Autumn 1999

Issue 61

"My People Perish Because of Lack of Knowledge"
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

God tells us in Sacred Scripture, "My people perish because of lack of knowledge." He also tells us that the land is devastated because no one reflects in his heart. That is why we urge you to read about and reflect upon the beautiful truths about the power of the Blessed Virgin Mary to save us, the truth about hell, and the malice of mortal sin.

The Great Amnesia (Part II)
by Francis Alban and Christopher A. Ferrara

One of the new chapters in the newly released 3rd edition of Fatima Priest speaks about the Great Amnesia with which many people today are suffering. The roots of this spiritual forgetfulness are examined in this chapter - the second and final part is reprinted here.

Court of Mirrors (Part I)
by Francis Alban and Christopher A. Ferrara

A number of readers have inquired about the inner workings of Vatican tribunals' treatment of faithful priests and their God-given rights, as exemplified by Father Gruner's case. The last and newest chapter taken from the 3rd edition of Fatima Priest (the first part is reprinted here) gives an accurate, fascinating summary of what is really going on. Part I covers the immoral and illegal shams that are perpetuated against good priests by Vatican bureaucrats.

Fatima: "The End" or Not
by Ron Tesoriero, Australian Attorney

Reflecting on the potential continuing significance of the miracle of Fatima, we may need to be reminded that the Church has, since the 1930's, claimed Fatima to be worthy of belief, and that the current Pope has said of the Fatima Message: "the message reveals itself to be more relevant and urgent today than ever."

Mary Leads Her Servants to Heaven
by St. Alphonsus de Liguori

Oh, what an evident mark of predestination have the servants of Mary! In this article, Saint Alphonsus de Liguori explains the indispensable role the Blessed Mother plays in our salvation.

Communism is "Dead" ... Again
by Augustine Smith

In this brief, well-researched article a very different picture emerges from the one that our daily television, newspapers, and other popular media portray. Our Lady of Fatima came to warn us and we ignore Her at our own peril! Read this and see for yourself.

The Malice of Mortal Sin
by St. Anthony Mary Claret

This meditation on the extremity of mortal sin is taken from The Golden Key to Heaven (by St. Anthony Mary Claret), an explanation of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.

There are Definitely Souls in Hell
by Larry Wethington

Saint Alphonsus said that one of the chief reasons so many souls are lost is because they do not want to think about hell. But hell is real, and as Our Lady of Fatima showed the children, souls do go there. This article examines what various saints have said about the number of saved souls and why so very few are saved - the sins of impurity and pride and the lack of prayer being amongst the chief causes. A "must read" for everyone!

Russia Will Spread Her Errors … Raising Up Wars and Persecutions
Taken from Soviet Analyst

You will not likely hear this news from the mainstream media. After reading the reports reprinted here from various issues of Soviet Analyst, you cannot but conclude that Russia's errors prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima are escalating, and that Russia has not been consecrated according to Her requests.

My Rosary

Pope Pius XII has told us that Petitions do work. We need your help in petitioning the Holy Father for the Consecration of Russia. It is the only way Russia’s errors will cease.

Jacinta, Reparatory Victim for Sinners
by Frère François de Marie des Anges

Frère François describes for us how little Blessed Jacinta's life was a total dedication to the salvation of souls.

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