The terrible, sacrilegious Hindu ritual did, in fact, take place on May 5, 2004 at the holiest spot in Fatima, the spot sanctified by the very presence of the glorious Virgin Mary when She came to visit the three shepherd children six different times.

Both Rector Guerra of the Fatima Shrine and the Bishop of Fatima approved, defended and promoted this event on public television on May 5, 2004.

For the next two months, after justifying it on May 5 on television, each member of the guilty administration at Fatima refrained from speaking about this event in front of the general public. They did not do this out of repentance but rather because, while justifying to themselves and others that it was good, they now recognize that not everyone agrees.

So, the enemies of the Church — those who have insinuated themselves into high-ranking positions in the Vatican and in the hierarchy, and those people who have used Shrine Rector Guerra and the Fatima Bishop — have begun to realize that they have gone too far, too fast, and that many of the people of the Church — at least in Portugal and even elsewhere — are not ready for such a giant leap forward towards turning the Catholic Faithful into apostates who approve pagan worship services.

That is why it is necessary for us now to bring to the attention of everyone the fact that the Hindu pagan "service" took place. We must further publicize the fact that no public reparation at Fatima has taken place; the fact that there have been no repercussions; the fact that Rector Guerra and the Bishop of Fatima have not been forced to resign. The fact is, all ecumenical activities are designed to lead us to inter-religious services, which eventually lead to open Apostasy. The new doctrines of the new Conciliar church lead to Apostasy.

This is where it drags souls; but now apostate clergy have made the mistake of tipping their hand too soon. And because they have done so, people have been given the opportunity to wake up to the danger of Apostasy.

We must publicize this event by making the "Photo Report of Hindu Ritual at Fatima" (the Special Supplement of Issue 77 of The Fatima Crusader) available to a wide number of people.

Order free copies from the Fatima Center and give them to your friends, neighbors, relatives and all people of good will — and especially to priests and bishops.

Our duty, yours and mine, is to bring this heretical and apostate scandal to the attention of the Catholic world:

So that the faithful will be on their guard, for themselves, for their parish church, for their diocese. It has happened in the Basilicas in Grand Rapids, Michigan; in Fatima, Portugal; and in St. Joseph’s Oratory, (August 14, 2004) in Montreal, Canada.

So that they will make reparation.

So that they will demand the resignation of the Bishop of Fatima and the Shrine Rector Guerra.

So they can see by the continued inaction of religious superiors that we are in (or soon will be in) a state of necessity and therefore may (soon) use the privileges provided by the moral law and the dogmatic foundations of the Church to protect ourselves, our true Catholic Faith, our parish churches and our Shrines, and protect above all the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.

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