Fatima Trojan Horse

Another Soul-Saving Idea — Right from the Ranks of Our Lady’s Ambassadors

We have received so many wonderful ideas from so many wonderful ambassadors. Here is a particularly inspirational one. It is a tremendous idea for saving souls that we all can do, no matter what our age, our circumstances, our talents, our rank in life.

A group of Legion of Mary workers came up with this: it’s called Mission Trojan Moose. They purchased several furry little moose, opened up the seam and placed a Miraculous Medal and a Green Scapular inside, and closed it with jiffy glue.

Next, they took them to senior citizen’s homes, hospitals and such, and gave them as gifts. Each of them then prayed for that person daily with the easy-to-pray Green Scapular conversion prayer: "Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death."

So simple, yet so profound! How many times have you "planted" Green Scapulars in pockets, under mattresses, under carpets, backs of shelves, only to have them reappear on cleaning day? And of course, nobody knows how on earth they got there in the first place, except for we prime suspects standing in the corner thinking, hmm, gotta find a better place next time.

This idea opens up a whole new "sneak attack" for the Green Scapular converters. We can have our own Fatima Trojan Puppies, Fatima Trojan Teddies, and Kitties, and so on and so on.

Give up a couple of cups of coffee a week, buy a couple of Fatima Trojan furry critters at your local dollar store, fill them with the grace of the Miraculous Medal and Green Scapular, and off you go to begin converting two more souls that day.

Think of it — a small sacrifice, a short prayer, and a little action — such a small price to pay for the glory of preparing two souls for conversion, possibly the only chance they may ever get. Not a bad day’s work!

The list of recipients is endless. Everyone loves soft, furry animals — but particularly those who are confined to hospitals, institutions, or maybe even just live alone. I would especially target those who God, perhaps, will call home very soon. By such a small effort, we may perhaps help them on that path, to make sure their ultimate "home" is Heaven.

And you don’t have to stop there. Remember all your friends and relatives. Start examining your gifts to plant your Green Scapular, water it daily with your prayer, then watch them grow in the glorious rays of grace they might not have received, if not for YOU.

A Plea to Our Heavenly Mother

Please read the inspiring story by Adrianna Attar, "Miracle Cure from Death's Door by Our Lady of Fatima", where a sorrowful mother never lost faith in praying for her son to Our Sorrowful Mother in Heaven. Her simple act of Faith, through the intervention of Our Lady of Fatima, brought about the cure of her son.

There is another mother today, who is reaching out to that Faith, and asks us to pray for her son Roman. Roman was born 11 months ago, at only 26 weeks of gestation. He was just over one pound then, and today he weighs only 11 pounds, one for each month he has been with us.

He has Trisomy Eight, which is a very rare, mosaic chromosome deficiency. He is blind, has chronic lung disease, is tube fed, has malcompaction of the heart and pulmonary hypertension.

His parents have never been able to bring him home. Roman is alert, he knows his mother, but the child must live in the hospital, away from the maternal love he so desperately needs in his little fight for life. The lack of high-cost medical equipment to keep him alive at home prohibits this little angel from reaching out to feel his mother's gentle love, day or night.

Let us have faith, as Ricky Attar's mother did and pray Rosaries that Roman will be cured and experience the joy of being home with his family, if it be the Will of God.

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