Spring 2004

Issue 76

As horrible as this depiction of the Passion of the Christ is; it doesn't even begin to mirror the scourging Jesus suffered for all of us.
Jesus calls upon us now to repent of our sins, to keep Him company before the Blessed Sacrament, and He asks us particularly to plead for the salvation of souls.

The Bad News and the Good News
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
In this introductory letter to The Fatima Crusader Issue 76, Father Gruner explains that there are great dangers currently threatening our lives and our souls, but at the same time we have been given a great grace with the release of Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of The Christ

In their attempts to deny, they confirm
Shrine Rector Confirms New Ecumenical Orientation at Fatima
by John Vennari
This follow-up article, first published in February 2004 (See Fatima News & Views), concerns the new ecumenical plans for the Fatima Shrine. This article demonstrates that in the midst of the backlash created by Rector Guerra’s own comments, despite his recent attempts to deny his plans, Fatima Shrine Rector Guerra has actually confirmed his plans to allow explicit pagan worship into the Fatima Sanctuary.

Who is Behind the Fatima "Multi-faith" Plan?
By Iain Colquhoun
Who is really behind the current plans to turn the Fatima basilica into a "multi-faith" shrine? This article discusses the various organizations that aim to establish a one-world religion, and whose influence is behind the new ecumenical orientation at Fatima.

Devotion to Mary Necessary for Saints of these Last Times
Taken from "True Devotion" by St. Louis de Montfort
Each one of us has been created to become saints. In this article Saint Louis de Montfort explains why great saints are especially needed in these Last Times. He also explains why God has ordained that Mary be specifically known and loved in these Last Times, and clarifies both the role She has been given in crushing the reign of satan, and what roles we are called to play in this battle.

Apostles of the Rosary

"Fostering True Religious Unity"
There is currently much confusion within the Church, even among the bishops and Cardinals, on the subject of true religious unity. We have seen the false idea of religious unity promoted recently by the Rector of the Fatima basilica, who plans to transform the basilica into an ecumenical “multi-faith” shrine. Pope Pius XI clearly defines what true religious unity is in the encyclical letter, Mortalium Animos, reprinted here.

Stop the Outrage Now

An Open Letter to the Faithful of Portugal
Concerning the Scandal at the Fatima Shrine
This open letter addressed to the faithful of Portugal was published in April 23-25, 2004 in the Portuguese weekly news magazines 24 Horas, O Independents, and Semanario. It explains the terrible betrayal that is taking place in Portugal with the construction of a new ecumenical “multi-faith” shrine. Pope Pius XI clearly defines what true religious unity is in the encyclical letter, Mortalium Animos, reprinted here.

Snapshots of Destruction

Fatima in Our Daily Life
Pray and Repent

by Arnaud de Lassus
It is necessary in these last times to live the Fatima Message in our daily lives, through prayer - especially the Rosary - penance and having devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart. It is by this means that we not only save our own souls, but also various souls that God has placed on our path.

Our Lady Needs Your Help ...

Abridgement of "The Impending Great Chastisement" - Part III
The "New" Cold War
by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
In Part III of this series by Father Paul Kramer, he discusses the current situation in Russia, including its ongoing preparations for war and its relationship with China, proving once again that Russia has not been converted and that we are all in great danger today.

Best Wishes from Archbishop Dziwisz and Pope John Paul II

Did You or Did You Not?
In issue 75 of The Fatima Crusader we noted that Msgr. Guerra, Rector of the Fatima Shrine, did not reply to the urgent messages from our columnist, Christopher Ferrara. To bring you up to date on that correspondences, reprinted here is the complete correspondences, including the reply Msgr. Guerra finally made more than two months later.

Father Fiore on ...
The Devil's Final Battle
Father Charles Fiore, a good friend of The Fatima Crusader, died in 2003. A month before his death, at his own expense he mailed the book The Devil’s Final Battle to a hundred of his friends. Reprinted here is the heartfelt letter he sent with the book.

The Devil's Final Battle Reveals the Truth

Continued from Crusader 75
A New Fatima for the New Church
The Neo-Catholic Establishment Joins the Post-conciliar Revolution in Revising the Message of Fatima
by Christopher A. Ferrara
The second part of this article examines the recent attempt by the neo-Catholic establishment and the post-Conciliar revolution to revise the Message of Fatima by presenting to the world yet another bogus “testimony” from Sister Lucy.

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