"I Will Perform a Miracle"

Our Lady Claims
Her Sovereignty

Edited transcript of a Speech by Dr. Peter Chojnowski

I think my specialty of philosophy can add something to this discussion. And also the fact, the very personal fact that I was born October 13, and so I feel special.

When you read Saint Thomas Aquinas, you see that God is much more than the old man on top of the mountain. He is the very source of all being; everything depends upon Him for its existence, for its sustenance.

Jesus Christ is King

Therefore, when He sent His Son to be Incarnate in the flesh, He sent His Son to be King, to reign over and to claim sovereignty over all mankind. Therefore, Christ is King and God, and all things depend on Him. He is Lord and He is Master.

But, of course, when He came down into the world to be King, to take up that sovereignty over all mankind, He was born of a woman. And that woman, because She was the womb from which He took His flesh, His kingly flesh, She too was the daughter of David.

But also in Her suffering at the foot of the Cross, She participated in His kingly conquest of the devil, and evil and death. So She is truly Queen.

And when we look at the Fatima Message we see something that’s stark, and we see something that is unique in the history of the apparitions. We see Our Lady coming down, giving a Message — a Message about our lives, about our own devotions, but also about the nations, and the peoples, and war and government.

Our Queen Performs a Sovereign Act

Our Lady, when She predicted and then when She brought about the Miracle of the Sun — a miracle like none other has occurred since the Resurrection — I say and I believe that She was acting in a way that was fitting for a sovereign; She was performing a sovereign act. She is Queen and She participates in the Sovereignty of Her Son, Who is King.

And remember, He is Master of all things. He is God of the universe. He is Creator and Sustainer of all; He keeps the sun in the heavens, and the stars shining in their glory.

When Our Lady brought about the Miracle of the Sun, She was exercising Her sovereignty and showing Her sovereignty as Queen of the universe. And all Catholics and all men must acknowledge that sovereignty. Surely, surely that miracle was for a reason. Surely She wanted everyone to accept that sovereignty, to accept Her Queenship, and to live according to Her law, which She was communicating to these three children at Fatima.

She Makes a Sovereign’s Claim on Us

Our Lady, with the Miracle of the Sun, makes an incredible sovereign act, but She also, by making a sovereign act, makes a sovereign claim on us. She requires an act of submission.

You see, Saint Thomas Aquinas makes a distinction between the rule of kings, a regal power, and the power of a tyrant. And he says that our mind exercises over our passions the regal power, the power to encourage, a power which persuades and directs, not a power that forces. Our Lady claimed Her Queenship in 1917, for all the world to see, without doubt, Who could make such a miracle at the appointed time. When She made a claim to sovereignty, to all the world’s obedience, She asked for an act of submission. She would not assert Her universal sovereignty without a voluntary act of submission on the part of mankind.

Consequences for Refusal

Especially those who are supposed to be the intimates of Her Son, those who had pledged themselves to be apostles and subordinates, and servants of Christ the King: She requires their submission first of all; the submission of the Popes, the submission of the bishops and the submission of the Catholic faithful. She did not get that voluntary submission.

Therefore, just as when we break a law of nature, we are going to suffer for it. There are consequences to a violation of the moral law. So too there are consequences to the Church’s rejection of Our Lady’s demand, and Our Lady’s sovereign claim. And we are living the consequences now.

Blessings for Submission

However, in order to show Her power, in order to show that She is truly a Queen, and that She has mastery over nations and over peoples, She exercised Her sovereignty over one nation that did submit to Her royal power and to Her royal claim, and that was the nation of Portugal.

No one who reads the history of Portugal in the beginning and through most of the 20th Century can help but be shocked at the turnaround in that country, which happened in 1917 and after. Going from a situation in which there were 16 revolutions in 16 years, where an anti-Catholic government had thrown out all the religious orders, Our Lady appeared at Fatima; She asserted Her sovereignty. And in 1931, all the bishops of Portugal consecrated their nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Here was Our Lady’s chance to prove Her sovereignty, to prove Her Queenship, to prove the fact that She shares in the sovereignty of Christ the King.

Well, Portugal avoided civil war, this bloody Spanish Civil War; Portugal avoided takeover by communism; Portugal completely avoided the most disastrous war, the most catastrophic blood-letting war in human history, World War II. Portugal completely avoided it, without a single soldier injured, and without any loss of territory whatsoever.

Surely, Our Lady was asserting Her sovereignty. So when we think about that miracle on October 13, let us remember that it was for a purpose. It was to initiate the reign of Our Lady as Queen.

We rejected that offer; the Church did not voluntarily submit to Her claims. Now we live in the aftermath. But She gives us a solution: prayer and penance.

Join with your friends and begin your Rosary Procession for Peace in your Nation

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