Heaven’s Key to World Peace

The new one-hour Documentary
that gives the only means to
true world peace.

by Coralie Graham

Heaven’s Key to Peace speaks for itself — Fatima experts, world crisis, the current crisis in the Church, all threaded together, leaving you with one thought — the solution Our Lady gave us for peace, when She appeared at Fatima.

Once you have seen Heaven’s Key to Peace, you will know that we must get this on the air. The secular governments and institutions are bent on finding a remedy to the current crisis with only man-made attempts to bring about world peace, such as the U.N., and waging war to stop war. As the documentary points out, all these secular attempts will not work. It’s just not going to happen.

Only Our Divine Creator can get the world out of the mess it has gotten itself into. It is impossible for mere man to resolve it. So God sent His Holy Mother to tell us how:

If My requests are granted, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.

If not! The Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated and the rest of the world enslaved by God-hating men.

God endorsed this Fatima Message with the Miracle of the Sun, so mankind would believe — and obey.

But because of the campaign to silence the Message of Fatima, even from within the Church, the world, as a whole, has not heard of this Heavenly Message. Even a great portion of the Catholic clergy do not know or understand the grave consequences of not heeding this Holy Message. There are only a remnant of clergy and Faithful who know and understand the obligation to believe and obey Our Lady of Fatima.

That is why it is so important to get this Documentary on the air. Volumes have been documented about Fatima, but this hour-long documentary compresses just enough information and proof and cites the grave consequences, so that more souls will know, understand, believe, and act.

It will be through the grassroots swell of people like you and I, to pray, petition and plead for the Consecration of Russia — to end the wars, to end the plagues, to end the starvation, to end abortion, to end the godless governments and their godless laws — to bring true peace to the world and the salvation of millions of souls.

Heaven’s Key to Peace tells us all how, through Our Lady of Fatima.

We need your help to get this on the air. Your prayers, your petitions, your actions and your alms.

Buy copies and give them away for Christmas. Invite your friends in and show it in your own home, dialogue about it afterwards — if your friends or relatives have questions you can’t answer, call us. We can give you the answers, we can send you the literature, we can help you in your mission to save souls.

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