Tape 1: Father Nicholas Gruner: "The Message of Fatima and You"

Tape 2: Speakers’ Panel: "The Obligation to Believe, Obey and Promote the Message of Fatima" (John Vennari, Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D., Christopher Ferrara, Father Paul Kramer, Jim Condit Jr., Gerry Matatics, Father Nicholas Gruner), Part I

Tape 3: Speakers’ Panel: "The Obligation to Believe, Obey and Promote the Message of Fatima" Part II

Tape 4: John Vennari: "The Present Pagan Assault on Fatima and What You Can Do About It" Contains actual soundtrack from the Fatima Interfaith Congress, and the May 5, 2004 Hindu ceremony at Fatima

Tape 5: Thomas Droleskey, Ph.D.: "The Necessity of the Fatima Message to Retard Russia’s Errors"

Tape 6: "How to Become an Effective Apostle of Our Lady", four 15-minute presentations each from Joanna Swords, Andrew Cesanek, Coralie Graham, and Don Pennell

Tape 7: Peter Chojnowski, Ph.D.: "Fatima and Catholic Action"

Tape 8: Father Patrick Perez: "Obstacles to Fatima: Modernism and Modern Thought"

Tape 9: Father Nicholas Gruner: "Fatima and Personal Sanctification"

Tape 10: Gerry Matatics: "Scriptural Defense of Marian Doctrine and Devotion"

Tape 11: Christopher Ferrara: "The Catholic’s Duty to Defend the Faith"

Tape 12: Sunday Session: "The Power of the Rosary", hosted by Coralie Graham

Tape 13: Jim Condit, Jr: "A Rosary Crusade to Save America"

Tape 14: Father Paul Kramer: "The Imminent Chastisement for Not Obeying Our Lady’s Requests"

Tape 15: Father Nicholas Gruner: "Time of Apostasy, Time for Action!"

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