Ambassadors at Work

Michael Stephens, one of Our Lady's Ambassadors, and his mother, Connie, donated 13 beautiful floral centerpieces of Our Lady of Fatima for the banquet tables at the Seminar. They arranged to have a donation ticket draw for these inspiring centerpieces as a fundraiser to help cover the Apostolate costs of putting on our first Ambassador Seminar.

Pictured above is Michael and Theresa Minges, who did their part to help us at the Seminar by drawing names of 13 winners. Only 12 were present and the 13th was awarded to Theresa and Michael for their assistance. These two children won the hearts of us all through the joy they displayed upon receiving this statue of Our Lady fittingly surrounded with flowers. We adults must always strive to be as little children in the eyes of the Lord. We can learn much from exemplary ambassadors like Michael and Theresa.

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