The Supreme Privilege of
Being an Ambassador of Jesus and Mary

Edited transcript of a Speech by Coralie Graham, Editor

First of all, I don’t want you to listen to what I’m telling you. There is someone so much more important I want you to listen to. I think you already know Who that is. It’s not me, I want you to focus on this beautiful Image of Our Lady of Fatima, with the lights low and a soft spotlight on Her in all Her glory.

You came here to see with your eyes what we had to show you, you came here to hear with your ears what we had to tell you. But, what is more important than all of that is, I want you to learn from your heart.

Open up your heart, not just your ears, and your eyes; focus on Her and listen with your heart to what She wants to tell you. Our Lady took you by the hand and brought you here, every one of you, regardless of your own reasons you thought you were coming for. She has something in mind for each and every one of you specifically.

She wants you to hear, see and feel in your heart. Before we go on, let us give Her that honor of this talk, and pray one Hail Mary together.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the Fruit of Thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

We all know what’s going on in the world today, and I think our days are becoming very, very short. We have to roll up our sleeves and get out there and do what we can. Joanna gave you some excellent examples of what one small person can do.

You don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful. All you have to do, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is to open your heart to Our Lady. She’ll talk to your heart. She’ll tell you what to do. Don’t be shy and don’t feel insignificant.

Whenever I had to approach something I was a little worried that I wasn’t good enough to do, or that I would embarrassingly fall flat on my face (and I’ve done that lots), I always used to say, "I can do anything through Jesus Christ Who strengthens me."

You need to remember this because you have to ask God and Our Lady for help. We are, after all, nothing without Them and everything with Them. You can’t just presume They are going to help you. They want you to ask.

We need all the grace, all the help we can get. So keep asking, because it is easy to see that there is a severe crisis in the Church and in the world today, a crisis we would not have had to encounter if Our Lady’s urgent requests at Fatima were fulfilled.

To bring about the Triumph of Our Lady, we must set our goal to bring about the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

We know that the proper Consecration of Russia has not yet been done. The devil blocks this from every corner. An ambassador of Our Lady gave me a beautiful prayer card for us to react to today. It was lovely, all about Fatima, full of devotion. But you know the devil would tell you nine good things to sneak in that one lie. The unwary are lured by the beauty and devotion of this prayer card only to be snagged at the end with the statement "The Consecration of Russia has already been accomplished."

That is the danger many of our friends and relatives are in, unwittingly snared into a falsehood, a falsehood that stands in the way of peace in the world and salvation of millions of souls, maybe their own.

That is why so many think the consecration is done. They are being deceived, lured away from the truth. Yet, it just amazes me why so many of them won’t listen to the fact that Russia has not been consecrated according to Our Lady’s request.

All you have to do is look at the news to see the Consecration has not been done, because Our Lady does not lie. She said there will be true peace in the world and that Russia will be converted. We all know that Russia has not converted and there is no world peace.

Do you wonder why we can see the truth and others can’t? It could be through your prayers or the prayers of our dear mothers. Our mothers keep praying for us so that we’ll be enlightened to the truth and strengthened to follow it. And, that is what I want you to pray for to Our Lady here.

"Dear Mother, enlighten us, strengthen us." She will give you the strength to follow the truth and do whatever She asks you to do.

Everyone talks about the hardships we suffer when we work for Our Lady of Fatima. Yes, it is true that we embrace hardships and yes it is a sacrifice we have to make.

But you know, Our Blessed Mother takes care of us in so many wonderful ways. We have so many beautifully inspiring stories of Her maternal care for us. Joanna shared some of them with you already, but I have one little personal one to share with you.

Too often, we say "Wow, wasn’t that a coincidence!" But you know, it is not always a mere coincidence when something nice happens to you.

I was working at the Fatima Center one night in the middle of winter and if you have ever been to Fort Erie, you know what that’s like. A big blizzard came up. I was the only one there, everyone was away, and we are on a street where not much traffic goes. My mom was in the hospital and I knew she would suffer so terribly if I couldn’t get to see her.

I checked outside amidst the blizzard to see three-foot drifts throughout the parking lot and down the very long driveway to the road and I thought, oh dear God, I’m not going to be able to get out of here. I didn’t mind being stranded so much as the thought that my mother who was so ill would worry if I didn’t show up.

Well a few minutes later, I looked out the window again and there’s a man out there with a snowblower clearing all around my car. I went to the door and said, "Thank you, Thank you!" He kept right on going and waved me off, so I went back inside completely overwhelmed by this help that came out of nowhere.

Just a few minutes later, I looked out again and he was gone but my car was completely cleared out and a long car-width pathway was cleared all the way down our long driveway to the road.

I ran outside determined to find out who it was and thank him, seeing as he wouldn’t let me the first time, but he was nowhere in sight.

I don’t know who it was. Well yes, I think it was a guardian angel Our Lady sent me because I was trying to get The Fatima Crusader ready to meet the deadline.

But that’s my special little "miracle." Our Lady was there to help me. She sent one of Her angels. This will happen to you too. She will help you. You are not just embracing sacrifice and hardship. She’s with you. She’s your Mother. You know how your mother takes care of you. Even more so, will the Blessed Mother take care of you. She does help you when you ask Her, but as all mothers, She loves to surprise us, She loves to console us. Let us never forget that She, also, wants us to console Her.

We must always keep trying to do Her will. Yes, we fall. Heaven knows I fall a lot of times but as long as you persevere and get up and keep trying, that’s what is important. It’s not how many times you fall when you promise to help Our Lady, it’s how many times you get back up and persevere, no matter what.

We all love Our Lady and we’ve got to do what She says. She told us clearly through the Message of Fatima what we must do. We must obey Her. We are not just on a little mission or project. We are on a mission for the salvation of the whole world.

What is more important than this work of serving Our Lady and getting the Consecration of Russia done? Such a simple thing, so that the whole world can be flooded with the most wonderful promises She gives us.

The world is so silly. It is not listening to Her. But you are listening. God gave you the talent to assist His Holy Mother in your own unique way.

We read in the Bible (Matt. 25: 15-29) that God gives out the talent, but He expects a return. So you’ve been given the grace to have your eyes open to see the truth. God expects something in return for that grace.

On Judgment Day, God is going to ask each one of us what we did with these talents. We had better make sure we haven’t hidden them under a bushel basket.

Right now, today, open your heart, listen to what She is telling you to do.

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