By What Authority
Must We Believe?

Edited transcript of a Speech by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

I have written 75 pages on the subject, "The Obligation to Believe and Obey Our Lady of Fatima" in my book World Enslavement or Peace, which I published more than 14 years ago.

When I spoke at our Bishop’s Conference in Rome in 2001 — the one that Archbishop Dziwisz (the Pope’s personal secretary for over 30 years) wrote a letter wishing us good luck at the conference and was regretting he could not come — I actually dared to point out that the Message of Fatima, in fact the apparitions of Our Lady Herself, may be, in fact, in Sacred Scripture. (See "The Church’s Obligation to Believe and Obey Our Lady of Fatima" in Issue 74 of The Fatima Crusader.)

I certainly agree with Father Kramer from the natural law point of view and from the Scriptural point of view that we have to believe the truth, whether it is contained in the Deposit of Faith or not.

In fact, what characterizes the time of the Antichrist, the time before the Antichrist comes, is the fact that the people do not love the truth, (2 Thes. Ch. 2) and that the Antichrist comes because the people do not love the truth.

God, Who is all Holy and all Truthful, nevertheless sends a deceiving influence among the people living in the time of the Antichrist because they do not love the truth.

It is important that we love the truth, that we accept it and embrace it. Thus, when Our Lady proves that She has come and given a Message that God endorsed by the great Miracle of the Sun, we have the obligation to believe the very fact that She has demonstrated that it is She Who is speaking.

There are some people, even to this day, who claim, "Don’t listen to Father Gruner because by what authority does he speak?" I speak from the authority of a baptized Catholic, the authority of a confirmed Catholic, and from the authority of an ordained Catholic priest. I speak from the context of the Catholic Faith as always believed. I appeal to the reason of anyone who loves the truth and who is capable of following logic. The facts I appeal to are all undisputed.

That authority is transparent. More important, still, is the authority of Our Lady Who demonstrates that it is She Who speaks.

Now my type of authority in this matter should be clear to all; however, those who do not know their Catholic Faith, question it. But there can be no question about the authority of Our Lady, Who clearly demonstrates Who She is and that Her Message is worthy of belief.

If there is something I say that is contradicting Her Message, I would be the first to tell you, "Don’t listen to me, listen to Her." But if all I am doing is repeating to you what She said and making it understandable and making it actual for the present time, then believe me if I tell you the truth.

You see again, the appeal to authority. We can appeal to authority, but it is not the highest way of knowing. I refer to fallible human authority. In contrast to that is the highest authority, which you must believe is God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. So when the Blessed Virgin Mary speaks, believe Her, even more than the Pope, even more than Cardinal Ratzinger, even more than the bishops, or the whole Vatican apparatus, believe Her.

Tampering with Our Lady’s Words

Does it have to come down to that contradiction? Well apparently it has. Our Lady said: "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph," but Cardinal Ratzinger misquotes Her. He drops off the words, "in the end" and does not finish the sentence either. He also reduces the Immaculate Heart to possibly being your heart or that of anyone who seeks to serve God.

He misquotes Sacred Scripture when he refers to the passage, "Blessed are the clean of heart" (Mt. 5:8) and replaces the word "clean" with "immaculate". There is only one Immaculate Conception. There are only two Immaculate Hearts, which are the Virgin’s and Our Lord’s, of course.

But the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. It’s a triumph for the future, but Cardinal Ratzinger doesn’t tell you that.

Our Lady of Fatima predicted four things:

"In the end, (after a struggle), My Immaculate Heart will triumph;

"The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me;

"Russia will be converted;

"A period of peace will be given to the world."

Four times, She predicts the future. How does Cardinal Ratzinger reduce that to saying that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary took place 2000 years ago when She said: "Yes" to the Archangel Gabriel at the Annunciation?

That is what he does. Here you have a sleight of hand. You know how a magician can do things with his hand and make you think you saw one thing but he does something else.

Here we have a magician working with words: Cardinal Ratzinger saying that Our Lady’s prophecy that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph is something that took place 2000 years ago. But Our Lady said in 1917, She WILL triumph, that is sometime after 1917.

You have here the watchdog of Catholic doctrine not telling the truth about a most important prophecy. In fact, Ratzinger denies that prophecy itself has the role of accurately predicting the future as part of the proof that the message of God is truly from God. God uses prophecy as a proof that He is the author of a Divine message.

Deceiving Messages

Now the book, The Devil’s Final Battle, explains, in great detail, Ratzinger’s lack of belief in the Fatima Message. Chapter 11, titled "Cardinal Ratzinger’s Message of Fatima", shows that the Cardinal substituted the true Message of Fatima with his own, which is quite different. It becomes clear that Cardinal Ratzinger does not, in fact, believe in the full Fatima Message. Rather, he makes light of it. He does that, while all the time appearing to the general public to be ever so respectful.

I would like to give you one example of how he does it: Cardinal Ratzinger uses the same device that Bill Clinton used in 1992 when he accepted the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President at their convention. Now Clinton, like George Bush Sr., was also in favor of the New World Order. However, unlike Bush Sr. he was smart enough to not use that phrase "New World Order" because that was a phrase that many people knew was Masonic. (It comes from the Illuminati and goes back to at least 1776.) Many people understood that phrase and they told their friends that and warned them against voting for the first George Bush.

So Bill didn’t use that phrase. Bill, rather, said: "And my good friend, Professor Carrol Quigley, whom I know at the University". What he was saying was, "I agree with Quigley and Quigley is for the New World Order" and the insiders got the message.

Why do I tell this story here? Because it’s the same thing Cardinal Ratzinger did to us. When he spoke about the so-called one "great theologian" of Fatima, he spoke about Father Dhanis, a Belgian Jesuit. Most of you don’t know who he is but you will find 150 pages on him in Volume I of Frère Michel’s The Whole Truth About Fatima. Everyone else attacking Fatima from a "theological point of view" is imitating and following Dhanis.

Dhanis, while professing great respect for Sr. Lucy, actually clearly suggested that she made up the whole Secret (the first part, the second part, and the third part) out of her imagination. In effect, he said that she lied about this most serious matter. He refused to recognize the fact that God testified to Sr. Lucy’s truthfulness by the great Miracle of the Sun. Furthermore, when challenged by Fatima scholars to look at the documentation that would completely destroy his thesis in detail, he refused to look at the evidence. Sr. Lucy’s Confessors offered to show him irrefutable proof but he did not want to know the truth.

So when Ratzinger quotes the "great theologian, Dhanis", he is saying, "I don’t believe in Fatima." He wasn’t going to tell you that directly, because he would lose all credibility. So he cleverly sends a message to the insiders that know Dhanis’ stand, and says he follows Dhanis.

So here we have Ratzinger, who doesn’t believe in the predictions of Fatima, and he is the theological expert advising the Pope. We have to understand just how similar our situation is to that of the little hobbits in the book, Lord of the Rings. Our situation is beyond hope of what we are trying to do. Except that we have the promise that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

We are Chosen

Certainly, God can do it without any of us, but for whatever reason, known to God alone, He has chosen each of us to know this piece of truth, to live it ourselves and to pass it on to others.

Our obligation is:
•• To know it,
•• To believe it,
•• To live it,
•• To pass it on.

You might ask, "But I feel so very small and insignificant; how can I make any significant contribution?"

Well, first you must realize that everything we do for God is significant, if we do it for love of Him. Ultimately, the only thing that He wants from us that He will not take against our will, is our love. We have to give that freely and therefore He wants us to love Him and to love Him freely.

God has willed to give us this piece of knowledge, the Fatima Message, that the kings and the rulers of the world either don’t know or have rejected. It will save mankind. It’s not just the knowledge of it, but the obedience to it, together with, ultimately, the cooperation with the Blessed Virgin, that will bring about world peace.

It is She Who will win. It is Her Immaculate Heart. But Our Lady chooses to win through us, through others like us, and through others you will meet along the way.

She chooses us by giving us this knowledge and understanding. We who have known the truth must finally let it sink into our hearts that it means we do better: we overcome our faults, we overcome our sins, be more charitable, more humble, be more compliant to the will of God, be more willing in little things as well as big things — to serve God.

We Must LIve the Message
We Must Be an Exemplary Ambassador

It means living the Message and also passing it on. The more we live it, the more it will be believed by those we tell.

We should not hide it either. Our Lady of La Salette said, "Will you tell all My children?" Will you pass this on, even when it is not popular? St. Thomas tells us, "God sends prophets to every generation not to give a new doctrine but to remind the faithful of what they must do to save their souls."

A prophet’s role has many trials and tribulations. Our Lord made allusion to that. He said that when you receive a prophet as a prophet, you receive the reward of a prophet as well. Prophets are unpopular because they say things that are not popular. They are reminding the faithful of what they have forgotten, what some people would rather not hear, and so to pass on the Message of Fatima is painful at times.

As Father Joseph de Ste. Marie said, if you want to embrace difficulties, all you have to do is either promote the Message of Fatima or to seriously conduct research on it.

Over the years, I have had people who say: "I promoted the Legion of Mary work, I have promoted this kind of work or that kind of work, but I have never encountered such difficulties as when promoting the Message of Fatima."

We Are Her Heel

You see, the devil understands that the fulfillment of Our Lady’s requests at Fatima will be the end of his kingdom. He understands when Our Lady says that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph, he will be overcome in that battle.

After the fall of Adam and Eve, God set up enmity between the devil and the Blessed Virgin:

"I will put enmities between thee and the Woman, between thy seed and Her seed. And thou will lie in wait for Her heel and She shall crush thy head." (Gen. 3:15)

That final prophecy, made some 6000 years ago, is to be realized in our time. But it will be realized only through Our Lady’s triumph predicted at Fatima, only by the means Our Lady of Fatima told us we must use.

Fatima, itself, may well be referred to in Sacred Scripture. Both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II, when they went to Fatima, talked about Chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. Paul VI did that in 1967 and John Paul II again talked about it in 2000.

Beware of False Shepherds

The admonition to be on our guard against "wolves in sheep’s clothing" is part of the Third Secret. In fact, John Paul II tells us the Message of Fatima is a divine warning not to follow the third of the stars of Heaven that are dragged down to the earth. Where is that said in everything published about Fatima? I can tell you. Nowhere.

It must, therefore, be in the Third Secret.

What is the reference of one third of the stars dragged down to the earth? It is Chapter 12, verses 3 and 4 of the Apocalypse. In Verse 3, we are told of the great red dragon which faces the Woman clothed with the sun; and who drags down from Heaven one third of the stars and drags them down to the earth. (Verse 4)

What are these mysterious stars? The stars, as Father Herman Kramer points out in his book, The Book of Destiny, are our Catholic clergy. How does he draw that conclusion? Well what does a star do? If you have ever been at sea, and lost your radar, you can always look at the stars and find your way home. The stars indicate the way to your port.

What are the stars of Heaven? They are the stars that indicate your way to Heaven. And what might they be? They are the Catholic clergy. It says in Sacred Scripture that the lips of the priest are to guard wisdom. The Catholic priest is to guard wisdom and to show the way to home, to Heaven.

But we are told in Sacred Scripture that one third of those stars, at a future time, will be swept down, by the great red dragon at the service of the devil. And Pope John Paul II is telling us that time is now. He warns you to not follow the one third of the Catholic clergy, Cardinals and bishops and priests, who will lead you to hell.

That is why they do not release the Third Secret to you. That is why I say, not only are they fools for not listening to Our Lady of Fatima, but they are even greater fools for not believing Her. They will follow the blind and the leaders of the blind and they will go to hell if they continue to the end in following the blind Pharisees of the present day.

That is what Fatima is about. It is about your own personal salvation and mine. It is about saving the world as well as saving our souls. It’s all or nothing and it’s up to us to do our part. The time, the moment has come.

Our Lady is Sad

Sister Lucy tells us that Our Lady is sad because no one pays attention to Her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The bad go on their way without seeing the chastisement of God falling upon them. But also the good do not pay attention to Our Lady of Fatima. The problem is that they, quite possibly, won’t remain good if they do not listen to Her in time.

Others will tell you not to listen to Our Lady of Fatima. There is one well known and influential person who claims to be devoted to Her but who does not believe that we will have a period of peace when Her requests are all fulfilled. How can he claim to be devoted to Our Lady of Fatima and yet not believe Her?

You need to inoculate yourself, to protect yourself from these wolves in sheep’s clothing, first of all by praying your Rosary. Our Lady promised to St. Dominic that those who pray their Rosary every day will not fall into heresy. If you have the misfortune of falling into heresy but continue to pray your Rosary every day, She will get you out of it. The Rosary will overcome vice and decrease sin.

Our Lady said, "I have come to warn the faithful to amend their lives and ask pardon for their sins."

But while She gives us a warning, She also gives us the means to bring about our improvement. That is why She insisted on the Rosary. And it is well for us to realize that although we are on the side of the angels, hopefully, part of each of us still needs to become sanctified, maybe much more than we realize.

We all have the need for confession. We all have the need for penance. We all have the need for ourselves to become better by following Her message for us personally. But She also wants us to do our part to pass the word on to others.

If I Know, I am Responsible

As Bishop Graber said, "If I knew that the world would be destroyed by war, that entire nations would be annihilated — that I could stop this by prayer and penance, and don’t do it — I am guilty of a crime against humanity.

IF that is true for prayer and penance,

IF I know that the world can be saved,

IF I know that I can stop entire nations (quite possibly my own) from being annihilated,

IF I know I can stop that by letting people know the truth and I refuse to tell them the truth,

THEN I would be guilty of a crime against humanity by not passing on that truth.

That is not only true for me —

It is true for ALL of us.

God bless you.

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