The Fatima Crusader

Our Lady’s Flagship

Edited transcript of a Workshop Presentation by Coralie Graham, Editor

Most of you already receive The Fatima Crusader, but we have brought boxes of them here so you can take some home with you and give them out. Joanna gave you a lot of good examples of why just handing out one Fatima Crusader is so beneficial to a soul out there. As she says, you just don’t know what that one Crusader can do. It’s not for you to know, God knows. Just listen to Him in your heart. If He seems to be telling you to hand it to a priest, a friend, a relative, who may think you’re a religious fanatic, don’t worry about it. Just do it. God wants that soul saved and He might be using that one little gesture of yours to rescue that soul from the devil.

A few years back I received a telephone call from a man overflowing with emotion. He said, "I got The Fatima Crusader and it converted me!" That of course overwhelmed me too. We at the Fatima Center never get tired hearing of the fruits of our labor. Then the man said, "Yes, and you will never guess how I got the Crusader." Of course, this intrigued me and I’m mentally thinking of all the ways we distribute The Fatima Crusader. He said, "I was at the post office and I found it in the garbage can there."

Doesn’t that tell you something? Now, I don’t want you to go out and throw Crusaders in all the garbage cans in case somebody will pick them up, but do listen to what Joanna said. Do hand them out. Leave them in the doctor’s offices, on bus seats, laundromats; leave them in any public place where people are bound to come across it. If it’s God’s Will, that little Crusader is going to have a little homing device on it to attract the souls He wants to bring back to the fold.

You are soldiers, ambassadors for Our Lady and we are at war to defend Her and our Catholic Faith, but our weapons are not guns, they are prayer and action, especially praying the Rosary — the tools God gives us, such as The Fatima Crusader.

By the way, I would like to ask your assistance, a bit of sharing of your God-given talents.

If you have a talent of writing, send me in your articles, your ideas. Some have written poems to Our Lord and Our Lady — you might have noticed, I have published some of them already.

We are always badly in need of photographs for the Crusader. If you have good photos of statues, churches, stained-glass windows, beautiful landscapes from Fatima or other shrines, please send them to me. You may also own a traditional Catholic painting that is not copyrighted. We could have a good photo print made of it to use. Whatever you can offer, please send them to me.

All of you are a part of The Fatima Crusader, through your talents, your prayers, your alms and your actions. God bless you for helping to keep Our Lady’s flagship going.

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