You and Other Friends of Our Lady Can Make the Difference in 
Father Nicholas Gruner's
Struggle for Justice

If you are interested in joining the Committee for the Defense of the Priesthood (CDP), or otherwise helping us in this mission, or if you would like copies of Mary's Messenger; write to us at the address below.

IN U.S.A.-

c/o Servants of Jesus and Mary
17000 State Route 30, Constable, NY 12926


c/o The Fatima Center
452 Kraft Road, Fort Erie, ON L2A 4M7

Phone 1-905-871-8041
Or call toll-free 1-800-263-8160


     The Committee for the Defense of the Priesthood (CDP) is a grassroots organization formed in accordance with Canon Law by members of the Catholic clergy and laity in order to bring the true facts about Father Nicholas Gruner's case to the public and thereby to defend the rights and good reputation of Catholic priests everywhere. While we affirm our absolute allegiance to the Sacred Magisterium of the Catholic Church and to His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, we nevertheless deplore and decry the efforts of some within the Church to silence Father Gruner in order to suppress devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. Further, we call upon all Catholics and others of good will to join us in protesting the manifestly illegal attempts to deny Father Gruner the rights and justice guaranteed to all priests under Canon Law. We urge the Catholic Faithful to use all lawful and just means to redress this grave injustice.