America Is Disarming...

While The Rest Of The World Prepares For War! (Jan. 1994)

• New weapons funding has dropped 50%.

• Five Army divisions and five Air Force tactical air wings have been targeted for disbanding.

Production of the B-2 radar-evading bomber production has been targeted for an 80% cut.

• SDI Missile Defense development funding has been cut 33% from the President's budget request.

• Deeply flawed arms control agreements are backing the United States into a "second-best" military posture.

• Defense spending as a percent of GNP is at the lowest level in the past 4 decades — the lowest since Pearl Harbor.

• Total U.S. military forces have been targeted for a full 25% reduction.

• Two of 14 U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups and seven of 35 air wings are being considered for wholesale elimination.

• The current defense budget calls for a reduction of 100,000 active duty forces by October 2.

• As many as 22 Third World countries are fast developing ballistic missile programs.

• While talking about peace, the Soviets continue to upgrade and deploy three new types of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (SS-18 Mod 5s, SS-24s and SS-25s), three new bombers (Blackjack, Bear H and Backfire), two cruise missiles (AS-15 and AS-X 19), T80 battle tanks, Delta-IV nuclear attack subs, develop SS-18 Mod 6 Missiles and much more.

• While talking about "perestroika," the Soviets are outproducing the U.S. by about 6-to-one in numbers of tanks, artillery and helicopters.

• While talking about "reform," the Soviets are actually increasing their military budget from 71 to 103.8 BILLION rubles, according to the Soviet's own newspaper Izvestia, and giving the KGB Secret Police sweeping new powers over the economic sector of the Soviet Union.

• Within 10 years Iran, Libya and other Third World countries may be armed with strategic nuclear missiles.

• Iran and Libya are developing missiles that could deliver chemical or biological payloads in the next decade.

• The proliferation of chemical weapons is on the rise throughout the world.

The above facts are taken from the
American Security Council
Washington, D.C.

     There is only one way out of this danger. There is only one solution to avoid militant atheistic Russia's enslavement of the whole world and the annihilation of various nations that Our Lady predicted would happen if Her requests were not granted.
We must sacrifice and pray many Rosaries so that the Holy Father will receive the grace of light and strength to consecrate Russia according to Our Lady of Fatima's requests.
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