The Family Is Under Attack
On Many Fronts



A personal note on the dangers facing you today.

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

The propaganda war against Christian morals and Catholic dogma continues. Ideas and false "information" are put in many people's minds by Radio, TV, Newspapers and secular media in many ways which are against everyone's true wellbeing in this world. (See also my article on page 2.)

But even worse, this false "information" and these ideas are dangerous to the eternal salvation of all who believe these things. We are in a total war. (Further explained in my article referred to above) Our enemies realize they win simply by changing our ideas and beliefs. This is such a simple concept of warfare that unless we reflect upon this we might think it to be a preposterous idea. Yet simple though it is, it is also true.

If we all are converted into thinking that:

... "God does not have a right to tell us how to live our married lives, how to live our family lives"

... "God does not have a right to be invoked in schools or public places or by Heads of States or in international diplomacy" then of course we have already lost the war to the enemies of God because we will not defend what we think does not have a right to be defended.

It is even worse if we act on these opinions against God and impose on others these false opinions about God's "lack of rights". Then of course we have not only lost the war but have become active accomplices of the enemy in his war against God and against God's children.

This total war with its propaganda battle front has many facets. Not only are there many subject matters of disinformation and pernicious ideas but also there are many vehicles for spreading these errors. The vehicles not only include many Radio and TV programs, many "news" articles and editorials and advice columns in the newspapers and magazines and books but even organized whisper campaigns.

The devil will stop at nothing. He will use whatever vehicles he can cunningly manipulate and distort to discredit and silence forever, the soul-saving and world-peace-giving message of Fatima.

You need to be informed because you need to discern the truth. You need to know what is right or wrong; what is good or bad. To do this your heart must be right, your conscience must be right, your grasp of Catholic morals and dogma must be good. You need to be spiritually inoculated against the errors which Our Lady of Fatima came to warn us about.


The first line of defense is prayer. Jesus said, "Without Me you can do nothing." "Pray all the time" Jesus admonishes us. St. Alphonsus tells us the absolute need that each of us has for prayer by saying. "He who prays will be saved. He who does not pray will be damned."


Our Lady at Fatima, after telling us about these errors against God, against Christ and against the Church which are continuing to spread among us told us, "Only Our Lady of the Rosary can help you."

Again and again She returns to the theme, "Pray the Rosary every day." That is why we have the lead article on the Rosary. (See: "The Rosary, Arm of Peace".)

Besides the Rosary, we need to be informed. We need to continue to be informed. Today in modern society we are so bombarded by propaganda from the enemy that we do not even notice it any more. We need regular doses of truth, regular doses of good ideas, attitudes and information to counteract the half-truths and lies that are spread among us.

That is why we continually broadcast the Message of Fatima on the air on Radio and TV every day in many places and at least once a week in many other places. That is why we continue to publish new books on Fatima and how it relates to our lives today.

We need also to point out the consequences of ignoring Our Lady's message and the consequences of losing the media battle. We must win the battle for the minds and hearts of the faithful to know, understand, accept and live the full Fatima message.

Without Jesus and Mary's help, we shall lose this war because no one could win it if Jesus and Mary did not help. The forces of evil are too strong today for us to win by our own very limited strength. Nevertheless, we also cannot win without our own and others' serious efforts.


If you do not do your part then it just will not get done properly. You too must help us by your prayers and your efforts.

Offer up little sacrifices as the children of Fatima did. Ask Our Lady to take these little sacrifices, like going without dessert, doing an act of kindness to someone you do not like very much, giving up a glass of wine or beer or a soft drink, etc. to be used to obtain graces from Her Divine Son for the campaign for the Full Fatima Message and world peace to be successful as soon as possible.


And yes, help us by your financial contributions so that we can stay on the air, and continue to publish this magazine. If possible, make a pledge to make a monthly contribution for the many ongoing expenses of TV, Radio and Fatima Crusader magazine. Do your part to pass our magazine on to others. Get extra copies to distribute. (See notice on page 31 for extra copies of this issue).

Tell your friends, relatives and neighbors to watch our TV show daily across North America. (See our Radio and TV schedule on page 9 of this issue). Get audio and video tape copies of our programs and encourage others to listen to and watch them. Get them on your local cable companies for free. See ad page 46.

We need a campaign of prayer, sacrifices and work and information to counteract the war being waged upon each of us. Right Now!

May Our Lady protect and guide you in this great war to defend our holy Catholic Faith and the right of Christ the King to reign over all aspects of society here on earth.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. To help fortify you in this great battle draw also upon the intercession of the Saints, especially those who advise us about this battle for the truth. (See: "Why Its Important To Speak Out ..." )

P.P.S. Let us not waiver in this fight to protect our own and our children's souls, lives and freedom and peace. Be informed. Watch and pray. And help us financially so that we can continue to help you and others keep informed.