Satan Stalks Your Children
The Crime of the Nineties

by Kirk Kidwell

There is a rise in satanism, and satanic activity and satanic ritual murders. This danger is real and should not be ignored. We need to invoke the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Who is commissioned to crush the devil's head (see Genesis 3:15). We should also ask the help of the holy angels to protect us and our loved ones. (see "Novena for the Defeat of Satan")

Ignorance and lack of faith in God, and in Jesus Christ has led to this rise in satanism. By our faith we know that satanism, in all its forms, is evil. No one can belong to or actively participate in satanic rituals without committing a serious sin against God. Jesus teaches us that the devil is a murderer and liar and this is very evident from the following article.

This article was published a few years ago in the New American magazine. Lack of space does not permit us to publish it in its entirety. Since satanism is on the rise, it is important that we warn our people with this reprint.

Shortly after 2:00 a.m. on the night of March 14, 1989, Mark Kilroy vanished from a crowded street in Matamoros, Mexico. The University of Texas pre-med student, an outstanding athlete and an honors student, had been drinking with friends on a spring-break "lark" in Matamoros, a border town just across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas. On the way back to Brownsville, Kilroy and his three friends were separated, and the 21-year-old student was never seen alive again.

On April 11th, authorities with the Mexican federal police, the U.S. Customs Service, and the Cameron County (Texas) Sheriff's Office raided a small, isolated ranch south of Matamoros. The raid was conducted as part of a lengthy drug probe, but the police found more than drugs. For the ranch was the headquarters of a bizarre ring of drug smugglers who practiced satanism and ritualistic cannibalism in an effort to win protection from the devil for its multimillion dollar operation.

While searching the ranch, the police entered a 14-by-24-foot shack a short distance from the main ranch buildings. Inside was a nightmarish scene, the floor littered with cigars, altar candles, bottles of cheap Mexican tequila, chicken feathers, and shrunken animal heads. Near the door was a large cauldron, which contained a horseshoe, a turtle, goat's feet, and other animal remains floating in a dank soup. Smaller pots nearby contained the remains of other animals, including a goat's head and a rooster. Later, officials would learn that human blood and body parts were mixed in the pots, boiled, and then eaten as part of a satanic ritual.

The scene was "like a human slaughterhouse," Cameron County Sheriff Alex Perez told reporters. Oran W. Neck Jr., of the U.S. Customs office in Brownsville, agreed: "It was horrifying. There are no words to describe the scene. You could never expect to find something like this."

Outside the crude shack, four suspects arrested earlier at the ranch led police to a mass grave. Forced to dig, the suspects uncovered 12 bodies in the grave. Later, a 13th body would be uncovered nearby. While the majority of the corpses were so badly mutilated and decomposed that they could not be identified, police were able to establish the identity of one body: that of Mark Kilroy.

Murder suspect Serafin Garcia related to police what had happened on the night of March 14th. Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, the leader of the satanic cult and drug smuggling operation, had ordered his followers to abduct one of the many "Anglo" students visiting Matamoros during spring break week. The student, Constanzo had explained, had been needed for a "human sacrifice." Kilroy was the unfortunate soul chosen.

As Mark Kilroy had made his way through the crowded Matamoros, Garcia had approached and offered him a ride back to Brownsville. After getting into Garcia's truck, Kilroy was beaten, bound, and driven to the ranch. Twelve hours later, after enduring the tortures of his abductors, Kilroy was killed by a machete chop to the back of his neck. His legs were then cut off at the thighs, and his brain and spine were removed for use in the cult's satanic rituals.

"It was a religion," Garcia explained nonchalantly, as he was paraded with the other suspects before the media by the Mexican police. Altogether, the suspects admitted to 14 killings over a nine-month period. All but three had been chosen at random for human sacrifice, the remaining three apparently killed in retaliation for bungled drug operations. Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox commented: "They believed they had some kind of magical shield to protect themselves from harm or from bullets. And they engaged in human and animal sacrifices to ward off danger."

Beyond Matamoros

The Matamoros incident is by no means an isolated event. In fact, law enforcement officials believe that related satanic activity had been conducted by the same cult in the United States. Authorities speculate that this cult may be linked to more than a dozen killings that have occurred recently along the U.S.-Mexican border.

On March 24th, three bodies, all tortured and mutilated, were found near Tucson, Arizona. Five days later, the bodies of three women and six men were found on an abandoned ranch near Aqua Pieta, just across the border from Douglas, Arizona. Again, the victims had been bound, tortured, and mutilated. Evidence of satanic activity was found at each scene. "There are some similarities that just cannot be dismissed," commented Cameron County Chief Deputy Sheriff R.C. Williams.

In many ways, the Constanzo satanic cult is but the tip of the iceberg. In recent years, a string of grisly murders and suicides throughout the United States has been linked to the practice of satanism. In still other cases, heinous acts of child abuse have been carried out in satan's name. Consider the following:

*Early on the morning of November 8, 1988, two 13-year-old girls in Montgomery County, Maryland carried out a suicide pact, one girl shooting her friend in the head with a .32 caliber pistol and then shooting herself. According to police, the girls had told friends that "they wanted to meet satan, that they considered satan to be their father."

*On January 11, 1988, 14-year-old Thomas Sullivan Jr. - an outstanding student, athlete, and Boy Scout - killed his mother, stabbing her at least two dozen times with his Boy Scout knife. He next set fire to a sofa while his father and 10-year-old brother slept. Finally, he killed himself by slashing his wrists and cutting his throat, nearly decapitating himself in the process. Sullivan's "mind was taken control of by his interest in satanism," Morris County, New Jersey Prosecutor Lee S. Trumbull explained.

*The September 16, 1985 issue of Newsweek relates an even more gruesome tale:

As 10-year-old Michael Nokes told it, he and 25 other children from Bakersfield, California, were taken to the "bad church" by 40 adults who disrobed and encircled them while chanting prayers to satan. A black-robed leader called: "Arise, devil, and worship us so we may worship you." Michael said he and a little girl were then forced to throw knives at "Baby Jonathan," and soon Michael's parents and their friends joined in. "Baby Jonathan cried," said Michael. "Once all the knives were thrown by the adults, Jonathan's head looked like the ring that was around Jesus' head." The adults then dismembered the baby's body, Michael said, and forced the kids to drink his blood. Finally, the adults allegedly began to molest the children, beginning with their own kids.

Such crimes are growing at an ever-increasing rate, according to law enforcement officials. Robert Simandl, a Chicago police detective and a leading expert on satanism, believes satanic crime could well become "the crime of the '90s." Though determined not to sensationalize these illicit activities, Simandl warns of a shadowy "international network" of satanists involved in drug trafficking and child pornography.

Larry Jones, a member of the Boise, Idaho police department and head of the Cult Crime Impact Network, agrees. "It's pandemic," he says. Jones believes that high-ranking satanists may be directing an organized assault, but concedes that no hard evidence exists. Moreover, Jones fears that satanists have infiltrated the nation's criminal justice system. "I don't mean to sound paranoid," he told Newsweek, "but the walls have ears for us now."

Global Satanism

America is not the only nation plagued by a rising tide of satanism. According to Herbert S. Lewis, professor of anthropology at the university of Wisconsin in Madison, "spirit possession is not only alive and well [but] is spreading very rapidly and growing in popularity around the world." Around the world, fascination with Satanism and the occult is on the upswing. And, wherever satanic activity is found, it is associated with murder, suicide, and child molestation.

In Britain, experts estimate there are as many as 100,000 people involved in witchcraft and satanism. As in the United States, the occult has become a cover for child abuse, prostitution, and pornography. "We have now established unequivocally that we have a horrific occult problem in this country," claims Diane Core of Childwatch, a charity that campaigns against child abuse. "Satanists believe that children, by virtue of their innocence, increase their power. Now pedophiles, posing as satanists, are using satanism as a national network through which to satisfy their perversions."

Core cites as a typical example of the atrocities being perpetrated in the name of satan, the case of three children, ages 8 to 11. As part of a satanic ceremony, the children were drugged, forced to eat excrement and drink urine, tied upside down on a cross, and sexually molested. And this is just one of dozens of cases uncovered in Britain in recent years.

In West Germany, an estimated 200,000 young Germans have become involved in the occult, painting their rooms black, wearing black clothes, and sleeping in coffins.

The first death officially linked to satanic activities in West Germany occurred in May 1986. In Ludinhausen in Westphalia, a 15-year-old girl named Anja, who belonged to a satanic group known as Luzificaner, offered herself as a sacrifice to Satan. Anja and two friends involved in the group cut their wrists. Her two friends ran away in fear and survived, but Anja bled to death.