Autumn 2004

Issue 78

It's Up to You

The Supreme Privilege of Being an Ambassador of Jesus and Mary
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Coralie Graham, Editor
In this introductory article, Coralie Graham discusses the great benefits one can derive from working for Our Lord and Our Lady and the furtherance of the Fatima Message.

The Supreme Privilege of Being Catholic

By What Authority Must We Believe?
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
Father Nicholas Gruner discusses our obligation to believe the Fatima Message because God Himself has given it to us, through His holy Mother. Our Lady has promised Her victory, Her triumph. Yet She has chosen to win through us. Therefore, he explains, it is time for us to do our part.

Ambassadors At Work

When God Speaks - We Must Listen
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
In this article Father Paul Kramer explains the moral obligation each of us has to believe the Message of Fatima.

Testimony of an Ambassador

Be a Messenger of Truth & Hope!

Your Life May Depend On It

Prophecy and Miracles
Edited Transcript of a Speech by John Vennari
In this article John Vennari addresses the common misunderstanding that Fatima is only a private revelation that no one is obliged to believe.

Miracle Cure from Death's Door by Our Lady of Fatima
by Adrianna Attar
This is one Fatima Ambassador's moving account of how Our Lady miraculously cured her terminally ill brother.

"Can't" is NOT in his Volunteer Dictionary
This volunteer for Our Lady should inspire all of us with his dedication and faith.

God is Going to Punish You Severe
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Christopher A. Ferrara
Christopher Ferrara discusses the prophetic elements of the Fatima Message that have already been realized, and he also touches upon some of the current proofs that the consecration has not been done and that Russia has not been converted.

In Loving Memory

"I Will Perform a Miracle"
Our Lady Claims Her Sovereignty
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Dr. Peter Chojnowski
In this article Dr. Peter Chojnowski discusses Our Lady's role as Queen of Heaven and Earth, which distinction has been accorded to Her by Her divine Son, Who is King and Master of all things.

Five-Year-Old Converts Hindu Family Through Her Treasured Rosary
This is a charming story of how one little girl brought a Hindu family to the Catholic Faith through the power of the Rosary.

Even the Smallest Person Can Change the Future
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Jim Condit, Jr.
Jim Condit Jr. discusses the many temporal and spiritual dangers we face in the modern world, noting that until Our Lady triumphs the hope for millions of souls rests upon the actions to be taken by the comparatively few ambassadors of Fatima, Ambassadors of Jesus and Mary.

Ambassador Promise
You too can be an Ambassador of Jesus, Mary and the Catholic Faith. This pledge can be printed and signed as your own personal promise to Our Lord and Our Lady to serve them faithfully as an ambassador.

Prophecy and Punishment
Edited Transcript of a Speech by Gerry Matatics
Gerry Matatics discusses the error of naturalism, so pervasive today, whereby the world seeks natural solutions to cure its problems, which are supernatural in origin. This error is one factor preventing the fulfillment of the Fatima requests. Mr. Matatics also presents a Biblical paradigm, in which he traces the parallels between the prophet Elias and Our Lady of Fatima.

Help Bring True Peace To Our World!

If You Missed This Seminar:
Don't Miss These Inspiring Audio Recordings of The Fatima Center's Ambassador Seminar
by Bernadette Vesco
This report provides a brief summary of each of the speeches given during the Ambassador Seminar.

Listen To Fatima Experts! ... On Audio Cassettes!

25 Million Rosaries

This Seminar is About Action
Edited Transcript of a Workshop Presentation by Don Pennell
In this article Don Pennell gives practical advice on how to utilize various media outlets - including the Internet, newspapers, and radio and television stations - to disseminate information to the public. He also offers simple and effective ways of spreading the Fatima Message to the Catholic bishops, so that they will realize the roles they have been given in the Message of Fatima.

Action and Grace
Edited Transcript of a Workshop Presentation by Joanna Swords
Joanna Swords, who runs the Center’s volunteer department for North America, explains in this article that one of the best means available for spreading the Fatima Message is through volunteers. All it takes is one person to make a difference in the lives of many, and she provides numerous examples from her experiences to illustrate this point. She lists the numerous ways Our Lady’s volunteers can help spread Her Message.

Our Lady Needs Your Help NOW!

Fatima Web Network
Summary of a Workshop Presentation given by Andrew Cesanek
In this article Andrew Cesanek discusses the current Fatima Web site project, in which has been revamped, with the creation of several new web sites and the addition of much new material to the network of sites. If fact, these web sites now collectively contain over 2,000 pages. mr. Cesanek gives an overview of some of the new sites, including The Fatima Crusader web site, "Heaven's Peace Plan" radio program site and the web site for the book Devil’s Final Battle. He also highlights some of the network’s newest features.

Heaven's Key to World Peace
The New One-Hour Documentary that
Gives the Only Means to True World Peace

by Coralie Graham
This brief article discusses Heaven’s Key to Peace - the powerful new documentary that points to the only way to true peace in the world - and explains how you can help promote this important tool.

The Fatima Crusader
Our Lady's Flagship
Edited Transcript of a Workshop Presentation by Coralie Graham, Editor
Coralie Graham, editor of The Fatima Crusader, discusses the quarterly magazine as well as the Apostolate’s new and improved television program “The Truth in Crisis”. She explains the different ways individuals can promote these tools, and explains how simple it can be.

Fatima Trojan Horse
Another Soul-Saving Idea -
Right from the Ranks of Our Lady's Ambassadors

Read about this unique and simple idea for spreading the power of the Miraculous Medal and the Green Scapular.

Green Scapular Power!

Get the Word Out!
The terrible sacrilegious Hindu desecration that took place in Fatima on May 5, 2004 should serve to alert us all to the apostasy that is growing around us. This brief article explains why it is so important to publicize the occurrence of this event.

Thousands of Catholics Raise Their Voices in Protest Against Hindu Rituals at Fatima Shrine
Catholics by the thousands are up in arms against the sacrilegious event that occurred on May 5, 2004 at Portugal's Fatima Shrine, when a Hindu prayer ritual was conducted at the altar in the Little Chapel of the Apparitions, the chapel built over the spot where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children at Fatima in 1917. SIC television, a national station in Portugal, broadcast the event the same day it took place. The Fatima Center has obtained a copy of the broadcast, and is now circulating photographs of the event.

Vatican Calls for Resignation of Fatima Bishop and Shrine Rector
Correio da manha, the leading daily newspaper in Portugal, caused an uproar in the Catholic world when it reported in a front page article in its September 29 issue that "Rome is shocked with Fatima," concerning the Hindu ritual that desecrated the Fatima Shrine on May 5, 2004. According to the newspaper, the Vatican "is critical of the prayers offered by the Dalai Lama and those of a Hindu priest in the Shrine" and has announced to the Portuguese Episcopal Conference (PEC) that they must replace the Bishop of Fatima and the Shrine Rector. If not, the paper reported, the Vatican will assume direct control of the Fatima shrine. This press release illustrates the fact that our actions do make a difference.

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