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Summary of a Workshop Presentation given by Andrew Cesanek

The Fatima Center’s network of web sites, featuring fatima.org, has been vastly upgraded and re-organized over the past year, with the addition of four brand new sites (fatima.org/crusader, fatimaperspectives.com, archive.fatima.org/peaceplan, and fatimarosaryrallies.com) and much new material as well. This material includes about 80 new articles (more than half of which are already on the web) that can only be found on the web. All network web site articles host the new printer-friendly and "e-mail this page (to a friend)" features.

Many of these new articles serve to educate the reader on the most essential basics of the Fatima Message, from the very beginning of the apparitions to their application and opposition in today’s world. Visitors to fatima.org can find articles covering the facts of the apparitions, the message, the various requests of Heaven, the opposition to Fatima and, finally, articles providing suggestions for what you can do to promote Fatima and its Message.

Very important among the articles on the opposition to Fatima are the new Chronology of Four Cover-up Campaigns articles that treat of the cover-ups concerning Sister Lucy, the Third Secret, the Consecration of Russia, and Father Gruner (again, found nowhere except at fatima.org).

The fatima.org home page also dedicates two major sections to the very important and highly controversial subjects of the Third Secret of Fatima and the Consecration of Russia. Here the visitor will also find many new articles which deal specifically with these two matters, including their circumstances and implications. These two sections also present much previously-published related material, including all relevant Fatima Crusader articles, News and Views articles, Fatima Perspective articles, and even some books.

As new material continues to be added to the web sites, visitors can find out about what’s new by visiting the Site News section (on the fatima.org home page), which is updated on a monthly basis. Visitors can stay informed on the latest news by visiting the News & Views page, also accessible from the fatima.org home page.

The fatima.org/crusader web site provides 25 years of The Fatima Crusader articles online, containing over 90% of all that has ever been written in the magazine. Brief summaries are also provided for all Crusader articles, to help the visitor discover the hundreds of Crusader articles in the archives.

With the vast amount of material presenting a great wealth of information on our network of sites (over 2,000 pages), including three books online (The Devil’s Final Battle, Fatima Priest, and World Enslavement or Peace), and several new features (including our new search engine that works just like Google), the Fatima network of sites is truly a great research tool.

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