Autumn 1998

Issue 58


The Calm Before the Storm (Part III)
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
In this three-part article, Father Gruner describes for us the critical state that the world and the Church are in at present, but that, through the Message of Fatima, we are assured of a future peace. Part III explains that world peace is dependent on public devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We Cannot Remain Silent!
by Coralie Graham, Editor
There continues to be opposition to the Fatima Message, as enemies of Our Lady of Fatima work to silence the leader of the Fatima Crusade, Father Nicholas Gruner. Therefore with so much at stake, and with so many souls held ransom by deceit and error, how can we remain silent?

A Reply to Bishop Campbell's Anti-Fatima Diatribe
by Christopher A. Ferrara
In a column in his diocesan newspaper, Bishop Colin Campbell launched a public attack (based on misstatements of fact) on Father Nicholas Gruner, his Fatima apostolate, and the recently published biography of Father Gruner entitled Fatima Priest. Is Bishop Campbell the author of this deceptive piece of attack-journalism which bears his name, or was it the work of a slick public relations man, trained to ignore the facts and create false impressions. Read this reply by Christopher A. Ferrara and decide for yourself.

Devotion to Mary — A Great Sign of Predestination
by Larry Wethington
One of the greatest means of salvation is devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. She Herself assures us in one of Her promises of the Rosary to St. Dominic, "Devotion to My Rosary is a great sign of predestination." What does this mean? Read this article to learn the answer to this question.

The Apostasy
by Father Andrew B. Horvath, M.A.
As early as 1904, Pope Saint Pius X said: "There are no bounds to the audacity and fury with which men are flinging themselves at religion, beating down the dogmas of the Faith, striving with might and main to wipe out all relations between man and the Godhead." In this article, Father Andrew Horvath rightly relates this to our times when he asks, if this was the situation almost a century ago, "What about today's 'New Churchmen'?"

On Praying the Rosary Always
by Gabriel Gherasim
Presented here is an unusual reflection on the recitation of the Rosary. In the Scriptures Our Lord tells us to "pray always" and this article contains helpful reflections for us on how to pray when surrounded by distractions.

Only Saints Will Truly Renew the Church
by Father Andrew B. Horvath, M.A.
Father Horvath discusses the Church's infusion with a "new religion" that has caused nothing but chaos and confusion. However, according to God's words to St. Catherine of Siena, "good and holy pastors" will reform His Church, even if it has to be done by force.

Make the Truth Known!
You and Other Friends of Our Lady Can Make the Difference in Father Nicholas Gruner's Struggle for Justice

From Our Readers …
Published here are some of the many letters of support, sent to Father Gruner from friends around the world.