Prophetic Dream
For Our Time

by Father Georges de Jesus

"Iniquity is consummated: sin has come to an end and, before the two full moons of the month of the flowers have passed, the rainbow of peace will appear over the earth."

...Prophecy of St. John Bosco

St. John Bosco is known not only for his personal sanctity but also for the gift of Heavenly dreams and prophecies. His writings about such prophecies fill entire volumes. We present here just a few of his prophecies as explained by a scholar and one who studied this for many years, Father Georges de Jesus.

Since it seems his prophecies particularly concern our time over the next two years we thought you would like to be aware of them and judge for yourself accordingly. For a fuller explanation of these prophecies, read the last chapter of Tragedy and Triumph, available from Our Lady’s Book Service for only $5.00.

The bold italics in this article are the words of St. John Bosco himself. The regular print is the words of the commentator.

It is certain that Our Lady of Fatima promised mankind that: “In the end” - that is after a difficult struggle - “My Immaculate Heart will Triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, Russia will be converted and a certain period of peace will be granted mankind”.

Just when and how the Pope will come to finally “consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” and thereby bring about “a certain period of peace” we do not exactly know - but we do have the prophecies of St. John Bosco for our time to help us see the future.

We feel exuding from this study, great hope that we may well need in the dark days ahead in the next few years. This Epilogue enables us to see the light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. The final chapter of this terrible tragedy is about to befall us. The triumph of Our Lady and Her promised peace will follow quickly thereafter. According to this interpretation, it will take place before the year 2000 A.D.!

In Don Bosco’s dream, his standard reveals the divine reason for his surprising reappearance and announces the brilliant career of a new Attila: the Irresistible hand of the Lord governs him as His instrument... I would even say that it conforms to our forecasts: it is the crystal clear formulation of our geostrategic prospective. He is the invader, whistled from the North to accomplish mysterious designs for us, as the rest of the dream foretells.

Let’s move on and, even if we are out of our depth, let’s try to understand, without claiming to impose our interpretation on anyone... But let’s advance by redoubling our theological faith, hope and charity, humbly to enter into the designs of the Heart of Our Great God and of Our Lady, Mary Help of Christians.

"At that moment, the venerable Old Man from Latium comes to meet him, brandishing a flaming torch. Then the standard will unfurl and from the black color that it was it will become as white as snow. In the middle of the standard, written in letters of gold, is the name of the One who can do all things."

This is both classical, in the sacred history of Christendom, and amazing. This great warrior from the North is an invader whose black standard announces the ravages of death spread by his army in its path. It is an inexorable and irresistible invasion of an unfaithful Europe! However, suddenly seized by a divine inspiration, by a message from Mary Immaculate [who can say? We, of the Marian army!], the Pope, like Saint Gregory the Great, like Saint Loup of Troyes, arises and goes out to meet this other Attila. He has in his hand the message of Fatima. No doubt, he himself, in the anguish of the moment and caught between the tongs of the infernal enemy ascending from the South and the Red Army advancing to meet it, finally consecrates Russia, particularly its capital which proudly calls itself the third Rome, and its invincible leader, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary...

This "flaming torch" enlightens the mind of the warrior and of his captains. The order to wage war changes into an offer of peace. Like Attila, flattered at being piously treated by the august pontiffs “defenders of their cities”, like Constantine and Clovis converting to Christ at the announcement of the victory promised them by the Vicar of Christ, will Mikhaïl Gorbachev be converted at the invitation of Karol Wojtyla, John Paul II? I see no other explanation for the words of the oracle about a standard furled for battle and blacka sign of devastation, and which suddenly unfurls and is as white as snow, having become that of the Immaculate Mother of God. And the name written in letters of gold is that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who, unopposed, must conquer the whole earth. For “nothing is impossible with God”.

"The warrior and his men bow profoundly before the Old Man and shake his hand."

That they bow profoundly, and a further time, the third? shake hands, shows that this diplomatic and military man to man agreement is not yet that of the complete miracle of Russia’s conversion to the one true Catholic faith in full and joyful submission to the Church of Rome. However, the time for it is near and its fulfillment now depends on the Church’s purification and resurrection as we are soon to learn from Don Bosco.

"Now the voice from Heaven addresses the Pastor of pastors: 'You are in the great Conference with your Assessors, but the enemy of the good does not rest for a moment. He is studying and deploying every device against you; he will raise up enemies from among my sons. The powers of this world will vomit fire and will stifle the words of those who guard my law'."

In my humble opinion, this voice from Heaven is not the voice of the Lord Himself nor that of an angel, but of a man following the teaching of the saints.

What in fact does this voice say? Nothing that is not known by those who surround the Pope and who govern the Church under his authority: that instead of holding councils and meetings in the form of democratic parliaments open to all the winds of this bad world, the Pope should brandish the sword of the divine Word against his enemies hidden in his own house and amongst his closest collaborators, secretly in agreement with the persecutors outside. And who are these enemies? Who else but the modernists and progressivists, who have insinuated themselves like snakes into his secret councils, and the Freemasons whose occult power commands all today. The latter are stifling the Church with the diabolical reason of secularism and liberty, the former are sowing darnel and apostasy in every ecclesiastical circle and assembly.

In Italy, occupied by hostile Moslem forces, and under  threat of the Russian Red Army invading it, it is clear that without fidelity to Christ and without calling on Mary, there is no one who could strangle and stop Freemasonry from becoming the many headed evil blood-sucker of the West. Here is the answer from 1870 to this agonizing question of the year “19??”, the years we are now in:

"It will not be. They will work evil, but they will do it against themselves."

In the words of Jesus: "Every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate" (Matthew 12: 25).

At this single word from Don Bosco’s prophecy my fear of Freemasonry and yours must melt. On the contrary, we pour contempt on it with all the supreme and implacable grandeur of the curses for the Feast of Christ the King:

"Gens et regnum quod non servierit tibi, peribit: et gentes solitudine vastabuntur!"

Which translates as: Every nation or kingdom shall perish that does not serve You: those nations shall be utterly laid waste. A warning to the Freemasons to be converted! and to the Pope to fear them no more now that the hour of their abolition is near:

"Hurry, hurry", for the Times are moving towards their end! That is said to the Pope by some man sent to him by God, and it has the force of a decisive admonition. But the rest of this message is of a practical sense worthy of what we see in Saint John Bosco, as in his Pope, Pius IX, or in Saint Pius X. And it is the unchanged old religion which, at his appeal, will flourish again throughout the whole earth:

 "Though your difficulties remain, they will be resolved. If you find yourself in difficulty, do not stop but carry on until the hydra head of error is broken. This blow will cause earth and hell to tremble..."

At this blow, all doubt, liberalism, hesitation, compromise and cowardice will be at an end. The Pope will reign. It will be a terrible hour for the earth and for hell...

"But the world will be reassured, and the good will rejoice."

Ah! What a tragic time, what a wonderful time, what a messianic time that will be! All will fear for the life of the “Old Man of Latium”, outlawed, hounded from one country to another as the Furies pursue him. Yet, he has nothing to fear!

 "Keep at your side only two assessors, but wherever you go continue and complete the work entrusted to you [on the day of your consecration!]. The days pass quickly, your years advance towards the pre-ordained hour..."

What a dramatic vision of the future this is! But how liberating and how triumphant! And how we are drawn to pray for the Pope, as were the three children of Fatima who did so with such generosity! And it was for this Pope in these times of apostasy and of persecution. Wouldn’t it be John Paul II? I imagine so, and I hope so! Karol Wojtyla as an old man on the threshold of death, who having “returned”, follows Jesus’ command (Lk 22: 32) and applies himself to “confirming his brethren”, wandering far from Rome, fleeing and hiding in humble array, where only recently he had been received in triumph, but now governing his Church heroically and faithfully... The rest of this oracle yields the full force of the converted Pope, confirming his brethren. This wonderful promise was made in the same terms to Lucy of Fatima by Our Lady of the Rosary:

 "... The great Queen will always be your help and, as in times past, so in the future She will always be “MAGNUM ET SINGULARE IN ECCLESIA PRÆSIDIUM”, your great and singular protection in the Church."

Why should we tremble, "men of little faith", when the Sovereign Pontiff is thus promised this merciful, general aid, miraculous for him, which will infallibly lead the Church to her salvation! And that, for the fulfillment of the task that he alone can perform: the infallible definition of the faith, the excommunication of heretics, the irrefutable condemnation of the monstrous errors of the antichrist, which were his very own, and the re-establishment of the ecclesiastical and sacramentary discipline through which sound morals will be restored and holiness return to the Church, who can then take up the evangelization leading to the conversion of the whole world. Through Mary Help of Christians.


THE VISION OF THE TWO COLUMNS: On May 30, 1862, Don Bosco recounted: "In the midst of the endless sea, two solid columns, a short distance apart, soar high into the sky. One is surmounted by a statue of the Immaculate Virgin, at Whose feet a large inscription reads: 'Auxilium Christianorum,' ('Help of Christians'). The other, far loftier and sturdier, supports a Host of proportionate size, and bear beneath it the inscription: 'Salus credentium,' ('Salvation of believers').

"The flagship commander - the Roman Pontiff - standing at the helm, strains every muscle to steer his sheep between the two columns, from whose summit hang many anchors, and strong hooks linked to chains. The entire enemy fleet close in, to intercept and sink the flagship at all costs. They bombard it with everything they have: books and pamphlets, incendiary bombs, firearms, cannons...Beaked prows ram the flagship again and again, but to no avail, as, unscathed and undaunted, it keeps on its course.

"Meanwhile, enemy cannons blow up; firearms and beaks fall to pieces; ships crack up and sink to the bottom. In blind fury, the enemy takes to hand to hand combat, cursing and blaspheming. Suddenly the Pope falls, seriously wounded. He is instantly helped up, but, struck a second time and dies. A shout of victory rises up from the enemy...But no sooner is the Pope dead another takes his place...the new Pope steers his ships safely between the two columns...Some auxiliary ships, which had gallantly fought alongside their flagship, are the first to tie up at the two columns."

Italy and Rome in Particular Chastised for being Bad Catholics

The predictions concerning Italy are apparently similar to those against France and Paris. However, they are not interchangeable; the fate of France is worse on account of her constitutional secularism, her contempt of God and her systematic stifling of religion through her republican and masonic powers and institutions. Italy is sternly brought back to the traditional good order from which she had strayed through carelessness. Italy is simply a bad Catholic. The oracle here is as plain as an open book.


This is the key phrase of the oracle... And I say straight away to prevent you from searching: Italy’s friends are quite simply the Christian democrats, the devastating canker eating away at the inside of this old and so wonderfully Catholic country... The oracle examines the wound:

 "Have I not heard that your sons ask for the bread of faith but find no one to give it to them? What shall I do? I shall strike the pastors and scatter the flock so that those who sit on the chair of Moses seek good pasture and the docile flock hear and are nourished."

Such are the Italian clergy, at one time so admirably devoted to their ministry, but now opulent and corrupted by their infamous and undeniable ties with Christian democrat politics... In this atmosphere, bishops, priests and a thousand parasites, who are only clerical in appearance, have allowed themselves to be absorbed by electoral scheming, parliamentary graft and the lure of money... To the point where souls are abandoned, as though without pastors; the children ask for bread, and no one bothers to break and distribute it to them. Thus the blessings of times past will change into curses, and the curses into terrible chastisements, if this people remains unmoved and inconvertible:

"But My hand will strike the flock and the pastors; famine, plague and war will cause mothers to shed tears over the blood of their sons and their husbands dead in enemy lands."

This perspective is worn thin through being repeated down the centuries, before and after Jesus Christ. But we find it recalled by Our Lady of Fatima on July 13, 1917, and for our end of century would not AIDS and military defeat in some African land followed by countless deaths in desert captivity zones be a real enough and a cruel enough threat to bring back these people, more careless than wicked, to the divine source of their vitality, happiness and grandeur, without mentioning their eternal salvation!

But now for an oracle concerning Rome, the Eternal City, once pagan but turned Christian, where the Vicar of Christ has his seat, changed into the capital of the Italian secular Republic, and now in the course of reverting to the horror of its ancient paganism, that of decadence. What chastisements are there for Rome?

 "And you, Rome, what will become of you? Ungrateful Rome, effeminate Rome, arrogant Rome, you have reached the point where you admire in your Sovereign [Pontiff] nothing but luxury, forgetting that his true glory and yours are on Golgotha.

 "Now is your Sovereign old, decrepit, unarmed and stripped bare; yet with his word alone, he can make the world tremble."

Is it necessary to comment on this admirable Judgement of God on His people, on His City, on His priests and on His chosen one, the Pastor of the flock? Pilgrims, tourists and foreigners of every origin and color are amazed to discover in Rome that the Catholic establishment is still alive, that it is still the essential heart-beat of this City, and yet the new scandal is that a kind of mockery and disaffection cuts this Catholicism, admitted by all, off from its essential, which the oracle names Golgotha! “Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ crucified” (1 Corinthians 2: 2). And this favoring of dilettantism and giddiness in Rome is a crime which God will not leave unpunished...

Saint John Bosco’s prophecy meets with the Pope again here, as in the dream of 1870, but aged and pitiful... The description given is no media image. The days of easy fame and of mass enthusiasm have passed. By contrast with such human weakness, the force of his word makes the world tremble down to the depths of hell. But is this at the very moment of decadence and apostasy, or isn’t this rather hopefully expressed as a capacity which he must exercise, if not before the chastisement, alas, then after...

 "Rome, I shall come to you four times! The first time, I shall strike the land and its inhabitants; the second time, I shall bring defeat and extermination to your very walls. Still, you do not open your eyes? I shall come a third time to knock down the defenses and the defenders, and, at the Father’s command, a reign of terror, horror and desolation will set in."

And so this lamentation develops - a lamentation that could have been inspired by Jeremias weeping over Jerusalem, or by Jesus Himself, over Jerusalem again, but this time predicting its definitive and total ruin for not having recognized in Him the Messiah. After three batterings, will Rome become a hell from which people think only of escaping, repent and beg the Blessed Virgin, her first Patron and her first Love, to have compassion? Not at all! For the dream implacably unfolds its twists and turns, the result not of divine Justice but of Roman obstinacy:

 "But my good children flee, my law is trampled on; that is why I come to visit you a fourth time. Woe to you if my law is still an idle word for you!"

How could it be anything but an "idle word", when, for fifty years the Christian Democrat Political Party in power, and for thirty years, the Conciliar Church have both preferred Liberty? Yes, Liberty and Human Rights instead of and in place of God’s Law and of His Worship, answering all Heaven’s warnings in the words of the devil: Non serviam! No, never will I abandon my liberty. It is with such foolish words that the people of Rome are damned, led astray by their Church. Then...

 "There will be prevarication among the learned as well as among the ignorant. Your blood and the blood of your sons will wash away the filth with which you besmirch the Law of your God."

We are in a Catholic country, which remains Catholic, but in a state of "prevarication". No fault or crime committed there that is not a grave sin, conscious, deliberate and therefore mortal. Either the criminals must die and fall into hell, or else the innocent, struck by the blind folly and hatred of the wicked, must offer their lives in sacrifice to expiate for their brothers...

 "War, plague and hunger are the scourges with which human pride and malice will be struck. Where now, you rich ones, are your splendors, your villas and your palaces? They have become the garbage of the squares and of the streets."

Written in 1870, these burning, avenging oracles of God’s Holiness, terrible to the ears of Rome’s inhabitants, have lain forgotten in the recess of some library!

 "But you, the priests, why do you not weep between the vestibule and the altar [reminder of Joel 2: 17] pleading for these chastisements to be suspended? Why do you not take the shield of faith and climb on the roof tops [reminder of Matthew 10: 27], why do you not enter houses and go along the streets to still inaccessible places to carry the seed of My Word? Do you not know that My Word is the terrible two-edged sword [reminder of Apocalypse 1: 16] that defeats My enemies and appeases God’s anger against men", finally reconciling them with Himself in the Truth of Jesus Christ?

This shows the “blessings” that God continues to bestow on Italy and Rome, but not on France and Paris entrenched in their secularism, which is insulting to God. Furthermore, France’s apostasy, now more than age-old, has made her incapable of conversion by herself or through her desiccated and already dead Church.

In Italy, in Rome, the Church is still an active force though delinquent. Will she hear this Word addressed to her with such fury... and with such meekness? It is in this dark perspective, however, that the oracle is brought to completion, as is that concerning France. In this overall darkness, salvation will come only from Heaven, in both France and Italy, as is shown in these oracles. In both countries, they are soft lights after so much darkness!

 "These events will inexorably take place one after the other. Things follow one after the other too slowly, but the august Queen of Heaven is there. The power of the Lord is in Her hands. She scatters Her enemies like clouds."

These words are so dignified, beautiful and sublime that to me they are sufficient proof of their divine inspiration. They tell of the powerful intercession and salutary aid of the Blessed Virgin, Who appeared so many times last century, and in this century at Fatima, with a splendor and a grandeur unparalleled since the beginning of the world. Her complete and final victory is foretold here - a victory that is already decided in God’s plan and therefore stronger than the malice of men or the wiles of Lucifer.

 The Queen of Heaven has scattered Her enemieswhich are those of Her Son and of the Church, like clouds. At Fatima on October 13, 1917, the heavy clouds and the fine icy rain that had soaked the 70,000 pilgrims to the bone, stopped and were dispersed, whilst the warmth of the sun and the great blue sky dried those people and their clothes in an instant. There is a surprising similarity between Don Bosco’s dream and the Fatima spectacle, wrought "so that all might believe".

Thus will open the new times of salvation. Like clouds, the terrifying powers of Islam, of Bolshevism, of Freemasonry... and of the AIDS sect will melt, will fall apart, will be annihilated at the apparition of the Queen of Heaven.

Now listen carefully! "She clothes the venerable Old Man in all his former vestments."

One thrills to hear this. So it is the old religion, the religion of all time which will be restored with all its pomp, its sacred ceremonies, its ancient vestments, including the tiara, the cope and the crozier, the unequivocal signs of the threefold Petrine rule. Tears of joy simply to hear this.


 "Finally, there will come a violent storm." Thereafter, we accept the fact that history advances by providential dramatic events towards the glorious dénouement announced. If this is one last attempt by the devil to assail the Blessed Virgin, his final downfall is near.

 "Iniquity is consummated: sin has come to an end and, before the two full moons of the month of the flowers have passed, the rainbow of peace will appear over the earth."

Such astronomical conjunctions occur only rarely, in accordance with an absolutely fixed calendar. Two full moons in the same month is an event that occurs every three years, but for it to occur in a particular month, announced by the prophecy as the month of flowers, is of course much rarer. Now it appears that the only event corresponding to what is  demanded occurs in March 1999 and not before, the only one and the last of the 1990s...

Depiction of one of Don Bosco's dreams painted under his direction. Saint Joseph is dropping onto the sanctuary the roses handed to him by the Child Jesus. The flowers represent the graces offered by Jesus to Mary.

Another thing to remark is the conjunction of this prophecy and the painting which figures it with the first apparition of October 13, 1917, at Fatima; The vision of the Holy Family. "Our Lady having disappeared into the immensity of the firmament, the eldest of the seers, Lucy, relates, next to the sun we saw Saint Joseph with the Child Jesus and Our Lady clothed in white with a blue mantle. Saint Joseph and the Child Jesus seemed to be blessing the world with gestures in the form of the Cross."

"I am Our Lady of the Rosary. May people always continue to recite the Rosary every day. The war is coming to an end, and the soldiers will soon return home" the Blessed Virgin had said on that day. But on July 13, She had announced: "In the end, My Immaculate Heart shall triumph [...] and a certain time of peace will be given to the world."

Thus, between one revelation and another, everything agrees. The blessings obtained from Her Son by Mary Help of Christians, are arranged by this Child as roses carefully placed in His little basket. Which reminds us of the roses Saint Therese was to let fall after her death and which, in fact, she never ceases to bestow "like a shower of roses". Here the Child delicately takes them and hands them to Saint Joseph with a serene look asking that they be dropped on the Valdocco, on Turin and on the whole Church in a sky still heavy with menacing black clouds. You see them fall!

The scroll held by the angels bears these words: “Ite Ad Joseph”, Go to Joseph. Is he not the Patron of the universal Church, and in all things the faithful co-operator in the graces distributed by Jesus and Mary?

At this shower of roses on March 19, 1999, the new horizon emerges; the rainbow announces peace on earth.

 "The great Minister will see the Spouse of his King clothed in festive garments."

Led by the logic of our commentary, how can we not see in this "great Minister" our great Saint Joseph? And for this day of March 19, 1999, as everything builds up to a crown of glory, behold the Spouse who is the Church clothed in festive garments, as is the Roman Pontiff in his former vestments. Have we not arrived at the supreme earthly triumph of Christ and of His Holy Mother over the hydra of the Enemy? All is glory, the material universe itself transfigured by it. It is the Apocalypse unveiled before the eyes of all humans, prefigured by the most extraordinary of miracles at Fatima:

"Over the whole world there will appear a sun as bright as the flames of the Cenacle, such as will never be seen from here until the end of time."