5-Year-Old Converts Hindu Family
Through Her Treasured Rosary

My name is Linda and I have a beautiful miracle of the Rosary to share with you — with the idea that even the smallest of people can make a big difference.

I was distributing Rosaries and my five-year-old daughter, Lisa, a kindergartner, decided to take some to her school. She was showing the children there how to pray the Rosary and, consequently, got into a tad bit of trouble over it. I was called into the principal’s office and he wanted to know why I was putting my daughter up to this. But I didn’t know anything about it. Her crime, apparently, was that she was teaching the Rosary to a little Hindu boy, Banu.

Banu was having trouble learning English and apparently my daughter was the only one he could understand. He said he prayed to "the Jesus man" and "the Jesus man" answered him, but the gods of his father did not. Not long after that he asked me to help him get baptized because he feared he would never get another chance. Remember we are talking about a 5-year-old Hindu boy.

I had to check with my priest because I didn’t know what to do. The priest said, "Perhaps Our Lady is doing something with his little heart. Talk to him some more and let me know."

So I talked to Banu and he said, "Now, since I prayed the Rosary and asked ‘the Jesus man’, I can understand everything and I’m getting A’s in school. And my kitty had disappeared for three months, and I asked for my kitty back and there she was."

Shortly after I began home schooling and I did not see Banu any more. Time went by and a few years later, I had an appointment at a new doctor’s office. His last name was the same as Banu’s. It was an unusual name, so I asked him if he had a son Banu. He said, "Yes." I then said, “well Banu went to school with my daughter Lisa”. His response was "You!"

At first he was very upset with me and asked why I had cursed him. I told him I had not cursed him and then he went on about the cat his son had prayed for. He had seen the cat hit by a car and killed, and then after his son prayed the Rosary for his return, the cat suddenly reappeared after having been gone for months.

I met him a few times after that and finally he asked me what he should do. I told him, "You have to become Catholic." I didn’t see him again until a few years later and by then he had been baptized Catholic. He said, "But I’m still having some trouble." I told him, "Oh, right, now you have to become a traditional Catholic and go to a traditional Tridentine Mass."

Well, he did this. His immediate family here has now all turned Catholic and the last I heard, he was making a trip to India to convert the rest of his family.

All this, due to the simple faith and action of my five-year-old daughter.

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