Autumn 1993

Issue 45

Our Lady of Fatima warned about:
The Propaganda War Against the Family
by Father Nicholas Gruner, S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)
In response to the many requests from our readers - from lay people and priests - for the clear enunciation of the Church's teaching regarding family life, we present this article. Father Gruner explains that the errors of Russia against God and God's law have widely and deeply spread in North America, especially against the family - as in abortion, divorce and artificial contraception. Father also explains God's unchanging law on procreation.

The Rosary, Arm of Peace
by Father P. Leite, S.J.
Our Lady promoted the Rosary each time She appeared at Fatima. Read this article to find out why the Rosary is such an important and powerful weapon, which should be used in all of our battles.

Holy Father's Letter to the Bishops of the U.S.A.
by Pope John Paul II
In this letter to the bishops of the United States, Pope John Paul II expresses his grave concern about scandals to the family committed by some members of the clergy! This letter was published in the English edition of the newspaper of the Vatican, L'Osservatore Romano, on June 30, 1993.

Most Holy Father
The Moment Has Come
This is an open letter of support to the late Pope John Paul II. It was originally published in The Denver Post as part of its Commemorative issue of the Holy Father's visit in August of 1993.

Why it's Important to Speak Out,
Why it's Important to Defend the Truth,
Why it's Important You Help Publish The Fatima Crusader

These excerpts of quotations from the saints and other holy people clearly demonstrate why we must not remain silent in the face of the terrible crises we are facing.

The Family is Under Attack on Many Fronts
by Father Nicholas Gruner
This is a note from Father Gruner to supporters of Our Lady. As this issue of The Fatima Crusader is primarily devoted to defending the family against the organized attack on it, Father addresses this issue here. He outlines some of the tactics used in the war against our families and then shows us what we can do to protect them.

The Pope Defends the Family
Taken from L'Osservatore Romano
In this talk given by Pope John Paul II on the Feast of the Holy Family, he calls us back to the plan of God for the family which each of us must uphold by our words and deeds. The Pope reminds us that Christian marriage is indissoluble and each marriage act must be left open to God the Creator, to creating new human life.

The UN Charter Attacks the Family
by J. Vennari
We must be informed and aware of attacks against the family, in order to do our duty to defend the family. This article points out the growing and very great and imminent danger the family is in because of the encroachments of the United Nations and its so-called Charter of Children's Rights.

I am the Virgin of Revelation
from Voice of Padre Pio
This article is a beautiful account of Our Lady converting one of Her enemies through an apparition on April 12, 1947 in Rome, Italy. The Blessed Virgin identified Herself as "the Virgin of Revelation", and today there is a small shrine erected in honor of Her apparition.

Russian Law Curbs Foreigners Preaching, Seeking of Converts
by John-Thor Dahlburg
This article, taken from the Los Angeles Times, demonstrates that Russia has not converted, and is continuing to persecute religion, especially the Catholic Faith.

The Archbishop Administrator for Moscow in "Soul" Magazine Admits that RUSSIA Is Religiously Far Worse Off than Before — Thus, He Agrees with Father Gruner that RUSSIA Isn't Converted 
by Father Paul Trinchard
Father Trinchard here examines a statement published by those who are spreading a false message of Fatima, and shows how this indicates that Father Gruner is correct.

The Lively Communist Corpse 
Taken from Christian Anti-Communist Crusade
Here are a few concrete examples of communism flourishing in the "post-communist" world in early 1993.

Selected Excerpts 
The New Russian Threat
by C.B. Baker
This is must reading for all who want to know the truth about Russia and its real intentions regarding the USA and the rest of the world. The truth is much different from what we receive from the mass media. It is obvious from this well-researched and documented report, made up almost exclusively of excerpts from independent sources, that Russia has not converted – she is still under communist and KGB control. This report was handed to the Apostolate in July 1993, long after the "fall" of communism.

In Portugal:
Anti-Fatima Forces Defeated in Propaganda Battle
by Frère François de Marie des Anges
This article by Frère François explains why "anti-Consecration of Russia" propagandists in Portugal dare not express their lies in the public press.

It Pays to Write Your Bishop 
This is a concrete example of the Message of Fatima touching the heart of a bishop who had previously opposed the Consecration of Russia.

Novena for the Defeat of Satan
Make copies of this powerful prayer and pass it along to others. Invite them to pray this novena prayer every day for the triumph over evil and hell; and over all the terrible schemes that menace us, our loved ones, our Church and our country.

Satan Stalks Your Children:
The Crime of the Nineties
by Kirk Kidwell
The rise of satanism and satanic ritual murders of children is a grave danger that cannot be ignored. This is an excerpt of an article published in the New American magazine.

Cardinal Ratzinger Rebukes Dissenters
Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, issues a stern remonstration to those who seek to replace Catholic doctrine with novel liberal ideas.

The Nazi-Communist Takeover is Underway in America
by Father Paul Kramer, B.Ph., S.T.B., M.Div., S.T.L. (Cand.)
Terrible evils are now upon us in America, as this exclusive report by Father Paul Leonard Kramer explains.