Saint can do, St. Alphonsus here thoroughly explains this mystery of God's infinite mercy and justice, motivating us to increase our love of God.

Sister Lucy ~ 1907 - 2005

Sister Lucy's Funeral

Eyewitness Report from Coimbra, Portugal

by Bernadette Vesco
Bernadette gives us an eyewitness account of Sister Lucy's funeral. She also reports for us some strange circumstances following the death of the seer.

The Great Battle Continues

Another Fatima Friend Goes to His Eternal Reward
A report on the passing of His Excellency Saminini Arulappa, Archbishop Emeritus of Hyderabad, India. Read more about this devoted son of Our Lady, who died on the same day as Sister Lucy.

Errors of Ecumenism
Edited transcript of a speech given by Fr. Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
Father Kramer speaks here on the charism of infallibility and the doctrinal weight of the Church's pronouncements regarding ecumenism, both pro and con. Father Kramer exposes the absurdity of the bases upon which ecumenism rests. Father speaks with great clarity on a subject which has brought about so much confusion to Catholics.

Society of the Child Jesus
Feed Them ... or Forget Them

Be a Messenger of Truth & Hope!

Your Eternal Gift to Our Lady

St. Alphonsus de Liguori
Compiled by Bernadette Vesco
This is the first part in a series of articles on the compelling life of St. Alphonsus de Liguori, Doctor of the Church and the quintessential teacher of Catholic moral doctrine in both his words and example. This article examines his life from birth up to the days of his early priesthood.

Green Scapular of Conversion

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